October 23, 2017


Graveyard Pudding

 Easy Graveyard Pudding Snack 

Don't serve up a boring dessert this Halloween. Make your pudding spooky this year with an easy graveyard pudding snack.  Perfect for when you're watching zombie movies. 

Easy Graveyard pudding snack for Halloween
As you can see my Pinterest image is still not spot on. I'm working on it. If you have tips I'd love to hear them. 

I picked up this great serving piece at Target. It was one of those pieces that I almost didn't buy but I kept thinking about it. This is when my husband says, "oh would you just buy it." 😁  

Spooky Halloween pudding

This pudding is so easy to make and is especially fun for zombie movie night.  Make the pudding and set up a little graveyard scene before your friends come over. Your kids will think it's fun too.  Use some tombstones you can pick up at dollar stores for the backdrop, add a little moss you can get from craft stores or Halloween stores and nestle the pudding in it if you don't have a serving piece. 

Serve up some graveyard pudding this Halloween

For this pudding I made vanilla pudding mix and added Wilton Juniper Green icing color. The icing color comes in little pots and you can get them at craft stores. Add just a few drops of the icing color and mix it into the pudding mix. The icing color pots are concentrated so if you just put a bunch in and than mix it you might end up with a darker color than you wanted. 

Have a graveyard pudding snack for dessert this Halloween

After I mixed up the pudding I scooped it into plastic cups I got at a dollar store, topped it with whipped cream and than added the fun.  I put a Peeps tombstone, bloody bones from Target and eyeballs from Wilton on top the whipped cream. So easy and fun. 

Make yourself a graveyard pudding snack

I'm all about the little details when I set up a little party scene. If you noticed in the picture of the full scene I had a coffin, snakes and mice hidden in the moss. This adds to the graveyard theme and fun. 

Don't forget little Halloween details like coffins and snakes

What will you add to your Halloween pudding desserts?

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