February 25, 2017

Mardi Gras Dessert Table

Emojinal Mardi Gras Dessert Table 

Welcome back to the second half of the Emojinal Mardi Gras party. Missed the first half? See it here. 
I had too much fun with this party mixing emoji's and Mardi Gras.  When I first had this idea I honestly wasn't sure how the mix of the two were going to really look. But I'm loving it. 

The inspiration for this party came from emoji Mardi Gras beads I saw on the Mardi Gras Outlets Facebook page.  Those beads are the ones around the cake stand, below the cupcakes in this pic.  I saw them and inspiration struck.  I contacted Bella Grey Designs, showed her a pic of the emoji beads and asked if she could create some printables for the party.  

Emojinal Mardi Gras party filled with easy DIY. Get more information over on www.fizzyparty.com

For the cupcakes I asked Fondant Fantasy  to create some Mardi Gras emoji toppers.  I sent her the image of the beads and the printables and she nailed the look.  Instead of cupcake wrappers I took tissue paper and cut them to make them fringy. Then I just taped the ends together so it would stay around the cupcake.  I made the cupcake wrappers this way to match the float.

Mardi Gras emoji cupcake toppers. More inspiration on www.fizzyparty.com

I spotted these M & M emoji candies during Valentine's at Target and I HAD to have them.  I knew I was going to be creating this emojinal Mardi Gras party and that these M  & M's would be gone out of the store right after Valentine's so I bought them as soon as I saw them.

Mardi Gras emojinal snacks. Pop over to www.fizzyparty.com for more snack ideas.

Mini Coca-Cola bottles are ready to party it up Mardi Gras style.  I again took tissue paper and fringed it up to match the cupcake wrappers and parade float.  I then added the emoji Mardi Gras beads which were the inspiration for this party and added yellow stripped straws.

Coca-Cola and cookies for a fun time at an emojinal Mardi Gras party on www.fizzyparty.com

I love to nestle my cookies in a bed of something. Licorice sticks, sprinkles, sanding sugar or CandyFetti.  This emoji mix from Sweets Indeed was perfect for this party.  The colour just pops under the cookies and the mix comes with little sugar emoji faces.

Emojinally good cookies at a Mardi Gras party on www.fizzyparty.com

Every time I order cookies from Creating Awesomenessity  I squeal with delight. She nails it every.single. time.  These cookies just make me smile.

Emoji Mardi Gras cookies by Creating Awesomenessity at a party styled by Fizzy Party

Coca-cola goes Mardi Gras at an emojinal party by Fizzy Party

Mardi Gras float coming through.  I wanted a unique way to display the emoji Mardi Gras cookies.  I wanted to show them having fun.  Mardi Gras is known for their parade floats so I created one and placed the cookies inside.

Mardi Gras cookies float at an emojinal Mardi Gras party by Fizzy Party

To create the float you'll need:

  • Shoe box
  • Tissue paper
  • Double stick tape
  • Beads
  • Cookies 
I cut tissue paper into strips that would cover the shoe box.  I fringed the tissue paper stripes with scissors, leaving a little bit at the top unfringed. Then I just added double stick tape to the back of the tissue paper where it was unfringed and stuck it to the box. Once I had the whole box covered with fringed tissue paper, I wadded up a couple sheets and stuffed them inside the shoe box. I draped the beads around the shoe box and gently placed the cookies on top the wadded up tissue paper I had placed inside the shoe box.

Emojinal cookie Mardi Gras float. Like this party? More ideas can be found at www.fizzyparty.com

Easy DIY Mardi Gras cookie float. www.fizzyparty.com

You didn't think I forgot the Hurricane's did you? It's just not Mardi Gras without them. Because I like Hurricane's I already had the glasses on the hand.  I wrapped them with more Mardi Gras beads and added an emoji sticker I found at Michael's.

It wouldn't be Mardi Gras without  a hurricane. www.fizzyparty.com

Hurricane's at an emojinal Mardi Gras party by Fizzy Party.

I hope you enjoyed this Emojinal Mardi Gras party.
Pop over here, for more Mardi Gras inspiration.

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Concept, styling and photography by Fizzy Party
Backdrop and balloons: Oriental Trading 
Gold sequin table linen: Joann
Printables: Bella Grey Designs 
Cupcake toppers: Fondant Fantasy 
Cookies: Creating Awesomenessity
Candyfetti: Sweets Indeed 
Emoji beads: Mardi Gras Outlet
Emoji stickers: Michaels 
Straws: Sweets and Treats Boutique 

I LOVE hearing from you so before you leave pop in a comment on what you thought of this party.  I respond to every comment. Unless your spam. 😉

February 22, 2017

Mardi Gras Emoji Party

We're Getting Emojinal for Mardi Gras 

Let the Good Times Roll at this emojinal Mardi Gras party!  When I told Bella Grey Designs  about my emoji Mardi Gras party idea she loved it and was excited to create this invitation for me. No way could my guests say no to this invitation. 

Emojinal Mardi Gras printable created for Fizzy Party by Bella Grey Designs

Hey hey Fizzy Friends, welcome to my emojinal Mardi Gras party! I'm so glad you could make it. Come on in and get ready to have some fun. 

Fizzy Party gets Emojinal for Mardi Gras. See the whole fun party at www.fizzyparty.com

Let the Good Times roll at Fizzy Party's emojinal Mardi Gras party.

So what sparked this idea of combining Mardi Gras and emoji's?  I saw emoji Mardi Gras beads on Mardi Gras Outlet  and the party just POPPED into my head. I'm loving the look!  Don't you?

Have an emojinal good time at this Mardi Gras party by Fizzy Party

Beads, Bling and emojis make up this Mardi Gras party by Fizzy Party

Have an emojinal good time at Fizzy Party's Mardi Gras party.

Be sure to come back by for more information about how I put this party together and close ups of the great desserts on the table.

Join us for an emojinaly fun Mardi Gras party over at www.fizzyparty.com

If you enjoyed this party I'd Love to hear from you!  Drop me a comment. :D 

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Concept, Styling, Photography: Fizzy Party

February 20, 2017

Cherry Pie Day

Cherry Pie Day! 

Happy Cherry Pie Day! To celebrate I'm bringing you a delicious cherry pie round up, all party worthy recipes.  So host a cherry party and save yourself some time in the kitchen by asking your friends to bring an item made from cherries. 

Easy cherry pie bars from The Country Cook.  These would make great party favors.  Package them up with cherry printed ribbon and tags. 

Cherry Pie Bars in a round up on FizzyParty.com  Great for party favors

Invite friends over for tea and serve cherry pie cookies from The Recipe Critic.

Cherry pie cookies would be great for a tea party. Cherry pie round up on FizzyParty.com

I love a crumble.  They are SO easy and perfect to bring to a party, potluck, family gathering and more.  Singing Through the Rain has a great recipe.

Cherry pie crumbles are great for parties, potlucks and family gatherings. Featured on a cherry pie round up on FizzyParty.com

I love to serve cupcakes at my parties and yes, you can turn cherry pie into cupcakes.  Spend with Pennies has a delicious ooey gooey looking cupcake. 

Cherry pie cupcakes on a cherry pie round up on FizzyParty.com

Serve up everyone they're own cherry pie at your next party or dinner party with mini cherry pies. Mini food anything is always so cute.  OMG Chocolate Dessert shows us how to make mini pies.

For more cherry ideas pop over to my Cherry Love party.