January 14, 2019


Business Goals for 2019

My Business Goals for 2019

Is anyone else feeling like 2019 is special?  That it's finally your year!  I don't know what it is about this year but I'm feeling on FIRE!!!!

I took December to seriously sit down with my day planner and got all the birthday's written in and even made notes when to mail off birthday cards.  Yes. Actual snail mail birthday cards.  I love sending cards to my friends.  Knowing how much happiness something so little can bring makes me happy.

I also put in any big things coming up and deadlines of when I need to complete things.  I'm so tired of falling behind and scrambling when there's no need to.  I just need to get it in the planner and I'll stay on top of things.

Just getting all that stuff in my planner made me feel so on top of things, on FIRE and excited for 2019!

Ready to take on 2019 like a boss 

That fire propelled me to sit down and really get my business goals listed out. By listing out my business goals it will keep me focused and taking steps every day, every month to achieve them.  Because friends, I have some BIG audacious goals for this year. 


Word of the Year

I don't have a word of the year this year.  I'm taking this year to focus on my vision board, not a word.  Because dang it if these vision boards don't actually work!   And this years vision board has some seriously BIG goals on it. 

The Big Picture Look at my Business Goals 2019

As I said earlier, there is something about 2019.  I have felt so organized, on fire, Pumped! I know in my heart that this year is going to be a big year of growth, accomplishment and success.  I have set some big audacious freaking me out to my core in a good way goals.  I finally understand what all those highly successful people mean when they say, If your dreams don't scare you, you're not dreaming big enough. 

Let's Take a Look Shall We

1. Launch my wedding consulting 
I've been styling parties for 6+ years and while it's been fun and I'll still be hosting parties and bringing you inspiration, I'm putting the majority of my focus on wedding consulting.  This is one of those freaking me out in a good way but I know in my heart this is what I'm meant to do big goals. The reason it's freaking me out is because I can actually see how successful this is going to be. 

Why a wedding consultant instead of a planner?  I don't want to plan your whole wedding from start to finish.  That doesn't light me up.  I want to work with the couples who want to plan their own wedding but need a little help here and there.  Couples who this is their second marriage and they want more than a court house wedding but not the big wedding.  Couples who it's their first or second wedding and they want a more casual vibe, no seating charts, smaller guest count, no four-course meals.  So basically, my wedding!  HA HA

I was telling a friend about this and she said, "oh my GOSH, this is your passion. You have a twinkle in your eye and you're just lit up." 

2.  My First Booth at a Bridal Show 
I told you I'm going BIG.  I'll be setting up a booth at my first every bridal show in February.  I'm excited to connect with so many couples and be the service they've been looking for.   My booth will of course reflect me. Colourful, full of energy, and fun.  

3. Pinners Conference 
After February I'm heading right into March and down to California to teach at the Pinners Conference.   Yep, this goal is definitely freaking me out in a good way.  I'll be teaching about the top trends in wedding reception table centerpieces to possibly 150 people!  I'm also offering a kit for sale that will be PACKED full of information for the couple planning their own wedding.  Fast forward to November and I'll be teaching at the Pinners Conference in Arizona.  I'm SO excited for these opportunities and to be able to reach so many people.  If even just a few people walk away from my classes with ideas for their wedding, that will be a success. 

4. Bridal Workshop 
I'm really excited for this workshop I'll be hosting with some other wedding vendors. It's still in the planning stages so I can't tell you much. It will probably be in May and if you're getting married later in the year or next year, you'll want to attend.  The workshop is going to be full of so much valuable information. 

This is going to be a year of reaching goals, crushing them, growth and success.  What goals do you have for this year? 

Let's Be Friends 

January 9, 2019


Vision Board 2018

Vision Board 2018

Do vision boards really work? 

I was never one to create vision boards.  They were too woo woo for me.  But for some reason I decided to create one last year.  I was feeling  a pull to make some changes to Fizzy Party and take it to bigger places I knew it could go.  I felt I was playing too small and wanted to go bigger.  I was also feeling like the universe was telling me to embrace what I was hearing from friends, followers and fellow bloggers.  That I should go into coaching because I'm good at motivating, inspiring and encouraging people.   So a lot of what I put on my 2018 vision board was for a direction I thought I was going to take Fizzy Party and by the end of the year decided to go in a different direction.  And not go into coaching. 

Small Steps Every Day 

Pic from a House in the Hills 
I added this quote to the my vision board to remind myself that taking small steps every day would bring me closer to completing my goals.  To help remind me that even though it doesn't seem like I'm making progress, I really am. This came true. I took small steps every day and made big progress. 

Taking Fizzy Party on the Road 

Pic from Thrillist 

I feel so blessed that many of Fizzy Party's followers wish they could attend my parties and craft workshops and have asked me to please come to their state so they could be a part of them.  I had a vision of renting an Airstream  because they're so cool and taking a road trip around the U.S. hosting parties where my followers lived.  Having fun connecting with you all and of course documenting it on the blog and social media.  It would have been SO fun!  

ALT Summit 

Pic Interiors and Icing 

I had so many people telling me I'm good at encouraging, motivating and inspiring people, am a strong confident person and should teach about that at a conference. I had no idea what I would teach because I'm just being me.  I seriously thought about it but every time conferences called for speakers I didn't apply. I just didn't know what I would teach about.  ALT Summit was one of the conferences that was suggested to me as one that would be a good one for me to apply to. I never did. But I did apply to Pinners Conference and am speaking there in 2019! So in a way, this came true. 

Tassels and Tastemakers 

Pic Biz Bash 

I love Tassels & Tastemakers events.  I put this on my vision board because I wanted to throw a BIG bash like Tassels & Tastemakers. Renting a big space, putting all my styling skills to work and inviting a lot of people.  Friends, Fizzy Party followers, fellow bloggers. I could picture how fun it would be.  I knew it wouldn't actually happen because those kinds of parties are expensive.  But their events push me to keep throwing parties and work my way up to throwing a big one. 

Adopting a Black Cat or Two 

We had to say good bye to our baby in May of 2017. If your a pet lover you know how much of a loss this is.  We knew we eventually wanted more kitties but needed time. I put Jasper on my vision board to remind me of this sweet baby and that we would eventually fill our home with more kitties.  In July of 2018 we welcomed black cats Healey and Austin to our family.  

Party Party 

Pic Glitter Guide 

I added this picture to my board to remind myself to host more parties. And more FUN parties.  I love hosting parties because that means connecting with my friends. I didn't host as many parties as I wanted to because I was too busy trying to figure out which direction I would take Fizzy Party in. 

Retreat in the Woods 

When I put this picture on my vision board for 2018 I was sure I would be hosting a retreat in the woods in an adorable cabin.  That's because at the beginning of 2018 I thought I was headed toward taking Fizzy Party into coaching.  That didn't happen. I decided not to go into coaching.  I still think it would be a lot of fun to host a retreat of some kind in an adorable cabin. 

Beach Picnic Styled Shoot 

I can not find this picture again. I put this on the board to represent beach trips with my husband who works far too many hours.  We did make it to the beach a few times but not as many times as I had wanted.  

Beach Retreat 


Not only did I think I was going to be hosting a retreat in the woods at an adorable cabin but I also thought I'd be hosting one at the beach.  The beach is so relaxing and renewing.  This didn't happen either.  But wouldn't that be FUN! 

Celebrate Wins 

Darling Dozen

I put this photo on my board to remind me to celebrate my wins along the way.  To be thankful and grateful for all the opportunities that came my way. 

Always Sparkle 

Pic Oh Happy Day 

I had to add this picture to my board because it represents my inner energy, sparkly personality that shines through.

Set Goals and Crush Them 

Sam's Simple Décor on Etsy 

I had to add this one to my board. Pretty self-explanatory. 

I'd love to hear in the comments if you created a vision board and if you feel like they work. 

December 10, 2018


2018 Year End Review

2018 Year End Review 


As 2018 draws to a close it's time once again to do a year end review.   Looking back I really thought I blogged more than I did. That's going to change in 2019.  A lot is going to change for 2019.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.   We need to take a look back on 2018 first.


January saw the plaid trend continuing and lots of hot chocolate parties.   I was also feeling a pull toward something but I couldn't place what it was.   It seemed like people kept telling me I was so good at motivating, inspiring, and encouraging people. It was everywhere I looked.  I had people telling me in emails, on the phone, and on social media posts.  What did it mean?!  I had to figure it out.  



In March I combined succulents and St. Patrick's day.  We enjoyed a delicious brunch and created succulent gardens. I also called a business coach to try and figure out what all these signs coming in were trying to tell me.  Those signs being those emails, messages and phone calls of people telling me I was good at motivating, encouraging and inspiring people.  An hour long phone call with the coach later and I was looking at pivoting and becoming a coach myself.  Which is probably why I didn't blog much or host many parties because I was seriously trying to figure out what direction I was going to take Fizzy Party.  I was getting burned out of making no money for all the parties I was creating.  I love bringing you party inspiration and hosting parties but it all costs money.  I could have styled parties for other people but most parties people hire you for are kids parties, and if you've followed Fizzy Party long enough, you know I don't do kids parties.  I'm all about the girlfriends, leave the kids at home parties. 


I hosted a few succulent workshops because they're fun and I like hosting workshops.  I had this idea of hosting different craft events all over the Portland Metro area where I live.  Succulent gardens, sugar scrubs, cookie decorating, wreath making, so many fun classes.  It wouldn't just be a class.  It would be a class with a party atmosphere.  Party décor and a dessert bar.  I threw a few workshops but it got to be too stressful and un-fun.  Lots of people would say they were interested but when it came time to buying tickets it would be crickets.  People would buy tickets at the very last minute and then I would only sell about 2-6 of them.  Of course I would go all out at these workshops no matter how many tickets sold.  But it got hard to really know how many supplies to buy and I would end up losing money. So I stopped throwing craft workshops.


I did a lot of baking this spring too. Tried a lot of cupcake recipes I've been meaning to try.  When I don't bake for a long time I forget how much I enjoy doing it.  I have friends tell me I should start selling my cupcakes but I have no interest in that.  I'd need to take a food handlers course and rent space at a commercial kitchen.  We have cats and you can't get a home based food license when you have cats.  

I was still mulling over being a coach but I just wasn't feeling it. I knew there was a way I could use my motivating, inspiring and encouraging qualities in some way but coaching just didn't seem to fit.  I had also made the decision to close the etsy shop.  I felt like it was holding back an opportunity from coming into my life.  I was only making about 15 sales a year so it was a fairly easy decision to make.  


I appeared several times on Afternoon Live ,our local afternoon lifestyle t.v. program.  I really enjoy bringing you ideas on t.v. because you get a lot better look at the party and I'm able to  give you ideas and tips to use.  It was while I was getting ready for one of these segments that an A-HA moment happened. 



My A-Ha moment was when I was prepping my summer party for Afternoon Live. I was laying everything out, making sure I had everything I needed when I thought, I'm damn good at this! Just like that the thought of coaching was out of my head and replaced by something else.  Remember, I wasn't really feeling the coaching thing anyway.  You see, every year I say, THIS is the year that I'm going for it. But if I really take a hard look at the past years, I only half-ass go for it.  Probably because I was trying to figure out just what IT was that I was amazing at.  Don't worry, the party inspiration isn't going anywhere. I'm just adding to it. 

I tried bringing my crafty skills to an etsy shop and it did ok but I didn't put the effort into it I really should have.  Which told me I wasn't really into it as much as I thought I wanted to be. I tried craft workshops and had a lot of fun at them but lost money every time.  So I'm closing my shop and not hosting craft workshops any more. I really enjoy hosting parties and brining you party inspiration so that will continue.  

What I'm really excited about, have been going all in on and will combine my party skills and motivating, inspiring and encouraging skills is... Wedding Consulting!!  I am pumped about this and am going all in. No half-assing this.  I'm working with three brides right now, brushing up on some skills with an online course and assisted at a styled shoot by Under the Veil.  I can not wait to bring you more information about this. I'll be adding my fizzy style to it, of course ;) 



Fall was full of holiday parties,  Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Holiday's are my favorite time to host parties. Not just the fall holidays but all holidays.  I am definitely going to throw more and bigger holiday parties in 2019. 

I did a lot of behind the scenes work on my wedding consulting. Getting ready to book couples in 2019 and I'll be bringing you a lot more information on this in another post. 


2018 was a year of figuring out which direction I wanted to take Fizzy Party.  This resulted in not a lot of blogging or social media posts.  Well look out 2019!  Because I have so much planned and I hope you come along with me.  I appreciate so very much all your follows, likes, comments and especially those of you who receive my newsletter. You guys ROCK!