May 20, 2019


Summer Wedding Inspiration

Summer Wedding Table Inspiration 


Go Naked with Your Table 

Just like spring weddings, summer weddings are a great time to go naked with your table. There's SO many beautiful wood tables for rent why cover them with full table linens. Add some color and texture with a runner, florals and candles. 


Add texture and color

When you go naked with your table pull in color and texture with your place settings and accessories. Colored napkins bring a burst of color to white plates and adding an embroidering hoop with a floral accent adds texture and interest.  Embroidery hoops are inexpensive and add interest to the place settings. 


Colored Candles + Florals 


Colorful candles can compliment your floral's.  Are you doing as much of your wedding as you can on your own with the help of family and friends ? Use crystal ice buckets to hold florals.   You can get flowers at farmers markets for a great price.  Ask your family if they have any candle sticks you can borrow, rent them or shop your thrift stores for some. Don't worry about them matching.  Unless it's just going to bug the heck out of you if they don't match.  Candles come in a variety of colors to match almost any wedding color scheme. 


With just a few items you can add a punch of color to your summer wedding table.  Perfect for a backyard wedding or an elopement.  For this table I rented the place settings, serving pieces, and glasses  from Power of Love Rentals.  The table runner is fabric from my local fabric store, candle sticks I purchased from thrift shops for a great deal, the crystal ice bucket was my own and the florals for this shoot are fake, I picked them up at a craft store. 

If you're hosting your own backyard wedding or elopement I'd love to help ease your stress and help you style your wedding. Contact me at 

Styling by Fizzy Party 

April 15, 2019


My First Bridal Show

My First Bridal Show 

What it's Really Like To Do Your First Bridal Show

This is my first year as a wedding consultant.  So when the email arrived in my inbox about the Marry Me Night Market bridal show I seriously considered signing up for a booth. Of course I wanted to do some research first because a booth at a bridal show does cost money.  I asked in a couple of Facebook wedding groups if bridal shows were worth it.   Hit or miss was the response I received.  It really depends on the show and  the couples that attend I was told.  Well that wasn't helpful.  Now when I said how much a small booth costs,  Go for it! was the answer from everyone who responded.  I signed up for a 5 foot x 5 foot space, the smallest booth I could get. 

The bridal show was originally scheduled for February but our meteorologists "threatened" snow a week in advice and the show was moved to April.  Of course it didn't snow and I knew it wouldn't but to be safe the show was moved. 

I met with Vintage Meets Modern to rent some furniture and accessories for my booth. Once I figured out what furniture would fit into my 5' x 5' booth I was ready to get creative with how I wanted it to look.  I created a secret Pinterest board of ideas to send to the vendors I'd be working with.    Letters and Dust  was creating the signs for the show and I asked her to make me some as well. I sent her a collage based off my Pinterest board and let her do her creative thing.  I also knew I wanted a cake but didn't need a real one. A faux one would do just fine. I sent  Sugarhouse Cake the same collage and told her to create one for me. She had free reign to create whatever she wanted.   All the other items I wanted for my booth I had on hand. 

April 3, 2019


Babes Brunch- Celebrating the Success of Women

Babes Brunch- Celebrating the Success of Women in Portland, Oregon 

Babes-Brunch- womens- networking-portland-oregon

Babes Brunch is created by Mae and Co Creative 

Letting your local wedding community know you're offering wedding consulting services along with your party styling means networking and telling every one you meet how EXCITED you are about the services you're offering.  When the Babes Brunch came up, I had to go!

Held at The Evergreen in SE Portland, an event space with circular windows to let the light stream in, beautiful brick walls above and white wood paneling below make this space versatile for any wedding theme.  Maple flooring adds a touch of warmth.  There's a mezzanine above with a staircase leading down to the event space for couples wanting to make a grand entrance, a place to get ready for the wedding or a cozy space for guests to relax from the partying below. The space doesn't feel big, it feels intimate, even though it can host 445 people on the main floor.

The theme for this Babes Brunch was day light disco. I can get down with that. I've never been a night owl. And I had the perfect dress for it that I picked up at Target a few years back on sale. I KNEW there would be an occasion for that dress.  If you've been a fan of Fizzy Party for awhile, you know I love to dress the party theme. If you hire me as your wedding consultant and want me there on the day of your wedding, I'll totally dress your wedding theme.