Friday, May 15, 2015

Something Borrowed Wedding Rental

Not far from the St. John's Bridge you'll find Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals. With a view like that I think I'd be styling parties all day. I recently met the owner Lane` there to see what Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals was all about and what they had to offer. 

St. John's Bridge , Portland, Oregon

A cozy inviting  meeting area awaits you upon entering the warehouse. I love the warm wood wall backdrop . I want this set up in my party space.
Something Borrowed Vintage Rental, Portland, Oregon

Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals has cake stands for miles. Ok, maybe not miles, but Lane` has a lot to choose from. I was in a party planners dream closet. My mind raced with so many party visions. Those metal ones in the back will be perfect for a summer theme I have in mind.

Cake Stands at Something Borrowed Vintage Rental, Portland, Or

Wood box's and crates make great party props. Perfect for adding height, filler, setting items in and on. I see some I need for that summer theme I was telling you about.
Crates at Something Borrowed Vintage Rental, Portland,  O

Lane` has something for every party theme or wedding you could think of. She told me people are often overwhelmed when they visit her warehouse. But she quickly puts people at  ease by helping them visualize their theme, feel and look and picks out items to pull it all together.
Containers at Something Borrowed Vintage Rental, Portland, OR

Vintage scales and cameras, oh my! I was like a kid in a candy store. While some may get overwhelmed by all the inventory I saw party themes for days. The scales would be a great prop to set cupcakes on,for a garden party, or as a place for soda bottles with fun paper straws. For the cameras, I'm thinking Halloween.
Vintage rentals from Something Borrowed, Portland, Oregon

Did I not say she had cake stands for miles. So many beautiful options.
Cake Stands, Something Borrowed Vintage Rental, Portland, O

Great selection of props for your wedding or party. Those movie reels and cameras are perfect for a movie themed party or Oscar night.
Small rental from Something Borrowed Vintage Rental

Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals does have a lot of smaller props but they are known for their furniture. Aisles of gorgeous vintage couches and chairs to choose from. Can't you just see this one at a wedding.
Velvet Couch rental, Something Borrowed Vintage Rental

Velvet chair rental, Something Borrowed Vintage Renta

Vintage Couch rental, Something Borrowed, Portland, Oreg
If you're in the Portland metro area be sure to take a look at Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals next time you have a party coming up or are planning a wedding.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cake Boss Cupcake Review

I'm doing my grocery shopping, heading to the produce department and as I walk through the bakery my eye's spy Cake Boss cupcakes. Those of you who know me know what happened next. These cupcakes just jumped into my cart. Yep. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that items frequently jump into my cart. 
Cake Boss Red Velvet Cupcakes
They look good. Big and fluffy looking. But how do they taste?
Cake Boss Red Velvet Cupcakes

Cake Boss Red Velvet Cupcakes
The cake was moist and had a nice red velvet flavor, the frosting was smooth and creamy and there was a nice ratio of frosting to cake. And Surprise! there's a filling.  These cupcakes were worth the splurge.
Cake Boss Red Velvet Cupcakes review

Cake Boss Red Velvet Cupcake review
If you love cupcakes as much as I do, you might be interested in following my Cupcakes board.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day Brunch 

For Mother's Day I had my parents over for a brunch. Recognize some of the party decor ;)  
Mimosas are a must for brunch. Add a little sherbet for some fun.
Mother's Day Brunch mimosas
 Homemade strawberry scones to go with the tasty mimosas. 
Mother's Day brunch strawberry scones
Raspberries served in chocolate cups.  Raspberries and chocolate go so well together. 
Mother's Day chocolate raspberry cups

Mother's Day chocolate raspberry cups

Mother's Day chocolate raspberry cups
 You all know that limited edition cake mix's just jump into my cart. When I saw Pillsbury's Tropical Mango cake mix I had to try it. I added strawberries to the cake mix and made cream cheese strawberry frosting. 
Mother's Day tropical mango cupcakes

Mother's Day tropical mango cupcakes
Chocolate flower cupcake topper. 
 Chocolate cups make great bowls for orange sherbet.
Chocolate ice cream cups

Chocolate ice cream cups
 Mom's deserve to be pampered so along with the brunch I made my mom some Honey Strawberry Sugar Scrub for Mother's Day.
Strawberry sugar scrub
Happy Mother's Day! 

Mason Jars by Always the Occasion
Sugar Scrub Printables by Painting Paris Pink 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Craft Warehouse

I'm SO excited!!! Craft Warehouse is open again. It was open years ago about 15 minutes from me and then sadly it closed.  It's back and now only 1 mile away! I have a feeling the clerks are going to know me by name. It will be like Cheers, when I walk into Craft Warehouse all the employee's will say, TIFFANY. I absolutely love this store. Craft Warehouse has items you can't find anywhere else. Shall we take a look?

You bet it's a PARTY! I was squealing with happiness down every aisle I walked.  I was almost doing the happy dance, seriously. I'm already wanting to incorporate these marquee PARTY letters into a party. 
Beach aisle. Walking down this aisle I started planning another party on the beach. I had such fun with the Go Fly a Kite party. 
 One thing I love about Craft Warehouse is the displays. So full of inspiration and colour. I have just the party in mind for some of the items in this display. 
4th of July inspiration. Each aisle is broken down into occasions which makes shopping very easy. Inspirational projects are found throughout all the aisles with all the products you need to re-create them near by. 
EEEeeeeeeee!!! paper mache letters in so many sizes. LARGE to small. So much creativity is going to start happening. Not only are these letters great for parties but they're good for home decor too. 
 Garden and mini items aisle. I see fairy, woodland and garden parties down this aisle. 
Woodland aisle. The closest I've come to a woodland party so far is the Irish Elk   one I did in Montana. This aisle has my brain creating a woodland themed party. 
Scrap booking aisle. So many wonderful choices. These aisles have me wanting to create my own cards again. 
 Summer aisle. You can't help but smile when you come to this aisle.  Look at those colours! 
If you live in the Portland metro area and love to craft, you really need to check out Craft Warehouse in Beaverton.  I'm sure you'll see me there when you go ;) 

Monday, April 20, 2015

50 Shades of Pink

 You're invited to my birthday party! 
Don't forget to RSVP
Pink party invitation
Welcome, come on in. 
Pink party entrance

Pink Party door sign by Kristyn's Kreations
I found these perfect pink drinks at New Seasons, attached straws from Hoopla Events  and added diamonds from the invitations created by Swishprintables. 
Pink Party pink drinks
Time to Party!  
Pink party
Mini cups dressed up with cupcake liners from Hoopla Events are filled with tasty pink Jelly Belly's jelly beans. 
Pink Party Jelly Bellys

Pink Party chocolate covered Oreo's by Kima Konfections
Extra sweet chocolate covered Oreo's by Kima Konfections
Pink Party chocolate covered Oreo's by Kima Konfections
It was really hard not to eat these cake pops by Kima Konfections before the guests arrived. They smelled so good. Like strawberries. Of course we enjoyed them after lunch and they are so moist and delicious. 
Pink party cake pops by Kima Konfections
The night before the party I glued these feathers onto the cake pop sticks because I'm all about the details. The cake pops look so pretty nestled in the sanding sugar on the platter from Vintage Mingle Rentals. 
Pink party cake pops by Kima Konfections
It's just not a birthday party without cake. This fun topper by Bella Grey Designs  was just perfect for the ombre ruffle cake by Dream Cakes.  I just love how the cake looks on the pink cake stand from Vintage Mingle Rentals. 
Pink Party cake by Dream Cakes, topper by Bella Grey Designs
Beautiful butter cream ruffles. 
Pink Party ombre cake by Dream Cakes
 The top of the cake looks like a flower. 
Pink Party cake by Dream Cakes, topper by Bella Grey Designs
 All of us were excited to see the inside of the cake. We all loved how Dream Cakes made the cake ombre to match the outside of the cake.  The raspberry filling tasted like summer. 
Pink Party ombre cake by Dream Cakes
Don't forget to stop by the favor table on your way out. 
Pink Party favor table

Pink party favor table
Fun mason jars from Always the Occasion  for the favor table. 
Pink Party mason jars by Always the Occasion

Pink Party mason jars by Always the Occasion
 The light pink ribbed footed bowl from Vintage Mingle Rentals  held the party favor bags from Hoopla Events. The bags were filled with little pink notebooks from Michael's and pink pens from Ecru Modern Stationer. 
Pink Party favors
Thank you for coming!! 

If you're interested in hosting your own Pink Party or any party really, see these fabulous vendors:

Fizzy Party- Styling, glitter Pink letters, and mini banner on the favor table.
Bird's Party- Sparked the idea for the party.
Kristyn's Kreations- Get Your Pink On sign 
Hoopla Events- Straws, cupcakes wrappers and favor bags.
Pick Your Plum- PARTY letters 
Sweet Works- Gum balls and pearl candies. 
Jelly Belly- Jelly beans 
Kima Konfections- Chocolate covered Oreo's and cake pops. 
Bella Grey Designs- 50 Shades of Pink sign 
Dream Cakes- Ombre butter cream ruffle cake
Vintage Mingle Rentals- Platter, cake stand, and footed bowl
Joann's Crafts- Table Linen
Always the Occasion- Mason jars
Oriental Trading-Tissue balls