October 10, 2018


Halloween Party Inspiration


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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to host parties.  There's so many themes to choose from.  You can get really creative with your décor. 

Depending on where you live you probably won't be setting up your dessert table outside.  But it was such a gorgeous day here in Portland and the lighting is so much better outside than in our house.  I couldn't resist setting up outside.  And our little graveyard adds to the overall look.


Caramel apples and candy corn. Must haves on a Halloween dessert table. 

You can attempt to make your own caramel apples or, you can pick them up at a pumpkin patch like I did.  They make them so much better than I ever have.  And pick up a couple of pumpkins while you're there.  Candy corn doesn't have to just be in a bowl on the table.  You can use it as part of the décor.  You know your friends will nibble on it every time they walk by the table. Even if it's part of the décor like how I used it here on the table.

The witches head is super easy to make.  Pick up a Styrofoam head at your craft store, some paint and a Halloween pick you can find in the floral or seasonal section of the craft store.  With a pencil, draw the lip line and hair line.  Paint the lips, eyebrows, hair line and add eye lashes if you want.  You can paint the skin green like I did or any colour that matches your party theme. Stick the Halloween pick in the head and you're done.

Halloween-dessert-table-caramel-apples- witch- party

The only problem with caramel apples is, it's hard not to eat it before the party begins.



For me, no dessert table is complete without cupcakes.  And I can't have naked cupcakes so I topped these with Candyfetti and tulle poms that I made.  Normally I make my own cupcakes because I love to bake cupcakes but these are store bought.  If you're short on time or don't like to bake, pick up cupcakes at the store or bakery.

I like to have a variety of desserts on the table. A little something to please every one's taste buds.  I did make the chocolate covered Oreo's with edible glitter spiders. See below for how to make the chocolate covered Oreo's.


Cupcake toppers 

You can make your own tulle poms or order them in my shop until December 31, 2018.   Dress up store bought cupcakes with candy sprinkles, toppers and using liners that match the colours of your party.


How to make chocolate covered Oreo's 

I used an Oreo mold that had the spiders on it.  I melted black chocolate discs, painted the bottom of the mold and put it in the refrigerator to harden.  Once the chocolate was hardened I put the Oreo in the mold, painted more chocolate on top the Oreo and put back in the refrigerator to harden.  Once the chocolate was hardened I let them rest upside down until they fell out.  You might have to give them a little push but don't push too hard or you'll separate the chocolate top from the bottom.  I than took a small paint brush and painted edible glitter on the spider. 

Halloween-chocolate-covered -Oreos


Sugar cookies is one thing I always order for my parties.  I don't even attempt to make them.  There is so many great cookie artists out there.  It would take me forever to decorate sugar cookies and they wouldn't look nearly as pretty as when cookie crafters decorate them.

Halloween-dessert-table-party-inspiration-Halloween-cookies- Halloween-bubbles

Look at that smooth icing job and spot on Halloween decorating skills. Yeah, mine wouldn't look anything like that.  I could learn how to decorate cookies like this. But I'd rather just support small cookie bakers.

Halloween-sugar-cookies- love-hope-cookies

Bubble bubble toil and trouble 

Bubbles, yes bubbles for adult parties. On a whim one party I had bubbles out. I mostly had them out for fun but my guests got so excited about them.  They all started blowing bubbles and we're having so much fun.  Little bottles of bubbles make great party favors, even for adult parties.


Check out the companion to this party- Witches Cocktail Party 


Shop this party-
Styled by Fizzy Party
Table Linen- Joanns 
Cake stands- Homegoods
Spell books, caramel apple trays, Styrofoam heads- Michaels 
Caramel apples- Krugers Farms
Oreo mold- Fancy Flours
Bubbles, lime green stands- Oriental Trading 
Cookies- Love Hope Cookies 

October 8, 2018


Witches Cocktail Hallowen Party

 Halloween parties are SO much easier when you have a theme. This Halloween, leave the men at home and host a witches only cocktail party.  

The rules of this party:

  1. Women only. 
  2. Witch costume required. 
  3. Have fun. 

October 1, 2018


Oregon Wedding Venue- Vernonia Springs

Oregon-wedding-venue- Vernonia- Springs

Oregon Wedding Venue, Vernonia Springs 

A few weeks ago I got to attend a wedding styled shoot in a town I'd never been too. I've lived in Oregon all my life but I've never been to Vernonia.  Even though it's only about 40 mins from my house I've never been because there's just never been a reason to.  Going to this styled shoot was spur of the moment and I'm glad I went.  The drive out was beautiful.  Tree lined windy country roads took me into the small town and on to my destination of Vernonia Springs.   As soon as I stepped out of the car, crickets.  No really, I heard nothing but crickets.  It was fabulous.  So peaceful. I just wanted to stay there all day and soak up the sounds of nature. 

Oregon-wedding-venue- Vernonia- Springs

Ceremony site 

There are several spots you could choose for your wedding site. The pergola area is a great quiet little spot.  There is SO much you could do with that pergola.  You could decorate it with a few flowers to keep it simple and let all the trees surrounding it do all the talking.  Or you could bloom it out with flowers hanging from the top and climbing up the sides.  You could drape it in fabric.  Add some twinkling lights for an evening wedding. Oh the possibilities. 

Oregon-wedding-venue- Vernonia- Springs

Inside the lodge is comfy couches and chairs and a big space for hosting your reception if the weather isn't great for an outdoor reception.