March 21, 2016


Easter Bright Party

Pastels for Easter?  Forget that!  Bring on the brightness!!  This bright poppin Easter chic invitation sparked this party.  How cute are those chicks. Even the back has bright chicks all over it.  Guests love receiving happy mail, especially something as bright as this cutie. 
Tiny Prints Easter Invitation

 For this brunch I served up mini croissants, fruit, quiche and sweets of course.  The quiche I made but the croissants I left to the bakery.  I'd like to learn how to make them but... that's going to be on my to-do list for awhile.  When throwing a party keep your stress down and pick up pre-made food. Unless you love to cook and can whip something up like it's nothing. By all means, go for it then.
Bright Easter brunch by Fizzy Party

Easter brunch by Fizzy Party

I made the fun backdrop by attaching balloons to the wall. The balloons matched the colour of the chicks in the invite.  I just taped them right up there.  They stayed up for days.  Oh yeah, I keep my party backdrops up for days, sometimes a week after the party.
Easter Brunch croissants with spring candy by Fizzy Party

Instead of cupcakes or a cake I served up cake in push pop containers.  My neighbor, Delectable Baked Goods  made the cake and frosting colours to match the invitation.  
Push up cake pops by Delectable Baked Goods. Easter party by Fizzy Party

This is dangerous.  I couldn't put these Jelly Belly jelly beans out until the first guest actually arrived.  These are my weakness.  I would eat this whole bowl if left unattended.  Good thing I was too busy playing hostess or I would have been on one big sugar high!
Jelly Belly jelly beans at a party by Fizzy Party

Oh my CUTENESS!  I finally ordered some candy apples from Roni Sugar Creations.  She turned the chicks on the invitation into candy apples.  Not only are these super cute but they are tasty. mmmmm mmmm  I'd eat way more apples if they all were covered in caramel and candy.
Roni Sugar Creations candy chick apples at Fizzy Party's Easter part

Fizzy Party Easter party featuring Roni Sugar Creations candy apples

Bright Easter party by Fizzy Party featuring Roni Sugar Creations apples

Jelly beans are not only yummy to eat but they make great base layers for candy apples.
Roni Sugar Creations apples and Jelly Belly jelly beans at a  party by Fizzy Pa

Easter treats at Fizzy Party's bright Easter party

Party Favors!!! These were super easy to make. Keep scrolling to find out.
Party favors at an Easter party by Fizzy Party

To make these fun tasty party favors you'll need a plastic container available at party and craft stores.  Cut ribbon to fit the size of the lid and adhere it with double stick tape.  I glued a little candy bunny to the front to add some detail and topped the lid with a tulle pom I made.  You can make your own pom or just order one from me. I've got you covered.  Fill container with candy and you're done.  My guests LOVED these.
Jelly Belly party favors at Fizzy Party's bright Easter party

After the party is over I always like to send a thank you to my guests for coming.  I know my guests time is valuable and I appreciate them coming over and spending a few hours of their weekend at my party.
Tiny Prints Thank You notes at Fizzy Party's Bright Easter party

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Concept, Styling, photography- Fizzy Party
Invitations and thank you cards- Tiny Prints
Table linen- Joann Crafts
Jelly beans- Jelly Belly
Backdrop Balloons- ItzWhimzeycal Design Studio 
Yellow twirl candy and plastic candy favor container- Fancy That
Candyfetti- Sweets Indeed 
Cake Push ups- Delectable
Candy chick apples- Roni Sugar Creations
Tulle poms on party favors- Fizzy Party 

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  1. Love the cheerful, bright colors!

    1. Thank you TheMistressT! I love bright colours. Pastels have never really been my thing.


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