October 25, 2017


Halloween Party Treats

Halloween party treats shouldn't be hard to make. I'm here to show you some spooky cute treats for your Halloween dessert table that only look hard to make. 

Easy Halloween Party Treats for your last minute party

To set a spooky Halloween dessert table use a dark table linen and cover that with gauze cloth.  On top of your table set out your easy Halloween treats.  Your guests will be impressed with your treats. Just don't tell them how easy they were to make. Pop over here for the witches cauldron popcorn.  

Spooky Halloween party treat table

Serve up your drinks in beakers.  It adds an element of fun to your Halloween table.  I set the beakers on a tray to give it a bar element feel.  I filled my beakers with soda's and wine.  Alright, let's talk easy Halloween treats...

Serve up some easy Halloween spooky treats at your Halloween party

Now I know you've seen these white chocolate covered pretzel ghosts before.  I made these the super easy way though. Catch them and me on T.V. here.  When I've seen these ghost treats before people take pretzels, dip them in melted white chocolate and add eyes.  Oh no, make it so much easier on yourself.  
  • Buy yogurt covered pretzels. 
  • Dab a little frosting in the top holes of the pretzels
  • Add some candy eyeballs on top of the frosting 
  • Done
See how easy and time saving that was.  Layer some candy corn in a serving dish,  set the pretzel ghosts on top and serve. 

Chocolate covered ghost pretzles

Look at that orange POP off the table. 

Spooky Halloween dessert table

Here's why these Nutter Butter mummies are easy.  They don't look perfect and I don't care. When you see these all over the internet the wrappings are all thin and perfect looking. My wrappings are thicker. It adds character to them and honestly, you're guests are not going to notice that the mummies wrappings are not perfect. So dip your Nutter Butter's in the melted white chocolate and when you drizzle the melted chocolate over top for the wrappings, don't stress out if they come out thicker. And if you're guests think they look more like ghosts than mummies just go with it. 

Nutter Butter mummies for your Halloween dessert table

When you make your Halloween treats are you going to:
A) Stress if they don't look perfect, point out all the flaws to your friends and not enjoy your party
B) Are you going to just go with it, enjoy the compliments from your friends and have fun at the party? 


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