Monday, September 15, 2014

Ghouls Night Out-Dessert Table

Ghouls Night Out-Dessert Table

A few weeks ago I told you I'd share with you the dessert table of the Ghouls Night Out party.  It's finally here! These are my photo's, not the professionals. The professionals photo's I'll be sharing later this month. 

Bootiful ghoulish cake created by Fancy Cakes and adorable fondant pumpkin by Danielle's Sweet Side.    
Halloween Ghouls Night Out Dessert Table by Fizzy Party
 I had to move the party indoors after Snapshot in Time got her shots because it started raining. You'll want to be sure to check back here for the professional shots. The dessert table looks positively ghoulish. 

Fairy Dust Sphere's by 4Kids Cakes. They were a tasty lemon flavor. 
Plain sticks wouldn't do for this party. Jewel sticks from Painting Paris Pink were just what these fairy dust sphere's called for. 
Halloween Ghouls Night Out Dessert Table by Fizzy Party
 I love the details of a party and my friends notice too, often pointing them out at my parties.  Plain wood spoons from Celebration Lane get spookified with a stamp. Jazz up plain plastic cups with jewel stickers and glittery bats from Kima's Konfections.  
Halloween Ghouls Night Out Dessert Table by Fizzy Party
 Pure sugar indulgence, chocolate covered Oreo's from Sweet U Off Your Feet
Halloween Ghouls Night Out Dessert Table by Fizzy Party
 The dessert I love to bake, cupcakes! with creepy fondant toppers by Fondant Fantasy
Halloween Ghouls Night Out Dessert Table by Fizzy Party

Halloween Ghouls Night Out Dessert Table by Fizzy Party
You can see the rain drops on the pumpkins by Danielle's Sweet Side 
I can't wait to show you the professional shots in the upcoming weeks. I missed so many details due to the rain. 

If you like what you see from the vendor's but don't see it in their shops send them a message. They'd be happy to recreate it for you. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

September To Do List

I came across Mrs. Lilien's September to do list on her Twitter and thought, what a great idea! I'm always making daily to do lists but I haven't done a big picture monthly one. Her post says, "Speaking of, what's on your monthly to do list? Indulge me, I insist!"  So here it is Mrs. Lilien and Fizzy followers. 

What's on your September to do list?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ghouls Night Out- Welcome

Welcome to Ghouls Night Out 

Back in mid-August I gave you a sneak peek of this party. That post has the pro shot by Snapshot in Time Photography. The following pictures I took. 

Welcome to Ghouls Night Out.  
This party started when I spotted the Ghouls Night Out sign in my local Goodwill. I envisioned a party as soon as I saw it. 
Welcome to Ghouls Night Out
Many of these items I already had in my Halloween stock. Wreath by me, Bats by Kimas Konfections , Glasses by SK Designs 

 Can I interest you in a beverage?
Gorgeous fabric you see in stores make great table linens. Make use of items you already own when throwing a party. That table is storage bins. 
Ghouls Night Out drink station
Fabric as table linen from Joann, Bats from Kimas Konfections,coffins from Michaels, Poms by me 

Don't forget your party favor.
Ghouls Night Out coffin party favor
Coffins from Michaels, gumballs from Sweetworks  Coffins come plain. I ghouled them up.

Ghouls Night Out coffin party favors
Coffins from Michaels, Gumballs from Sweetworks, Glasses from SK Designs, Poms by Me, 

I'll have another please.
Ghouls Night Out drinks
 Bats by Kimas Konfections, Poms by Me, Glasses by SK Designs

Ghouls Night Out party glasses

Next week, the dessert table

Did you think I forgot about the exciting news I told you I would tell you?  Nah, I just wanted to make sure you read the whole post. Sneaky huh.

This party will be featured in the winter issue of Mingle Magazine! Available in store shelves early October. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Woo Hoo! Wednesday Halloween Entertaining

Woo Hoo! Wednesday Halloween Entertaining 

It's that time of year again. Pottery Barn's page is full of their fabulous Halloween entertaining items.  I drool every year when I see what they have to offer.  Of course I love the most expensive items which makes them Woo Hoo! Wednesday worthy. 

How great is this alligator bowl. Fill it with Halloween candy and dare your friends to reach in for some. Only $99
Alligator serving bowl
 For all you medieval lovers out there, the dragon platter, just $99
Dragon platter
 I love this pumpkin drink dispenser. You could use this for fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween parties.  The spooky apples in this picture are a must do.  $69
Pumpkin Drink Dispenser
 Where were these for my Spider party. These would have been perfect! I'll be getting these when they go on sale. $14.50 each  
Spider shot glasses
 Now this would be so spookily cool on the mantle. $69.50 
Faux vulture

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ice Cream Birthday

Ice Cream Birthday Party 

I'm pulling out this party from the archives. Meaning I went through my camera and said, hey! I never shared this party from 2 years ago. I told you, archives. 

I throw myself a birthday party every year. A few years ago it was at an old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor. My birthday is in April and in Oregon you're pretty much guaranteed rain. I kept the outdoor decor simple due to the weather and the fact that everyone would be inside for the party. 

Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream party centerpiece
Big thank you to my friend TheMistressT of Bubble Off Plumb for making me this banner. 
Ice Cream banner by Bubble Off Plumb
The birthday banner was already up when we arrived so we just rolled with it and set up a small vignette of the toys I use to play with as a child. The milk cans filled with flowers were there already too. 
Ice Cream Party 1970's toys
We set up a craft table with my baby clothes and pictures of me as a wee one.  I wanted guests to create a photo page using stickers and pens. 
Ice Cream Party photo book project
Some of the fun pages my friends and family created for me to add pictures too from the party. 
Ice Cream party photo project

We found this fun cut out in the storage area and set it up at the party for people to have fun with.  It was great to see how many adults got into this.  
Ice Cream Party prop

You can't have a birthday party in an ice cream parlor and not serve ice cream. This party was before I knew all about the world of printables. So I did it the old fashioned way and created these signs out of craft paper and stickers. 
Ice Cream toppings
I just had to make these for the party. My very first attempt at making cake pops. I'm serious. I had never made these before. Look how fabulous! If only all my other attempts turned out so fabulous. 
Ice Cream cone cake pops
Favor table! The kids loved the bubbles and the ice cream poppers. 
Ice Cream party favor table

Sweets banner- Bubble Off Plumb 
Ice cream topping signs, cake pops, and paper  ice cream cones on favor table - Fizzy Party 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Portland to Coast

The Mother of All Walking Relay's.  The Portland to Coast.

At 5:00 am on Friday, August 22, 2014 the 2 day long party began in downtown Portland, Oregon. 12 people, 2 vans, 2 days, 132 miles.

Portland to Coast start line

Party supplies. Bagels, bananas, grapes, water, granola mix, water, misters, licorice, water. 
Portland to Coast van supplies
Party vehicles abound. The Troll Patrol had quite the colourful party going on. 
Portland to Coast van
Ready for the beach party vehicle. 
Portland to Coast van
No one likes a cranky party guest so tents were provided by Dick's Sporting Goods  for us all to catch a few Z's before day two of the party. 
My team wasn't too into dressing up but I love seeing all the people in costumes having fun.  I'm one of those who dresses up whenever I do any running event. Like that's a surprise. 
1. and 2. Love the running skirts and light up tutu's at Race Junkie  3. I LOVE bats so this running skirt by Sew Krazy  is adorable and fun for this relay party. 4. How fun is this bright pink tutu from Tutuabell.

Many of the legs are walked in the dark in this relay so lots of people wear some sort of glowing item.  We had glow sticks we made into necklaces and bracelets.  One team had devil horns which made it super easy to spot your team mate. We saw lots of glow wigs, fun! And the Mini bow's were popular.  I think the mohawks are really fun but we didn't see any of those. 
Coolglow has a huge variety of items to light up your night time walk.

Party favor! and all I had to do was walk 2 legs of the relay. A  7.68 mile and a 6.11 mile. It was a fun 2 day party. 
Fizzy Party finisher of Portland to Coast

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ghouls Night Out

Ghouls Night Out by Fizzy Party

Get ready to get glammed up and join me for a Ghouls Night Out. 

You'll want to check in here regular for more sneak peeks and exciting news.

And follow my Halloween party planning exclusively here  

Big thank you to the vendors who made this party happen: