September 16, 2013


Retirement Party

The first of my aunts and uncles just retired. My uncles kids threw him a retirement party this weekend and they did a good job. They didn't even ask for my help! I know, right. I kept waiting for the email or phone call ha ha

When we arrived the Bucket List awaited us. My uncle use to fish so this bucket list fishing theme was perfect.
Bucket list, retirement party, fishing theme
Bait buckets of Oreos with gummy worms were a hit with the kids.
Retirement party, fishing theme, bait buckets
My uncle loves to golf now so his kids set up a small putting green for us to try our hand at the sport. 
retirement party, golf party
Golf cupcakes frosted by one of my uncles granddaughters. 
Retirement party, Golf Party

Wine glasses with names of golf courses my uncle has played at. I'm not sure if my cousin did this on purpose or not, but you have the greens and the blue tablecloth looks like it represents the water to me. 
retirement party, golf party
Nice fruit presentation. 
Retirement party, golf party, fruit display
For the BBQ I made my Peanut Butter Chocolates. Since my uncle likes golf, I made sure to use my golf ball mold. 
Retirement party, Golf party, homemade chocolates
Yes, I have a lot of molds
I made sure my uncle got some by packaging some up just for him.
Retirement party, golf party, homemade chocolates
I think my cousins did a good job with this party. With a little help from Pinterest :)


  1. Some pretty clever and fun stuff there!

  2. what's the sign on the fishing bucket say? I love the fishing theme!

    1. Wendy, it says Bucket List and then my cousin wrote something like, My dad needs stuff to do to keep him busy when he retires. We don't want him getting bored. Write down projects, travels, ideas for him to do to keep him busy.

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