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I'm taking this year to explore with my events. Up to this point the only events I've offered are craft workshops and I have such a fun time with them.  I did try dance parties but those were not a good fit. So no more dance parties. I'm excited to bring you more craft workshops, goal sessions, networking events, retreats and styled shoots.  By the end of this year we'll see which survive 😉

Craft Workshops

It's not just a craft workshop, it's a party! When you attend a Fizzy Party craft workshop you do more than just learn a new skill and take home something you created.  You're attending a party, making new friends and having a great time.  2018 workshops I have planned are succulents, sugar scrubs, trinket dish painting and more. 

Goal Sessions

I'm incorporating my secret sauce into Fizzy Party this year. My secret sauce is motivating, encouraging, inspiring and infusing energy into the women who attend my goal sessions.  I'll be hosting individual and small group sessions. 

Networking -

This fall/ early winter I'll be hosting a networking event for the creatives in Portland, Oregon.  This won't be like other networking events where people come, stand around and talk to the same people they always talk too. Oh no. I'll be adding my Fizzy'ness to this event 😉 It's going to be fun, interactive and those attending will meet new people they haven't connected with before. Hello opportunities and collaborations. 


The word Retreat kept whispering to me early this year and I'm excited to bring you one or two 😉 These retreats will be goal oriented with time to veg, a styled party will be included, and connections and friendships will be formed. Attendees will leave excited to attend the next one. 

Styled Shoots-

I love styling parties and collaborating with other creatives to bring my vision to life and inspiration to you.  I'll be hosting styled shoots for both party's and weddings.  These shoots will take place around Oregon and possibly in Washington and Montana.  These styled shoots will give photographers an opportunity to expand their portfolio and others in the party/wedding industry to show case their skills.  And bring inspiration to you. 

These events are going to be SO fun!! I can't wait to see the attendees having fun, learning, getting inspired and motivated. Don't miss any of these events.  Sign up here to be the first to hear about the events coming up. 

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