Hey Hey, Meet Tiffany Fox! 
The Energy and creative force behind Fizzy Party. 

I'm all about road trips, baking mini cupcakes, glitter and black cats. 

Welcome to Fizzy Party!  Your themed party inspiration spot. 

Here on the blog you'll find fun party themes to spark your inspiration. Ideas for decor, crafts, desserts and party favors. 

The parties are geared toward hosting them for connecting and having fun with your adult girlfriends but you could use the inspiration for kids parties too. 

I'm full of energy, love having friends over for parties  and love candy orange slices.  

I started this blog as a way to inspire others to host more get togethers with their girlfriends and add some fun to it by having a theme. 

You'll notice a few wedding posts because I was a wedding coordinator for a year before the pandemic of 2020 hit.  During 2020 when the world shut down and we all had to slow down I decided not to pursue wedding coordinating after the world opened up again.  Although I was great at day of coordinating I found I didn't miss it during 2020 and that told me it wasn't my souls calling. 

I enjoy decorating for the holiday's, holding holiday open house parties and getting creative with themed parties I invite my girlfriends to to have fun and connect. 

I love baking and sharing my baked goods with friends, especially at my parties. Just don't ask me to cook, cooking is so boring. It's why I get take out for my parties. 😁 

I enjoy exploring our state and prefer road trips over air travel. Being outside in nature is one of my happy places and I'm always planting some flowers in my yard.  Dogs are great but cats are the BEST! 

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I hope it inspires you to host some fun themed parties and enjoy an afternoon with your friends. 

Let chat!  Tiffany.FizzyParty@gmail.com