October 16, 2017


Halloween Witches Brew Popcorn

Halloween Witches Brew Popcorn 

Did you catch my Halloween party tips? If you didn't I'll wait while you pop over and check them out. If you did, than you saw the popcorn on the table.  This popcorn is fun, easy and great for a Halloween movie night. Especially if the movie has a witch them. 

To give your table a more creepy look use a dark table linen and layer on top a gauze cloth found in the Halloween d├ęcor section of most stores. It comes with holes ripped in it already. 

Instead of serving the popcorn in a bowl, serve it in a cauldron.  You can find these inexpensively and when your party is over you can use it to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. 

Place some smaller cauldrons in front of the larger one holding popcorn and fill it with candy.  Your guests can eat the candy separately or mix it into their popcorn.  Have you ever had candy corn with popcorn. Yum! The mix of salty and sweet is the perfect combination. Gummy frogs add to the witch theme and coconut Jelly Belly jelly beans look like spider eggs. 

Add some gummy brains and eyeballs to your cauldron full of popcorn for some spooky fun.  I picked these up at World Market.  

For more fun Halloween party tips watch my segment on Afternoon Live.

And be sure to come back this week because I have more easy Halloween treat tips. 

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