January 20, 2017

Chinese New Year 
Year of the Rooster 

Happy Chinese New Year!  It's the Year of the Rooster this year.  Earlier this week I showed you ideas for setting up a table for lunch.  Now it's time for the best part of the meal, dessert!

I picked up a bamboo steamer from an Asian market to serve the desserts in. To tie into the lunch setting I placed the bamboo steamer on a gold charger to bring the desserts to the table.  

You might notice snow in the background in this post and the lunch post.   It so rarely snows like it did this year in Portland and I couldn't resist taking the photos outside with the snow.   It was too cold to eat outside but it was so pretty for pictures. 

Tier one of the bamboo steamer contained fortune cookies.

The second tier of the bamboo steamer contained sesame cookies that I picked up at an Asian market.  Sesame cookies aren't too difficult to make but it's so much easier to pick some up at the store. It saves so much time and stress.  What happens if you make the cookies and they don't turn out?  Or they don't taste very good? What are you going to serve your friends then? Save yourself the stress and pick some up.

I also served up some gold and red candy coated chocolate candies.

It wouldn't be a Chinese New Year party without  the dragon dance.  I found this dragon at an Asian  market.

Inspired to host a Chinese New Year party?  Looking for more ideas? Follow my Chinese New Year Pinterest board.   

Here's what you need to achieve the look of this dessert table:

Styling, concept, photography:  Fizzy Party
Gold sequin table linen:  Joann Crafts 
Gold charger and candy containers: Michaels 
Bamboo steamer, sesame cookies and dragon:  Uwajimaya 
Fortune cookies, candy coated chocolates : Oriental Trading 

January 18, 2017

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year 2017
Year of the Rooster  

Chinese New Year is January 28, 2017.

Red is a main colour of Chinese New Year and is an auspicious color.
I couldn't resist glamming up the table with a gold sequined table linen.  I've used this gold sequined linen in a lot of my parties. It's so versatile.

Paper plates get an upgrade with chargers.  I've gotten a lot of use out of these gold chargers too.

Fish is a must at Chinese New Year but I don't like the taste of fish at all.  So I decorated with gummy fish.  Eating fish is believed to bring a surplus of wealth and good fortune. 

Koi fish gummies swim in a pool of river rocks. Small details like this can add a big impact to your table.  You might think that your guests wouldn't notice small details like these but they do. They do. And it's a wonderful feeling when your guests comment on these little details you take time to add.

I served up spring rolls in a bamboo steamer and set the spring rolls atop red candy coated chocolate candies.  The candy coating kept the chocolate from melting.  And I just liked the way it looked.  It added a layer of texture and colour.

Now I totally could have made my own Chinese food but I cheated and went to Panda Express.   It's just so much easier.   I like Chinese food but many recipes call for a lot of ingredients that I would never use up before they expired.  And Panda Express is 2 miles from my house and by picking up food to go I save myself time and stress so I can enjoy more time with my friends at the party.

Red envelopes are given to children and seniors and have money inside.  I filled mine this year with chocolate money.  In past Chinese New Year parties I filled the red envelopes with lottery tickets.

Next up: Chinese New Year dessert. Be sure to come back by.

Inspired to host a Chinese New Year party?
Here's where I got everything so you too can achieve this look.

Styling, concept, photography: Fizzy Party
Gold sequin table linen:  Joann Fabric and Craft 
Gold chargers:  Michaels 
Red and gold candles: Fred Meyer
Rooster paper plates, Koi gummies and red candy coated candy: Oriental Trading 
Red envelopes, bamboo steamer and gold coin chocolate money: Uwajimaya 
Chinese food: Panda Express 

January 2, 2017

Exciting News!!

I have so many exciting things coming in 2017 and one of those things is a Twitter Chat! 

  • The chat will take place every Tuesday, at 6 pm PST/ 9 pm EST, beginning January 10, 2017 
  • This chat will be about parties of course!  
  • Topics will include general party information, birthday parties for adults, all the large holidays and even the unique ones like cheese cake day. 
  • I'm hoping to bring you guest party bloggers to weigh in on topics and bring in some brands too! 

I really enjoy participating in Twitter chats.  They're fast paced, fun, full of information and you meet lots of great people.  Which is why I decided to start one.  Have you participated in a Twitter chat?   If you have let me know which one(s).

Can't make it Tuesday's when the chat takes place? That's ok, just search #FizzyPartyChat on Twitter and join the party when you can.  Look forward to talking parties with you !