July 31, 2015

Big Foot Cocktail Party

Bigfoot's Cryptid Cocktail Hour

It all started with an email from my crafty friend TheMistressT and this Pinterest board. My friend lives in Montana which is the perfect setting for this cocktail party. 

We used my Sizzix  to create invitations.  Keeping them woodland and rustic just like Bigfoot. 
Fizzy Party's Big Foot Cocktail Party Invitation
Guests found the party by turning at the Bigfoot crossing. 
Fizzy Party's Big Foot Cocktail Party Sign

 We created an outdoorsy wreath befitting of Bigfoot to welcome guests to the cocktail party. 
Fizzy Party's Big Foot Cocktail Party Entrance Wreath
Looks like someone got some fur stuck in the gate
Fizzy Party's Big Foot Cocktail Party Wreath
I love the bright green moss found on my friends property in Montana.

Every bar has walls full of fun items and our cocktail party was no exception. 
Fizzy Party Big Foot Cocktail Party Bar Wall

Guests had a great view while waiting for drinks to be created using fresh ingredients. TheMistressT etched the glasses. Do you see the image etched in them?
Fizzy Party's Big Foot Cocktail Bar

Fizzy Party's Big Foot Cocktail bar overhead shot

Fizzy Party's Big Foot Cocktail Party in Montana

Fizzy Party's Big Foot Cocktail party ingredients

Fizzy Party's Big Foot Cocktail Fresh Ingredients

Fizzy Party Big Foot Cocktail party drink ingredients

Wood grained cocktail napkins were sewn by TheMistressT. 
Fizzy Party Big Foot Party Cocktail Napkins

Do you see it? Do you see the image etched in the glasses?
Fizzy Party Big Foot Cocktail glasses

Delicious blackberry cocktails with fresh mint.
Fizzy Party Big Foot Berry Cocktail

Fizzy Party Big Foot Berry Cocktail

Fizzy Party Big Foot Cocktail from above

Once guests got their drinks they filled up on finger sandwiches, Flathead cherries and a bundt cake with a surprise Bigfoot inside. 
Fizzy Party Big Foot Cocktail Party Foo

 Flathead cherries were in season while I was visiting Montana and so full of flavor. 
Fizzy Party Big Foot Cocktail party table

Twig forks from Party Pail were perfect for this theme. We love that they are dishwasher safe and will be able to use these for other parties. World Wide Party created  the wood signs.
Fizzy Party Big Foot Cocktail place setting

Cocktail parties call for finger sandwiches. Chinese pork & mayo, chicken, spinach & sun dried tomato and turkey, brie & spinach cut into foot shapes. 
Fizzy Party Big Foot Cocktail sandwiches

Fizzy Party Big Foot  Cocktail Party
Visit Suddenly Surrounded by Taxidermy for the DIY's of the Bigfoot Cocktail party. 

July 27, 2015

Mini Party Collections

Mini Party Collections is here! 

Introducing Mini Party Collections brought to you by Fizzy Party and Fancy & Fold.  Modern designs and fabulous themes shipped right to your door. Each box we'll bring you a different theme in limited quantities. You'll want to collect them all!

We designed our boxes for the one with no time to shop or plan. These are for the working mom, the socialite, the CEO's, and the mommys. Those with no time to shop. No room in their schedule to plan or no idea how to even throw a party. All you do is add up to 6 friends, your favorite drinks and a fruit and vegetable tray (by that we mean a box of cupcakes or donuts.) Everything in the box is ready to use, right from the box. No over the top decor to fuss with. Just simple easy decor so you can spend your time having fun and making memories. 

Our debut box is all about Partying like a Pineapple and squeezing one more party out of summer before fall comes. What's included?Lets take a look:

High quality tableware awaits your delicious food and drink. 
Fill the plates with some Hawaiian Chicken , Grilled Chicken and Pineapple skewers,   Hawaiian pizza , some Huli Huli Chicken or do like I do and pick up some Hawaiian food from your local restaurant. Thick plastic forks and high quality thick napkins will be appreciated by your guests. 

 Pineapple cups with straws are great for sipping your tropical drinks in and make fun photo props too. 
Tropical drink ideas:
Pineapple Juice, mango juice and guava juice are all refreshing choices too.

Mini Party Collections Party Like a Pineapple  table ware
 We don't give you just one garland but two! Put one on the front door, on the dessert table or above the table on the wall. Handmade out of quality materials. 
Mini Party Collections Party Like a Pineapple garlands
 Bright pink fun glittery pineapple picks await your appetizers or desserts. We've gathered a few ideas for you:
Sweet N' Sour Bacon Wrapped Pineapple 
Pineapple Coconut Snowballs 
Pineapple Smokies 
For dessert: cupcakes, brownies,Pineapple Candy Kabobs from Sweets Indeed, or some crispy tiki's from Sweets U Off Your Feet carry the theme throughout. 
Mini Party Collections Party Like a Pineapple dessert picks
Everyone loves to share how much fun they're having at parties so we've included pineapple sunglasses for fun selfies. Don't forget to tag your photo's #minipartycollections so we can see how much fun you're having and feature you.

Mini Party Collections Party Like a Pineapple photo prop
 No party is complete without confetti!!! Sprinkle it on the table, make it rain as you snap shots of each other having fun or include it in thank you cards to your guests. 
Mini Party Collections Party Like a Pineapple confetti fun
Show us how your enjoying your Mini Party Collection, tag us with #minipartycollections 

Party Like a Pineapple box includes:
6 plastic black and white striped dessert plates
6 thick plastic pink forks
6 thick black and white striped napkins
6 pineapple cups
6 black and white striped straws
1 pink glitter pineapple garland
1 white, yellow and black mini tissue tassel garland
6 pink glitter pineapple picks 
3 pineapple sunglasses
1 bag of confetti 

Who's ready to party?  If you are, get your box before they're gone!

July 20, 2015

Chuck Wagon Party

My friend of Suddenly Surrounded by Taxidermy  has been telling me about this Chuck Wagon party her neighbor throws every year.  Being the party thrower I am, I was OF COURSE extremely interested and wanted to attend.  Well this year I made sure to plan my visit to her when the Chuck Wagon would be happening. 

As soon as we arrived at the party location we were greeted with a saloon and jail backdrop.  I LOVE it! These backdrops were specially built for this party and it really adds to the feel. 

We walked through the saloons swinging doors and one of the hosts greeted us behind the bar to take our order. Drinks were free but there was a tip jar with all tips being donated to Animeals
Chuck Wagon party saloon backdrop

The hosts like everyone to dress the theme, sounds familiar, insert Me! I love when my guests dress the theme of the party. If you don't dress western enough you get thrown in jail and in order to get out you have to pay a fine. The fine goes to Animeals.  I love this idea. Makes me want to throw a Western party and build similar backdrops. 
Chuck Wagon party jail backdrop
It wouldn't be a Chuck Wagon party without a chuck wagon. Not everyone could have an actual chuck wagon available for a party like this but the hosts have a good sized property in Montana and they like to collect western items.

The hosts even hired a band to play good 'ol home on the range western tunes. You can see the band on the right- hand side of this photo. 
Chuck Wagon for the chuck wagon party

Chuck Wagon party in Montana

Chuck wagon interior

Chuck wagon details
Dinners on!The chicken was so tender and the ribs looked really tasty too. Cornbread, beans and pineapple upside down cake were served as well. The cornbread and pineapple upside down cake were made in big pots and cooked over the open flames. 
Cook out at the chuck wagon party
This prop on the table was used later in the party. Keep reading to find out how. 
Chuck wagon western party prop
A sheep wagon was on the property too and open for us to view. 

Sheep wagon at the chuck wagon party

Sheep wagon interior at the chuck wagon party
Every year the hosts put on a little show after everyone eats.  This years show involved a gun fight at the saloon. The hosts and actors (guests) write the script. It was really very entertaining to watch. 
Live show at the chuck wagon party
This party was a lot of fun and I was glad I was able to attend.  Like me, you may not have the room to store a whole saloon and jail backdrop or have friends who would be willing to help put on a play. Hopefully, like me, this party has given you some ideas to throw your own western party.