August 16, 2017

Portland Street of Dreams-Outdoor Entertaining

Portland Street of Dreams-Outdoor Entertaining 

Welcome back, 
Now that we've toured houses four and five, let's take a look at the BIGGEST house on the Street of Dreams tour in Portland.  The Nevaeh, 7,100 sq ft, 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 1 half bath.  This house has a main house, a mother-in-law's house and a smaller guest house in the back.   Now let's take a look at the entertaining spaces. 

The Nevaeh at the Portland Street of Dreams- to see more, visit

Bar area.  Both Storypiece and I thought the candy jars were a fun touch.

Bar area inside the Nevaeh at the Portland Street of Dreams

Pool anyone?  If I had the space I just might have a pool table.  It would be fun to play on a rainy day with friends. Rules wouldn't apply of course.  We'd play just for the fun of it.

Pool table inside the Nevaeh at Portland Street of Dreams

Now this is a backyard entertaining space.  Pool with basketball hoop, slide, hot tub and that little house in the back has a bathroom in it.

Fancy a little pool basketball at Portland Street of Dreams

Not only is there a basketball hoop in the pool there's also a court behind the pool.

Dream backyard at Portland Street of Dreams

After a game of basketball and swimming in the pool it's time for lunch at the outdoor dining table.

Outdoor dining at the Nevaeh at Portland Street of Dreams

Every year at the Street of Dreams the outdoor kitchens are my favorite area.  Funny, because I don't like to cook.  But I do like to grill.  I wonder how hard it would be to build one of these outdoor kitchens. Has anyone done it? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Outdoor kitchen at Portland Street of Dreams

What did you think of the Nevaeh's entertaining spaces?
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August 14, 2017

Portland Street of Dreams- Happy Valley

Portland Street of Dreams- Happy Valley 

Once again I got the opportunity to attend The Street of Dreams. This year I attended with Storypiece . We both went with a different focus. Storypiece went for the whole look of the house, the details like the light fixtures, the furnishings etc.  I on the other hand went to check out the party spaces.  Of course I did 😉😆  In this post I'm going to be sharing two of the five houses with you. You'll have to come back to see the other three houses.  

Let's start with house number five, the Suteki, 4,739 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 half bath.   I'm showing you this house first because it was my least favorite. That's just my personal opinion, many people attending really loved this house.  The house was very minimalist and focused more on texture.  I've never been a fan of the minimalist look. 

Suteki House at Portland Street of Dreams. See more at

The only real party space in the Suteki was this seating area around the fireplace.  The whole outdoor patio area wrapped around the house and the designer had set out floor cushions.  The outdoor space made me think of yoga and meditation, both things I'm not into. Not saying there's anything wrong with either of those things, they're just not things I enjoy.

Outdoor space at the Suteki house. Portland Street of Dreams. More inspiration at

House number four, The Elysian, 5,100 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 half bath.   There were a lot of things I liked about this house.  The large porch at the front of the house would be a nice spot to sit and have lemonade on a hot day with a friend.

The Elysian at Portland Street of Dreams. More inspiration at

The Elysian had an upstairs room that I could picture the guys hanging out watching a boxing match or the ladies watching a movie for girls night.  Just my opinion but a bigger t.v. needs to go in this room.  Shades of grey permeated through out the house.  That dark grey accent wall has me thinking of painting my half bath a dark grey. And can we talk about that light fixture!  We don't have high ceilings so no way that would look good in our house but it's definitely eye-catching.

Indoor entertaining area inside The Elysian at Portland Street of Dreams

This room even comes with your own bar.

Bar area inside The Elysian at Portland Street of Dreams

Let's take a stroll outside to what is always my favorite part of the Street of Dreams homes.  The outdoor areas are where I spend the most time whenever I tour these homes.  I get so much inspiration and picture so many fabulous parties taking place.

I'd love to have an outdoor fireplace.  Even on a cold rainy night it would be so cozy to sit outside by the fireplace with a thick cozy blanket wrapped around you.

Fireplace seating area at The Elysian at Portland Street of Dreams

I love outdoor kitchens. I always picture inviting friends over at least once a month for BBQ's. Sitting around the table eating good food, drinking wine and talking into the night. I think I need to watch a YouTube of how to build an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor cooking area at The Elysian at Portland Street of Dreams

What a great spot to sit and plan parties.  My man could be relaxing in the hot tub there and I'd be  swinging away in that great chair, sketching out my next soiree.

Relaxing at The Elysian at the Portland Street of Dreams.

Be sure to come back to see the great entertaining spaces of houses one, two and three.  I can't wait to show you my favorite house.  Leave me a comment and let me know what features you liked about the two houses I've shown you.

August 7, 2017

Summer Wine Tasting

Summer Wine Tasting 

This summer the Portland Blogger and Creatives group got together for a little wine tasting at Stoller Winery. Summer is a great time for wine tasting with friends.  Especially if you rent a limo or other car service so everyone can enjoy tasting. 

Stoller Vineyard in Oregon

I just love the wide open spaces around wineries as you drive up to them.  This lone white farm house caught my eye and as I stopped to capture the shot I day dreamed about living on acreage. But than I thought about how many times a week I make craft store runs. 😜

Lone farmhouse at Stoller Vineyard, Oregon

One of the things I really like about Stoller is that they kept Oak trees among their vines.  White oak's to be exact.  White oak numbers have decreased dramatically and Stoller is helping to preserve the species.  Plus just look at that view! I like the variation the oaks and pine trees bring to the view of the vineyard. It's such a relaxing view. 

White oak at Stoller Vineyard, Oregon

Not only is Stoller helping preserve white oaks, their tasting room is solar. Way to go Stoller. Those Adirondack chairs were calling my name but I had to meet up with the rest of the blogger group. Plus I would have FRIED in minutes under the hot summer sun. 

Solar powered tasting room at Stoller vineyard, Oregon

Enjoying the first tasting in our flight.  This was a chardonnay. Normally I do not like chardonnays. I'm all about the reds.  But this one was surprisingly good. Our sommelier informed us that this chardonnay was from a stainless steel barrel not an oak barrel.  That must be why I like it.  Along with the flight we were also served a charcuterie board.  

Portland bloggers and creatives group wine tasting at Stoller vineyard

Now this is my kind of wine, red. Do you prefer white or red?  Let me know in the comments. 

Summer is made for wine tasting. Stoller vineyard in Oregon

As the event wined down and we all started to head out I caught Mt. Hood in the distance as I made my way to my car. 

Stoller vineyard, Dayton, Oregon

Of course Mt. Hood was so much clearer in person.  I can never capture it in a photo the way it looks in person. 

View of Mt. Hood from Stoller Vineyard, Oregon

Have you enjoyed any outings with friends this summer?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.