August 15, 2018


Cream Ice Cream Review

Cream Ice Cream Shop Review

Whenever we travel I like to try dessert places.  So when we went to California in July on a quick trip to adopt two kitties I looked up some places to try in Chico and Torrance where we would be stopping.  In Chico I wanted to check out Cream and The Cookie Shoppe and in Torrance, Cuppies.

I picked Cream   because it was close to our hotel, I love ice cream and the ice cream taco looked super yummy!  The Cookie Shoppe because the reviews said these were the best cookies and some of them sounded delicious.  I'm not a big cookie fan but this place was close to our hotel and I wanted to try the Judy, the Zephyr and the Flying Squirrel.

Photo from Yelp

I only picked one place in Torrance to check out because we would have just picked up the cats.  Some of the flavors I waned to try at Cuppies were Soda Pop Shop, Payday, Hot Cakes n Bacon and Watermelon.

Photo from Yelp
While I was looking forward to trying all three places we only made it to Cream.  The Cookie Shoppe was closed the day we rolled into Chico so we planned to hit it on the way back through.

7 1/2 drive to Torrance and I was ready for some cupcakes. I was going to pick up some cupcakes first and than pick up the new kitties we were adopting from Kitt Crusaders.   But my husband put the address to the foster kitty house into the Garmin so we decided to just go pick up the cats, head to the hotel and spend some time with the cats.

Meet Austin and Healey. They did amazing in the car! Two 7 1/2 hour  days and they were seriously the best car cats ever.

We left Torrance at 5:30 a.m. to head to Chico which is 7 1/2 hours away. Cuppies was not open that early so no cupcakes for me :(

When we arrived back into Chico I really thought we'd check into the hotel, leave the cats in the room with my man and I'd go get us some food and cookies.  But after driving all day I just wanted to spend time with the cats.

So how was Cream?  Lets review.

I wanted to try the ice cream taco.  A waffle cone taco shell filled with 3 scoops of ice cream flavors of your choice and fun toppings to choose from. I had planned on getting Royal Caramel Swirl,
Cin-Ful Churro and Coconut and top it with Fruity Pebbles and whipped cream.  Hello sugar rush!

Sadly I didn't get my ice cream taco. The lady in front of us got the last ice cream taco.  So I settled for a scoop of Royal Caramel Swirl.  I was so disappointed I forgot to get my Fruity Pebbles and whipped cream topping.  I mean, I just drove 7 1/2 hours to try this ice cream taco.  Really the trip was to pick up the kitties in Torrance but ya know. I really wanted that ice cream taco!

If you've tried any of these places- Cream, The Cookie Shoppe or Cuppies leave me a comment and let me know.

August 13, 2018


Succulent Garden Workshop

Succulent- workshop-Fizzy Party

I love to be creative and social and  workshops are a great way to combine the two.  When you attend a Fizzy Party craft workshop  you do more than just learn a new skill and take home something you created. You're attending a party, making new friends and having a great time.  I get to help women who say they're not creative be creative and have fun doing it.

Succulents- Cupcakes

In June I hosted a succulent workshop in Beaverton at La Hacienda Real.  Succulents and Mexican food just go together.  It was an intimate group and I thought those that attended would be disappointed that it wasn't a bigger group.  I was SO wrong.

Succulent- workshop

The attendees loved the intimate group.  They had so much fun they didn't even have their phones out! Now that's a sign of a great workshop.

Succulents- Workshop- Succulent-Garden

I really enjoyed watching the ladies get creative picking out their succulents and making their gardens. One of the big things I teach at my workshops is that there's no wrong way or right way for the craft item to look.

As long as the person creating the craft likes the way it looks that's all that matters.  I don't want the attendees worrying, stressing  or trying to make the craft perfect. I want attendees to relax, let the creative juices flow and have fun.

Succulent-Garden-Workshop- Portland-Oregon

Right now I offer 3 different workshops- Succulent Gardens, Trinket Dish Painting, and Sugar Scrubs.  If you're interested in booking one of these workshops email me at

These workshops are great for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthdays and just because you want to have fun and get creative with your girlfriends.  All workshops are geared towards adults and teenagers.

Succulent- Garden-Workshop-Portland - Oregon

Workshops coming soon include-
  • Watercolour linens
  • Alcohol dyed coasters
  • Hand painted pillows
  • Marbled planters 
  • and more! 
If you're interested in any of the above, reach out to me at 
In real life friendships are dying and this is not acceptable to me.  So gather your girlfriends and have a fun craft night/ day. Don't let your in real life friendships die. That would make me sad. 

July 25, 2018


Etsy Shop is Closing

In 2013 I started a new venture and opened an etsy shop.  It all started with tulle wreaths I was creating for party bloggers to use in their parties.  I expanded the shop to include tulle poms, felt banners and glittery items.

Halloween- tulle - wreath

I opened the shop because I like to craft, it's fun to see my items at peoples parties, you know  I love parties and it would be a way to make some money for Fizzy Party.


I've been fortunate that all my customers have been happy with items they've ordered and have received 5 star ratings from them all.

So why have I been struggling with the decision of whether to keep the shop open or close it?

  • I've been told by other bloggers that it doesn't really fit and it's confusing because it doesn't match my blog. 
  • The shop has been open for almost 5 years and I've made 77 sales. That's 15 sales a year. 
  • The shop is the only place I make money for Fizzy Party and with just 15 sales a year, I'm not bringing in much money.  It covers my etsy fees and blog domain fees and that's about it. 
  • In order to really have a successful shop you need to really work at it.  Pushing the shop consistently, adding new items weekly and having professional photos taken. 

I've been waffling back and forth between really focusing on the shop and pushing it hard, adding new items and re-doing all the photos or just closing it so I can focus on something else. If I keep the shop open I have to seriously push the shop which will eat into the time I have to bring you party inspiration.  If I close the shop I feel like it would open up space for new opportunities.  Is keeping the shop open holding me back from pursuing something I was meant to do with Fizzy Party?


I've been thinking this over for a year, longer than I should have.  I kept it open because all those 5 star ratings meant happy customers throwing fun parties and weddings.  I've decided to close the shop January 1, 2019.  I'm hoping to sell all my remaining inventory by years end.  So fair warning ;) you'll be seeing a lot more of my shop across social media until the shop closes.

Glitter snowflakes

Some of you may be wondering if I feel like I've failed with my etsy shop.  I really don't.  I know I didn't put as much effort into it as I should have to really make it a success.  I had fun crafting items for peoples parties and knowing lots of fun and memories were had at those parties.  I got to create things I enjoyed creating but it's time to close this door so another one can open.   And I'm not ruling out the possibility of opening the shop again with different items to offer.

Thank you to all the customers over the years.  I truly enjoyed making your items and was so thankful for every purchase made.

5 out of 5 sta