Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cookie Exchange

 I baked cookies! for the Patience Brewster 2014 online cookie exchange. Patience Brewster is an artist of whimsical ornamentsMini Thaddeus the penguin is pretty darn cute. 

Now I love to bake but I can't create a recipe from scratch. So when I saw this egg nog cookie recipe from Cooking Classy  I had to try them. Pop over and get the recipe. 
Isn't the Santa spatula cute :)
Naked cookies ready to be dressed in frosting. 

mm, these cookies are good. I had to try them for you, right ;)
Margulis Jewelers in Portland, Oregon has a fabulous collection of Patience Brewster figures and ornaments. Perfect location for the cookie shoot. 
Isn't the cardinal an amazing piece. It has glitter!

Join this virtual cookie exchange by sharing your favorite recipe in the comments

I want to thank Margulis Jewelers for allowing me to shoot this post in their beautiful store surrounded by gorgeous pieces of jewelry.  
I saw a few pieces in there that will be going on my wish list. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sweet Treats for the Holidays Blog Book Tour

Sweet Treats for the Holidays Book Review and Giveaway!

Following in the glittery paw prints of The Purple Pug, I'm stop number 2 on the Blog Book Tour of the sweet Norene Cox of Party Pinching  and her even sweeter book Sweet Treats for the Holidays

This book is PACKED with sugary fun. The best thing about this book is that everything is store bought! No baking required. Norene takes every day candy and creates little sugary works of holiday edible art.  I've been shopping with this creative candy artist and seen the sparkle she gets in her eye when she sees a bag of candy and inspiration  hits. Me, I just see a bag of candy. Norene sees, well, pick up a copy of her book and you'll see what she sees. 

I had the pleasure of going to her book signing in her home town. So proud of my friend. Woo Hoo! Norene's dream of having a book published came true and she SOLD OUT! But don't worry, you can still get a copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. This book makes an excellent gift for anyone. I do mean anyone. The directions are easy to follow and there's fabulous pictures you can use as a guide. My fav is on page 10. So stinkin CUTE! 
Norene of Party Pinching and I at Wight's in Washington
Sweet Treats for the Holidays covers every holiday. From New Years to Halloween to Hanukkah to Kwanzaa. 

Wow your guests with Glamorous Midnight Marshmallow Pops.
I love that Norene didn't just focus on Christmas in her book. There is a whole section on Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. 
Hanukkah Cake Bites 
How adorbs are these Snowy White Reindeer Cookies! Although I think these are beyond cute, these guys are not the ones that made me squeal with delight. Page 10 people. Get the book and see what I'm talking about :D 
This little cutie Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Cookie is so simple to make and just to prove it to you Norene has allowed me to include the directions on how to make it. 
Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Cookies
Martha approved. I’m not even kidding. 
It’s kind of surreal when Martha Stewart actually says what you made is “adorable”. My hot cocoa marshmallow mug cookies won her over and believe me, it is “a good thing.”- Norene 

Approximately ¼ cup of white candy coating
4 mini candy canes
4 large marshmallows
1 (16-oz.) can chocolate frosting
12 Jet-Puffed mallow bits
1 (7-oz.) pouch store-bought white cookie icing
4 store-bought tea cookies
40 small tree sprinkles
4 large tree sprinkles
1. Melt candy coating in small microwave-safe bowl according to package instructions.
2. Cut candy cane at the curve. Dip ends into melted candy coating and push into side of marshmallow. Hold in place until it hardens and is secure.
3. Using a small knife spread a small amount of chocolate frosting on top of marshmallow leaving a small rim. Top with 3 mallow bits.
4. Frost cookie with white icing. Place marshmallow in the middle of cookie. 
5. Place 10 small tree sprinkles around the perimeter of cookie.
6. Attach large tree sprinkle to front of marshmallow using candy coating.
Makes 4 cookies.

Oh we're not done. Did you think the fab photo's and recipe were it? No way, there's a GIVEAWAY! That's right. You could win a copy of Sweet Treats for the Holidays AND 6 tulle rosettes like the ones Party Pinching used on her favor bags. 
Rosettes only, favor bag not included

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Sweet Treats Book Launch

Saturday I drove up to Washington to attend the book launch of my dear friend Party Pinching's first book. It poured the whole way up and back but it was worth driving through. Plus being from Oregon, we're born with rain boots, it's just liquid sunshine. 
Seattle from my car as we were stopped in traffic
 The book signing was at Wight's Home and Garden Center. My friend, a local celebrity. I know a CELEBRITY!!! How cool is that?! 

How cute is this display! Everyone who bought a book got a goodie bag filled with a coupon for Wight's, a cookie, a bag of sixlets, a book mark, and a cute mini cupcake charm. 
 The Purple Pug's Sweet Treats banner was a perfect touch for the table display. Candy tree and house available at Wight's. 
 Sweet Works provided candy for attendees to enjoy. 

 When Party Pinching contacted me to make tulle rosette's for her book launch I was honored to be a small part of it. They look so festive on her goodie bags. 
I'll take that snowman please :) I have a slight snowman obsession
Here she is, the author and sweets celebrity, my friend, Party Pinching!  If she lived closer we'd get into so much party trouble ;)
 So exciting! The author signing my book :) 
Sweet Treats for the Holiday's SOLD OUT at Wight's on Saturday. You can get a copy on Amazon. This book makes a great holiday gift.  All the adorable creations inside are all made with store bought food and  are easy for kids to make. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Everything II

Pumpkin Everything is back!

Trader Joe's flyer for Pumpkin everything came out so you know I HAD to make a trip there. When I checked out the cashier said, "pumpkin everything trip I see". You got that right.

I'm not a big cereal bar fan but this is PUMPKIN people! and yes, they are tasty. The cashier told me they were one of his favorites.
 My friend Carole called me and told me about these. She said her kids devour a box as soon as she brings them home. I'm not a chocolate cookie fan and I didn't notice the filling wasn't pumpkin until I got home. But I tried them anyway. Meh. I took them to work for my co-workers. 
 I know, these aren't pumpkin either but the Glo Balls look like pumpkins! They are my FAV Hostess treat. The Twinkies are filled with S'cream filling so I had to pick those up too. I'm telling you, I'm a sucker for seasonal food items. 
 Move over Cheerios, Pumpkin O's are in town. These are very good. In fact, I need to stock up before they're gone. They're better then Cheerios in my opinion.  
 Yep, another non-pumpkin item snuck into my post. Notice it's a ghost shape and remember my inability to pass up seasonal food items. I was disappointed in this Twix though. I like Twix. However, this one had too much cookie for me. And it's not even shaped like a ghost. Not really. Looks more like an egg.
 Oh, this cream cheese is SO good. The bagels are very plain. Not much pumpkin flavor. Until you add the cream cheese. mmm. The cashier told me the cream cheese is super good smeared on pumpkin bread. 
Green tea is my go to morning drink. Until pumpkin season and then it's pumpkin spice chai.  I'm going to have to bring some milk to work because I've been mixing this with water and it's not as good as if I were to mix it with milk. 
See anything you like? I'd love to hear what you want to try or have tried. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Carving Party

 This weekend I had a few friends over to carve pumpkins.  I kept it low key this year. Very low key. I'm talking a simple table, take-out lunch and all store bought treats.

I always keep the guest count small. It's easier to carve pumpkins when you have a small group of people. I only invite 4-5 friends. We watch a Halloween movie, eat lunch, enjoy some treats and carve up some pumpkins. This years movie choice took us back to our Jr high school days,  Children of the Corn.  We always pick a movie that we've all seen so we're watching but not WAtching, if you know what I mean.
My bathroom decor
I told you I was very low key this year. I didn't bake a single treat and I bought lunch. A delicious Hawaiian fare of pulled pork and shuyo chicken with rice and pasta salad from Roxy's Island Grill.  It was delish! Pumpkin spice candy corn, pumpkin spice Hershey Kisses and pumpkin spice M & Ms. This gave my friends a chance to try these seasonal candies.

Pumpkin Oreo's, Trader Joe's Jo-Jo's and Caramel Apple Oreo's.  The pumpkin spice Oreo's are good. Nice mild flavor. I bought the Jo-Jo's on a recommendation from a friend. However I didn't care for them. I'm not a chocolate cookie fan. The caramel apple Oreo's were a hit with my friends.

I displayed the Mingle magazine issue my party was featured in and then forgot to brag ;) to my friends about it. What was I thinking! Cake pops in the photo by 4 Kids Cakes.

 Low key again, no baking here. Trader Joe's pumpkin macarons. I drew the faces on with edible ink. Note-when drawing faces on these macarons you want a light touch or they crack. As you can see.

Party favors! Recognize those coffins and pumpkins? Pumpkins by Danielle's Sweet Side , coffin box's from Michaels

So I did bake something for the party, pumpkin bread.  I used Wilton  coffin baking box's, added the Wilton zombie hand and crushed up Trader Joe's Jo-Jo's to make the dirt.

Inside the bags I gave my friends the pumpkin bread in the coffin, a pumpkin spice tea bag and Halloween socks.  My guests love the socks! I'm telling you, if you're thinking of hosting a small Halloween party next year pick up some socks at 50% off and give them out next year. Your guests will love them.

Where's the pictures of the pumpkins we carved you ask? well, we had so much fun laughing, talking, eating good food and watching cheesy old Halloween movies, I forgot to take pictures of the carved pumpkins. Now that's a sign of a good party.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Coffee Fest

 Coffee Fest came to Portland, Oregon and me, a non-coffee drinker went. Why did I go if I don't drink coffee? Read on my friend and I shall tell you.  Coffee Fest is a trade show for anyone in the coffee business. Coffee Fest was held at the convention center which is just over the river from where I work. So I hopped on the MAX on my lunch break and headed over.
This is the reason I went to Coffee Fest, Nashville Wraps! I was there to meet representatives from the company.  Recently I partnered up with Nashville Wraps on a special project I'm doing for the BASH Conference   VIP bags. I'll be using some of their gorgeous products. The Nashville Wraps booth was packed with people wanting to talk to their representatives. I was glad I went on Friday when the Coffee Fest first opened or I may never have had a chance to talk to them.

These coffee cups were HOT! The booth was packed with people interested in these cups.  They're insulated so you don't have to use one of those sleeves. And the colours are popping on them. Look at that pink. Makes me wish I had a coffee shop or a bakery just so I could use these cups.
 It was great to see the products in person.  Nashville Wraps has you covered for any packaging your business may need. I am loving those gourmet window treat bags.  I may need to order some of those.
I have just the project in mind.

Monday, October 6, 2014

It's in the Details Dessert Cups DIY

Over 110 Fabulous Halloween Ideas Shared by bloggers. #halloweenideas #halloween

Halloween is absolutely one of my FAVORITE holidays and to celebrate I gathered together the creative minds of some of my talented blogging friends to bring you over 110 fabulous Halloween ideas! From costumes to parties, crafts and home decor, recipes and free printables, we have so many fun ideas to share! I guarantee you'll find a project (or 10!) that you would love to incorporate into your Halloween festivities. All week (Monday through Saturday) myself and my blogging friends will be sharing our fun creations with all of you. Each day will include approximately 20 Halloween projects you can "hop" from one blog to another to check them all out. For my project, I'm sharing how to dress up a plain dessert cup into something your guests will oooh and awww over. Details catch the eye. Look at this boring dessert cup. So plain. I filled mine with Jell-O which added some color but it's still...plain.
Take plain boring wooden spoons,
Grab a stamp, any stamp with a great design will do. I used the edge of this one and black ink and stamped right onto the handle of the spoon. It gave the spoons a great spooky look (see last photo)
Now, lets add some great spoooky ghosts! I love little details like this and your guests will too. Pick yourself up a bag of Jet-Puffed ghosts, aren't they cute! and some edible markers. Draw fun ghost faces on them.
Add some jewel stickers to the cups, fill with Jell-O or any treat you like, add the spoons and the ghouled up ghosts and look how much better those plain cups look! I guarantee your guests will love all these little easy details you added. But don't tell them how easy it was to do (wink wink)
Now, are you ready for more fabulous Halloween ideas from my blogging friends??? Have some fun and join in on our blog hop! Simply click on each of the links for the Halloween projects you'd like to see and it'll take you right to that post with details on how to create it. Have fun and pin away! Over 100 Halloween ideas to help you celebrate Halloween with style! #Halloweenprojects #halloweenbloghop 1. No-Sew Fairy Halloween Costume 2. Free Halloween Print: Frankenstein Wall Art 3. Candy Corn Layer Cake 4. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Party Decorations 5. Free Happy Halloween Print 6. Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Candles 7. It's in the Details Dessert Cups DIY 8. Printable Halloween BINGO cards 9. Ghoulish Glam Halloween Wreath 10. Creepy Potion Bottles (with Free Printable Lables!) 11. Easy Trick or Treat Basket 12. FREEBIE :: Halloween ART PRINT 13. Mercury Jack-O-Lantern 14. FREE Halloween Printables 15. Glittery Glue Spiderwebs 16. Halloween Metal Punch Night Lights 17. BOO, It's Claytime Playtime! 18. Washi Tape Halloween Frame 19. Zombie Facials

Follow our Fabulous Halloween Ideas Pinterest board for even more inspiration!

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Be sure to come back tomorrow for another 20 awesome Halloween ideas!

Thanks to all 110+fabulous bloggers participating! We'd love for you to visit their blogs and see what else they're up to!

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