January 17, 2018


Kyra's Bake Shop Cupcake Review

Kyra's Bake Shop Cupcake Review 

Can you spot the little visitor interested in my cupcakes.  
Valentines cupcakes from Kyra's bake shop

All the baked goods at Kyra's Bake Shop are gluten free.  Now normally this would turn me away. I love my gluten and any store bought or homemade gluten free items I have tried have not tasted good at all.  But every cupcake I have had from Kyra's has been delicious.  I never would have known they were gluten free if I hadn't read that on her shops website.  

Before you start reading the review of the 3 cupcakes I tried please keep in mind that everyone's taste buds are different and I happen to have super picky ones.  While I enjoyed all the cupcakes I wished all 3 of them had MORE flavor to them. I love sweets and I want to really taste the sweetness. 

Cupcakes from Kyra's bake shop

Chocolate Caramel Ecstasy: Chocolate cake, filled with their housemade salted caramel Sauce, topped with chocolate buttercream, dipped in chocolate ganache and sprinkled with salt. 

With caramel in the name you know I had to try it.  For those of you who don't know, my man says he could pour caramel on anything and I'd eat it.  He's not wrong. That's how much I love caramel. The cake was so moist and I even bought the day old one. The chocolate ganache was rich but I'm not much of a chocolate girl so if you like chocolate you might not think it's rich. The chocolate buttercream was so creamy and the hint of salt on top was just right. The caramel in the middle was salted perfectly.  I would have liked more of a sweet caramel taste from the filling. 

Chocolate caramel ecstacy cupcake from Kyra's bake shop

German chocolate: Chocolate cake, coconut pecan caramel filling, caramel buttercream, dipped in chocolate and topped with a pecan.

German chocolate cake is my FAV so I was excited to try this cupcake.  This cupcake was a day old as well and you'd never know it. The cake was moist and the caramel buttercream frosting was almost like eating a soft fluffy marshmallow.  The chocolate ganache topping has a smooth chocolatey taste.  The coconut pecan caramel filling could have been more coconutty for my taste buds.  It didn't have that classic German chocolate cake taste to me. I think more coconut would have made it taste more German chocolate cake like.  You can't have too much coconut in a German chocolate cake/cupcake.  

German Chocolate cupcake from Kyra's bake shop

Lemon Lavender: Lemon cake, lavender buttercream, sprinkled with lavender.

Ok, you have to like the taste of lavender to enjoy this cupcake.  You can definitely taste the lavender but it's not over powering.  The lemon cake is very light.  I would have liked more lemon flavor coming through in this cupcake.  The lavender is the predominate flavor in this cupcake. I liked the little detail of lavender sprinkled on top the beautifully piped smooth frosting. 

Lemon Lavendar cupcake from Kyra's bake shop

All of these cupcakes are perfect for any party you're hosting or a just because get together.  The lemon lavender would be perfect for a tea party. The two chocolate cupcakes would be great for a death by chocolate or chocolate lovers party. 

Cupcakes from Kyra's bake shop review

Blackberry Crumb donut.  I couldn't resist this donut. I love blackberries and will eat them by the handful so I had to try this donut.  Plus it's just such a pretty colour.  I was surprised by how dense this donut was and then I remembered that all the baked goods at Kyra's Bake Shop are gluten free.  I've found that gluten free baked goods tend to be denser. The blackberry flavor was subtle and there was a hint of another flavor but I couldn't place it. This donut would be wonderful to enjoy on a lazy weekend morning with tea. 

Blackberry crumb donut from Kyra's bake shop

I have never been disappointed by any cupcake I have tried at Kyra's Bake Shop.  She keeps me coming back for more with her rotating flavors.   I can't wait to try her Cherry Balsamic Black Pepper, Raspberry Hibiscus Rose, Kyra's Unicorn, Mimosa and more. 

January 15, 2018


Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Whenever one of my family members retires we have a party.  This last weekend we had a party for my aunt and I was asked to make cupcakes.  I scrolled through my cupcake board on Pinterest to find a yummy recipe and decided on Your Cup of Cakes Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes.  I'm not a food blogger so while the pictures aren't drool worthy they are authentic and in the moment. 

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes from Your Cup of Cake's recipe

I pulled up the recipe, took the laptop in the kitchen and started baking.  
Your Cup of Cake's website for chocolate raspberry cupcakes

The recipe calls for raspberry pie filling which I was sure our grocery store had. But when I went shopping the morning of the party the store didn't have any raspberry pie filling. They had apple, blueberry, peach, and strawberry. I wasn't going to have time to go to another store so I improvised and used this triple berry fruit filling instead.  This was going to be mixed into the cake mix so I figured it would work.  And it did. It made the cupcakes so moist. 

Making chocolate raspberry cupcakes for retitrement party

See, food blogger I am not. I was trying to be all artsy with my cupcake ingredient shot but it just doesn't look as good as the food bloggers make it look.  Plus, I was taking pics on the fly as I was baking. The food bloggers I'm sure set up their shots before they begin baking. 

Chocolate raspberry cupcake ingredients

mmmm, the smell of chocolate with a hint of berry filled my kitchen as the cupcakes cooled. You know I had to taste test one before bringing them to the party and they were so moist. 

Chocolate raspberry cupcakes cooling

This recipe is a keeper.  The cake is moist, the frosting is delicious and smooth and the fresh raspberry on top adds that burst of flavor. My cousin went back for seconds.  After all, you get 3 servings of fruit in these cupcakes ;)  Triple berry in the cake, raspberries in the frosting and a fresh raspberry on top.  

Delicious chocolate raspberry cupcakes

If you try this recipe I'd love to know what you think in the comments below. 

January 1, 2018


New Years Day Party

New Years Day Cozy Snacking 

** This post was made possible by products given to me by Oriental Trading in exchange for styling a party.  I only work with companies I already purchase products from. **

New Years Day is all about being lazy for us.  Sleeping in, lounging around in fleece pants and snacking all day.  While the outside is not frightful, it's actually quite pleasant for January, I'm still feeling the cozy plaid feeling.  So when I set up this mini snack table I used my plaid table linen from my Christmas tree farm party.  And since we didn't get any snow this year I brought the snow feeling in by using a furry table runner and wintery cups and platter from Oriental Trading. 

Wintery New Years Day snack table

New Years Day wintery snack table

These ceramic sweater mugs bring that winter cozy feel to your hot chocolate.  Top your cocoa with whipped cream, marshmallows and a peppermint stick, throw on a movie and get comfy on the couch.  Sounds like a perfect way to spend New Years day to me. 
Hot cocoa on New Years Day

 If you're like a lot of people and stay up until midnight on New Years Eve you probably want to sleep in on New Years day.   To help make a mini party easier on you take some short cuts by buying store bought cupcakes and dressing them up with wrappers and toppers.  Wrappers and toppers can make such a difference to the look of store bought cupcakes for very little money and effort.

Cozy plaid wintery cupcakes

New Years wintery cupcakes

Always be on the look out for deals on versatile party items.  While grocery shopping a few weeks back I saw these candles on a 50% off sale.  I knew the silver glitter candles would be perfect for multiple parties.  Winter, Christmas, New Years, birthday, weddings, disco and more.  I like how they add a touch of sparkle to these lanterns. 

Lanterns perfect for weddings and winter parties

Powdered sugar donuts make the perfect display treat for winter parties.  They're inexpensive, you can stack them to look like a donut mountain covered in snow and they're great for dipping in hot cocoa or coffee. All I'm missing is little skier's swooshing down donut mountain. 

Take your snacking on a sleigh ride

Winter snack table

Hot chocolate and cupcakes for New Years

How did you spend your New Years Day?  Nice and lazy and cozy like me or did you get a jump on your resolutions and were super productive?

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Styling and photography by Fizzy Party 
Sweater mug, snowflake platter, plaid cupcake liners, lanterns and plaid chalk board- Oriental Trading 
Sled- Michael's 
Plaid table linen- Joann's
Fur table runner- TJ Maxx
Red cake stand- Cost Plus World Market
Candles and cupcakes - Fred Meyer
Donuts- Hostess