November 6, 2017


Hosting an Easy Friendsgiving

Hosting an Easy Friendsgiving

** Product was given to me by Oriental Trading in exchange for styling a party. FYI: I've been ordering from this company long before I was a blogger**

Does the thought of hosting Friendsgiving stress you out? It doesn't have to.  I'm here to help you stress less. 

Clean the areas of your house where your guests will be and don't worry about the rest.  Just close the doors to the bedrooms if they're messy. Give the floors a quick sweep. No need to mop unless the floors are really grungy. Bathrooms and kitchen should be spotless of course. No one wants to eat at some one's house who's kitchen is dirty and a dirty bathroom is just gross.  

You could set the table or if you're like me go buffet style because we rarely eat at our table.  You could set up the plates, napkins, utensils and glasses on a side hutch if you have one.

Host an easy  Friendsgiving this year.

Use pretty paper plates to make clean up easy. Who wants to spend all evening in the kitchen cleaning up while everyone else gets to sit around chatting. 
Happy Friendsgiving

It's just not Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving without a cornucopia. 

Friendsgiving idea on Fizzy Party

Offer your guests a cocktail or non-alcoholic drink while they wait for dinner to be done. 

Serve up a friendsgiving day cocktail

Friendsgiving day cocktail

When your guests ask, is there anything I can bring? Say YES. This saves you time and stress because you don't have to make everything.  Tell your guests what you want them to bring.  By telling your guests what to bring you make it easier on you and them. That way you don't end up with all sides or a bunch of salads.  And your guests don't have to keep asking you, "what are you missing? What do you need?"

Easy Friendsgiving ideas over on Fizzy Party

If you'll be hosting Friendsgiving this year pop over here and let me know. 

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  1. Great tips! One of the best things about Friendsgiving is spreading around the responsibilities so everyone can spend most of their energy enjoying each other.

    1. Exactly. The host shouldn't have to spend the whole day in the kitchen prepping and missing out on all the fun.


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