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Party Styling-

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Styling parties is my passion. It brings me SO much joy when you tell me you were inspired to host a mini party because of an idea you saw here.  With people feeling more alone then ever before, mini parties help squish that lonely feeling and strengthen the friendship bonds.  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  at @fizzyparty for even more party inspiration and tips. 

Wedding Consultant- 

If you're looking for a wedding planner, that's not me. If you want a seating chart, four-course meal, 200+ guests, traditional wedding, that's not me either.  I specialize in the DIY couple, second marriages and couples who want a more laid back vibe to their wedding.  Couples who want 50-60 guests, backyard, rent a house, wedding on the beach, in the park type of weddings.  No seating charts, no four-course meals. Couples who want to plan their own wedding but need a little help here and there. Think of me as your wedding assistant. Packages coming soon. If you're thinking, I can't wait for your packages, I need your service now! Contac me at 

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Craft Your Wedding Workshops

Your a DIY kind of couple who's excited to put your creative touch on your wedding.  However, you might have bitten off more than you could chew. The wedding is coming up fast and you've got all these items you still need to make. You need some help but you just don't have time to set up a fun craft day to entice your friends to come help you.  You're in luck. Craft your wedding workshops are coming soon. If you can't wait and need my services now, contact me at 

Styled Shoots-

I love styling parties and collaborating with other creatives to bring my vision to life and inspiration to you.  I'll be hosting styled shoots for both party's and weddings.  These shoots will take place around Oregon and possibly in Washington and Montana.  These styled shoots will give photographers an opportunity to expand their portfolio and others in the party/wedding industry to show case their skills.  And bring inspiration to you. 

I can't wait to inspire and work with you!  Don't miss any of these events.  Sign up here to be the first to hear about the events coming up and get party and wedding tips.  You also might hear about and see pictures of our two black cats we adopted. 

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