Monday, April 20, 2015

50 Shades of Pink

 You're invited to my birthday party! 
Don't forget to RSVP
Pink party invitation
Welcome, come on in. 
Pink party entrance

Pink Party door sign by Kristyn's Kreations
I found these perfect pink drinks at New Seasons, attached straws from Hoopla Events  and added diamonds from the invitations created by Swishprintables. 
Pink Party pink drinks
Time to Party!  
Pink party
Mini cups dressed up with cupcake liners from Hoopla Events are filled with tasty pink Jelly Belly's jelly beans. 
Pink Party Jelly Bellys

Pink Party chocolate covered Oreo's by Kima Konfections
Extra sweet chocolate covered Oreo's by Kima Konfections
Pink Party chocolate covered Oreo's by Kima Konfections
It was really hard not to eat these cake pops by Kima Konfections before the guests arrived. They smelled so good. Like strawberries. Of course we enjoyed them after lunch and they are so moist and delicious. 
Pink party cake pops by Kima Konfections
The night before the party I glued these feathers onto the cake pop sticks because I'm all about the details. The cake pops look so pretty nestled in the sanding sugar on the platter from Vintage Mingle Rentals. 
Pink party cake pops by Kima Konfections
It's just not a birthday party without cake. This fun topper by Bella Grey Designs  was just perfect for the ombre ruffle cake by Dream Cakes.  I just love how the cake looks on the pink cake stand from Vintage Mingle Rentals. 
Pink Party cake by Dream Cakes, topper by Bella Grey Designs
Beautiful butter cream ruffles. 
Pink Party ombre cake by Dream Cakes
 The top of the cake looks like a flower. 
Pink Party cake by Dream Cakes, topper by Bella Grey Designs
 All of us were excited to see the inside of the cake. We all loved how Dream Cakes made the cake ombre to match the outside of the cake.  The raspberry filling tasted like summer. 
Pink Party ombre cake by Dream Cakes
Don't forget to stop by the favor table on your way out. 
Pink Party favor table

Pink party favor table
Fun mason jars from Always the Occasion  for the favor table. 
Pink Party mason jars by Always the Occasion

Pink Party mason jars by Always the Occasion
 The light pink ribbed footed bowl from Vintage Mingle Rentals  held the party favor bags from Hoopla Events. The bags were filled with little pink notebooks from Michael's and pink pens from Ecru Modern Stationer. 
Pink Party favors
Thank you for coming!! 

If you're interested in hosting your own Pink Party or any party really, see these fabulous vendors:

Fizzy Party- Styling, glitter Pink letters, and mini banner on the favor table.
Bird's Party- Sparked the idea for the party.
Kristyn's Kreations- Get Your Pink On sign 
Hoopla Events- Straws, cupcakes wrappers and favor bags.
Pick Your Plum- PARTY letters 
Sweet Works- Gum balls and pearl candies. 
Jelly Belly- Jelly beans 
Kima Konfections- Chocolate covered Oreo's and cake pops. 
Bella Grey Designs- 50 Shades of Pink sign 
Dream Cakes- Ombre butter cream ruffle cake
Vintage Mingle Rentals- Platter, cake stand, and footed bowl
Joann's Crafts- Table Linen
Always the Occasion- Mason jars
Oriental Trading-Tissue balls

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wedding and Party Rentals

This beautiful old building houses Vintage Mingle Rentals and Petite Events located in Portland, Oregon. I took a peek inside this past weekend to see just what Vintage Mingle has for rent.  
Many people think of rental places for weddings but they're great for birthday, anniversary, holiday, and just because parties too. Let's take a peek inside,
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
 When you walk into Vintage Mingle this book case full of beautiful vases just waiting to be filled greets you. That green glass would be perfect for a Wizard of Oz, St. Patrick's Day or a glamorous lux event. 
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
Cake stands are a weakness for owner, Pilar. As they are for all of us who throw a lot of parties.  Although we'd love to collect all the cake stands we fall in love with, we don't always have the room. That's why rental places like Vintage Mingle are so great. You get to enjoy the many beautiful cake stands without having to figure out where to store them! 
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
These orange glass stands would be great for a Halloween party and that green glass, again, Wizard of Oz, St. Patrick's Day, Super Hero...
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
 Clear glass is always a great choice for parties. It allows the pretty colours of your desserts to shine.  I'm going back for those cupcake cloches. They're perfect for a party I have in mind. 
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
 It was really hard not to walk out without all those pink cake plates. I have an upcoming Pink party as you know if you follow my Instagram.
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
 Are you swooning yet? That blue and the green and the black in the back, where's my fainting couch. That pink one in the front went home with me. It's perfect for my pink party and will compliment the cake nicely.  
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
Always wanted to host a tea party but didn't want to buy all the cups and saucers? Vintage Mingle has you covered.  Tea parties are great for Mother's Day, a girlfriends get together or to treat grandma to a special day. 
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
 All that coloured glass is just so pretty and the orange on the bottom is gorgeous! I need to rent some for a Halloween party. 
See those glasses on the very bottom with the raspberry rims? yeah, I need those for a party. I don't know which party but I will. Just give me a minute ;) 

Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
I could not stop looking at this cutie! Perfect for a Cinco de Mayo party. I can picture succulents or cacti in the orange bowl as part of a centerpiece for a Cinco de Mayo dinner. 
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
 Vintage Mingle also rents bigger items too. That dessert sign needs to be in one of my parties. 
Vintage Mingle Rentals Portland, Oregon
I spent a good amount of time visiting the Vintage Mingle Rentals shop.  So many items I could rent for upcoming parties.  If you live in the Portland metro area and have an upcoming wedding or party, you should make a stop at Vintage Mingle.  By appointment only. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Party with Sweet Treats Book Review

I am extremely honored to once again review my friend Norene Cox of Party Pinching's book.  This is her second book which covers those holiday's not in her first book, Sweet Treats for the Holidays.   I was squealing with delight at the cuteness in this book! How Norene comes up with these creations from store-bought cookies, cakes etc is beyond me. I'm a creative person but no way do I see shoes when I look at Twinkie's. You'll see what I mean when you purchase the book. 

These carousel cupcakes are adorable and so easy to make. No baking required. Well, you could bake the cupcakes or... just pick up some store bought ones and jazz them up with candy like Norene did here. So colourful and fun. 
Are these just not the cutest little graduates you've ever seen? I can picture these as party favors at your graduates party. The kids will love them! 
Norene has solved that age old question, what do you get dad for Father's Day?  BBQ Grill Bites of course. Just how easy is it to make these sweet treats from the book Party with Sweet Treats?  Just see the how-to for these BBQ Grill Bites below:
Brownie Grill Bites

So Barbecute.
A perfect goody for the Grillmaster.

6 Little Brownie Bites (such as Entenmann’s)
1 (.67 oz.) tube of black writing gel
12 red Mike and Ike candies
2 green Mike and Ike candies
2 yellow Mike and Ike candies
2 pink Mike and Ike candies
6 toothpicks
18 lollipop sticks
½ cup chocolate melted candy coating
12 dark brown M&M’s

1. With the black writing gel, make a circle around the top edge of the brownie bite. Then make grill lines with the writing gel inside of the circle.
2. Using the black edible marker, make little grill marks on the red Mike & Ike candies so they look like hot dogs. Place hot dogs on top of brownie grill.
3. Slice the green, yellow, orange and pink Mike & Ike candies into thirds.
4. Place one sliced Mike & Ike of each color onto a toothpick for the skewer. Place on brownie grill.
5. Cut lollipop sticks into approximately 2” lengths. Push 2 sticks into the bottom of the brownie.
6. Melt chocolate candy coating wafers according to package instructions.
7. Attach the M&M’s to the bottom of the lollipop sticks for wheels using the melted candy coating.

Makes 6 Brownie Grill Bites

I HAD to save one of my favorite treats from the book for last. I absolutely love Hostess Sno-Balls and have never thought of creating panda's with them!  I think Norene's brain is made of candy, hee hee. That's how she can see fun candy creations in everyday cookies, cakes etc. 

Besides the cute panda's pictured above Norene has a game night section in the book that I fell in love with. I'm hosting a game night just so I can make the treats from that section of the book. 

Don't miss any of the cute creations from Party Pinching, follow here:

To purchase a copy of this must have book:
Barnes & Noble

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Visit with Dream Cakes

If you'll remember from last week when I attended A Classic Affair Wedding Show  I visited with mostly bakery vendors.  I posted a few sneak peeks on Instagram and Dream Cakes  commented on one of those pics that she didn't see me there and we should do coffee and cake. Fabulous! Networking and I get cake, I'm there! 

I met Dream Cakes  at her bakery in SE Portland. By bakery I mean kitchen. Dream Cakes doesn't have a store front at this time but she does have a great space to bake and meet clients.  While Dream Cakes can create fondant covered cakes, fondant work such as flowers and sugar flowers, her passion is for butter cream cakes. 
Dream Cakes white wedding cake

Dream Cakes white wedding cake
Originally from Nevada, Johanna has made Oregon her home and we're glad she did. Her beautiful wedding cakes have starred in many wedding receptions. I know I could have spent all day flipping through her books filled with cakes she has created. I don't know how brides choose just one. 
Dream Cakes wedding cake with fondant flowers

Dream Cakes wedding cake
Before I left Johanna gave me a mini cake she had created for me. I'm going to have to do more networking with bakers. It was all beautiful with it's smooth sides and perfect shape. Until I got home and squished it as I was getting out of the car. Squished cake still tastes good but makes for a sad little picture.  Johanna made me a white cake with lemon curd filling with blueberries and butter cream frosting. 
Dream Cakes mini cake

As I was about to taste it my cat just HAD to see what I was eating. As I knelt down to show him, "it's cake, you don't like cake" he tried to lick it! The arrow shows where I swiped some frosting off with my finger for him. The frosting is Jasper approved. In fact, he wanted more. After I tasted it I could see why. The butter cream frosting melts in your mouth. So smooth and creamy. It compliments the cake well. The lemon curd was delicious and paired beautifully with the blueberries. 
Dream Cakes mini cake with blueberries
I left Dream Cakes not only with a very delicious mini cake but with some amazing opportunities.  I'd love to reveal more but can't at this time.Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be sure not to miss continued updates.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Classic Affair Wedding Event

Attended another wedding event this last weekend, A Classic Affair. With all these wedding events I'm attending you'd think I was thinking of becoming a wedding planner. This event was held at Gray Gables Estate  

The grounds were a beautiful location but I have to be honest, the event was on a Friday night and when I arrived at 4:00 pm I could hear the rush hour traffic. Not something you want to hear on your wedding day. If you're thinking of getting married here, stop by and check out the venue during the time of day you're planning your wedding for. 

Gray Gables Wedding Venue, Portland Oregon
Walk over the bridge to meet your groom.
Gray Gables Wedding Venue, Portland Oregon

Gray Gables Wedding Venue, Portland Oregon
Inside the Gray Gables Estate the wedding vendors were showing off their wares.  My first stop was at this wonderful dessert table by Lux Sucre Desserts.  Chanelle was a joy to talk too and I got to sample one of these delicious mini cupcakes with buttercream that just melted in my mouth.  I look forward to working with Chanelle on some upcoming parties. 
Cupcakes by Lux Sucre  Desserts
Beautiful sand effect for your beach wedding. 
Cake by Lux Sucre Desserts
 I love the almost marbleized look of this cake with the fresh flowers. Gerbera's, my favorite. 
Cake by Lux Sucre Desserts
Right next door to Lux Sucre was Happiness by the Jar. Great wedding, bridal shower or party favors. All items people would enjoy receiving and would use. These lip balms and hand lotions smelled so good and fresh. 
Happiness by the Jar hand lotions

Happiness by the Jar, Portland,Oregon
 I got to sample both pumpkin flavored nuts, you know how much I love pumpkin and chipotle flavored nuts, another fav flavor of mine. The chipotle nuts had a nice kick at the end.  I not only got to sample the nuts but her homemade marshmallows too. Oh goodness gracious they were melt in your mouth soft little cushions of air. I of course bought a jar. 
Happiness by the Jar Nuts
Rosy Cakes was a joy to talk too. Mom and daughter were there and they were both wonderful. I sampled the chocolate dipped meringue's that had a wonderful hint of mint.  All the flowers you see are made by Rosy Cakes and they both told me they LOVE making the flowers. I'm going to have to have them make me some. Sugar flowers are so beautiful. 
Rosy Cakes

Rosy Cakes

Rosy Cakes

 Nimbi Design had a fun booth full of so many details they could provide for your wedding. I was able to talk to the owner and she really enjoys creating items for weddings and parties. She also took the time to show me a Snow White party she created for her daughter that turned out fabulous. 
Paper flowers created by Nimbi Design. 
Nimbi Design
 I was SO glad I waited around for Pilar of Vintage Mingle Rentals. You see, Pilar was the social media maven for A Classic Affair wedding show so she was zipping around snapping photo's and getting them on Instagram so she couldn't be at her booth all the time. We had a great conversation about rentals and I found out what's on her website isn't all she has to rent. I've been invited to visit her shop and peruse the aisles of wonderful vintage rentals. Don't worry, I'll be sharing the whole visit with you.   
Vintage Mingle rental
 Look at these gorgeous pieces you can rent. I'm loving the orange glassware. 
Vintage Mingle rental
Be sure to come back for more wedding shows, visits with wedding and party vendors, my baking adventures and of course, my parties!