August 29, 2016

Portland Street of Dreams 

This summer I had the opportunity to attend the Street of Dreams here in Portland, Oregon.  When I tour the houses I'm always looking at the entertaining spaces.  My favorite part of the houses being the outdoor spaces. They are the WOW factor of these houses for me.   I get patio envy whenever I tour the Street of Dreams.  My backyard needs major work and although it will never look like the Street of Dreams backyards, I can get inspiration from them.  Come with me and get some serious patio envy too. 

While a pool to me would be too much upkeep I do love the look of this infinity pool. Come summer your house would be where all your friends would be hanging out.  You can find me in the hot tub relaxing after every one's left the party. 

Street of Dreams Portland Infinity Pool

Swoon!  Here's the funny thing, I don't like cooking. Never have. But every time I see an outdoor kitchen I just know I would be out there cooking all summer.  Our grill gets a lot of use in the summer and I dream of turning our grill into an outdoor kitchen.  If I ever learn masonry skills I'll build one.  Of course a pizza oven would be a must too like the one seen here.
Street of Dreams Portland Outdoor Kitchen

Now this is something I would love.  A party house off the house!! Oh my gosh this would be perfect! A place to keep all the party supplies and you wouldn't have to worry so much about noise.  Our house only has a living room and dining room. No great room, no family room. So if my man's home while I'm throwing a party for my friends he goes to the bedroom. With this party house off the main house he wouldn't feel like he's being sent to his room. Ha ha!
Street of Dreams Portland Party Room

I would live out here in this space whenever the weather was good here in Portland.  What a great entertaining space. Outdoor kitchen, dining, t.v. and a gas fireplace when the sun goes down and a chill is in the air.
Street of Dreams Portland Outdoor Fire

If you have kids, dogs or even if you don't have either, your backyard would be THE party spot in the summer with this outdoor pool slide.
Street of Dreams Portland Waterfall

Feeling inspired to do a little work on your backyard/patio and make it party worthy?
I know I am.  Tell me about your outdoor space. I'd love to hear about it and how you entertain in your outdoor space.

July 18, 2016

Adopt A Cat Mini Party

This is an Evite paid post written by me, styled by me and photos by me. All party thoughts are my own.

Have you seen Evite's pet themed invitations?  They are SO cute and they have a lot to choose from to match any theme.  From cute to lux. They've got invitations for dogs, birds, cats, and more.
Dog birthday parties and dog parties in general are super popular.  But I'm a cat person so I was happy to see all the cat invitations Evite has.

I had a hard time picking just one but I chose this cute cupcake one because not only am I cat person but I love a tasty cupcake.
Evite cat invitation

A few years ago we adopted a cat so when Evite asked me to take a look at their pet invitations I knew I had to throw a mini adoption party. 
Adopt a cat sign

When it comes to mini parties I like to keep things simple and easy.  I found a cat silhouette online, traced it out onto coloured paper that matched the invite, cut it out and strung it on string. Cat's love to play with string.
Cat garland

Adopt a cat mini party by Fizzy Party

I displayed the cupcakes on a cat scratcher and used cat print cupcake liners.
Cat party cupcakes

I took the images on the Evite invitation and made cupcake toppers to match.  The frosting matches one of the cupcakes in the invitation and I added sprinkles too, just like the cupcake in the Evite invitation.  Little details like this help tie the whole mini party together.
Cat party cupcakes by Fizzy Party

Cat Party mini party cupcakes on a scratcher

Adopt a cat mini party with cupcakes by Fizzy Party

Do you think your pet is the cutest ever?  Enter Evite's #PawtyPeople Contest. Enter your little fur baby today.  The individual whose photo receives the highest number of votes during the promotional period will receive a custom digital portrait of his or her pet created by one of Evite's designers.  Plus, the winning pet will reach a new level of fame-- the winning photo will be featured on the Evite invitation of!

This is my little sweetie who we adopted a few years ago.

Get more cat party themed ideas over on my Pinterest board.

July 14, 2016

ModCloth Comes to Portland


ModCloth POP UP comes to Portland, Oregon!! You know I had to take a break from #FizzyPartyTropFest prepping and attend event night.  ModCloth pop up is located in Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland and will be there until July 31, 2016. So don't miss out! Shall we go in? Let's go...
ModCloth pop up shop in Portland, Oregon

ModCloth pop up shop Portland window display

It's Portland, you have to Put a Bird On It.
ModCloth Put a Bird on it Tee

Not only can you try on some cute clothes which you can order and will be delivered to your door but you can pick up some fun for your house. My friend was all over that rainbow bag but I had my eye on that pink flamingo. How great would that look at #FizzyPartyTropFest ?!!
ModCloth house goods

Great photo back drop while you wait for your friend to come out of the dressing room and show you the cute dress she's trying on.
ModCloth clothes pin backdrop

Is that treats I spy by those cute dresses?  Lets go get some.
ModCloth Portland pop up shop

I was totally eyeing those cute boots in the window while I was filling up on Apple Churro popcorn.

That cute new dress needs some fun earrings.

Oooh, it's the fancy pants section of the store.  All the pretty party and wedding dresses.  This was my fav section of the store.   And that flower pillow, such a burst of colour.

Selfie station!!! Make sure you get a picture of yourself in those cute dresses you're trying on. Tag your pics #ModClothIRL  Pop over to my Instagram and see my goofy selfie

Oh hey, before you go you have your ticket to #FizzyPartyTropFest right?  Limited quantities for this tropical fun crafting night -  Tickets