October 16, 2017

Halloween Witches Brew Popcorn

Halloween Witches Brew Popcorn 

Did you catch my Halloween party tips? If you didn't I'll wait while you pop over and check them out. If you did, than you saw the popcorn on the table.  This popcorn is fun, easy and great for a Halloween movie night. Especially if the movie has a witch them. 

To give your table a more creepy look use a dark table linen and layer on top a gauze cloth found in the Halloween décor section of most stores. It comes with holes ripped in it already. 

Instead of serving the popcorn in a bowl, serve it in a cauldron.  You can find these inexpensively and when your party is over you can use it to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. 

Place some smaller cauldrons in front of the larger one holding popcorn and fill it with candy.  Your guests can eat the candy separately or mix it into their popcorn.  Have you ever had candy corn with popcorn. Yum! The mix of salty and sweet is the perfect combination. Gummy frogs add to the witch theme and coconut Jelly Belly jelly beans look like spider eggs. 

Add some gummy brains and eyeballs to your cauldron full of popcorn for some spooky fun.  I picked these up at World Market.  

For more fun Halloween party tips watch my segment on Afternoon Live.

And be sure to come back this week because I have more easy Halloween treat tips. 

October 13, 2017

Halloween Movie Night Popcorn

Halloween Movie Night Popcorn Box Party 

This year I'm taking party in Me and My Inklings popcorn box party.  I'm excited to see what everyone else came up with.

Popcorn and movies just go together and being Halloween, I like to invite friends over to watch some Halloween movies. 

I just love happy mail.  My popcorn box supplies arrived and it was filled with fun items from some companies I like to shop at.  Udderly Smooth provided some hand lotion, the softest recycled felt from the Kunin Group, World Market, Ellison, and Oriental Trading.  

I went with a spider theme for mine.  I cut out some Halloween spider themed paper in the shape of the popcorn box. Glued it to the box, added a spider egg's label and a few spider stickers.  

When I saw candy corn in our package of supplies I had to add it to the popcorn.  Have you ever tried this? It tastes really good. The combination of the salty and sweet. mmmm

It wouldn't be a Halloween party without a costume so I used the mask that was sent to us in our supplies and made it match the popcorn box. 

There are SO many creative boxes in this popcorn box party. Be sure to pop over and check them out.  Be sure to enter to win some great prizes. 

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Live in the Portland metro area or have friends who do? Join us for an all witches (female) Halloween dance party.  Proceeds go to help the pets affected by the fire in the Columbia Gorge. 

October 11, 2017

Halloween Party Tips

Easy Halloween party tips by Fizzy Party

Halloween is coming and that means parties! I'm going to help you throw a great mini Halloween party. I've got lots of easy ideas to help keep stress out of your party planning.  Because if your stressed your guests will pick up on that and the party won't be as fun. But if you're relaxed when your guests arrive you'll have more fun and your guests will too. 

Halloween party ideas and inspiration by Fizzy Party

I like to start the party outside.  On your lawn or porch set out some tombstones, a few bones and some jack-o-lanterns. As your guests pull up to your place and see the décor outside they'll be excited for the party that awaits them inside. 

Start the party at your front door with these easy Halloween decorating tips
Watch the t.v. segment here 

hen setting up a dessert bar add some spookiness to your table linen by layering a gauze cloth.  Display your desserts at various heights by using crates, acrylic risers, a coffin décor piece maybe. Adding little details pulls the theme together, draws the eye and adds texture.  I added moss to the bottom of the crate, added a tombstone to carry the tombstones from outside to the party indoors and added a few mice for fun.  The coffin boxes tie into the tombstones and bones from outside. 

Halloween Dessert Table

Instead of using dishes for candy and popcorn use cauldrons.  You can pick them up inexpensively. 

Halloween popcorn bar

Beakers make great vessels for serving your drinks. Set them atop a serving tray to add more dimension and interest. 

Halloween Treats bar

I'll be sharing with you how easy it is to make all these Halloween treats in future posts. You'll definitely want to come back to see how to save yourself time and stress. 

If you love to host Halloween parties or need help planning a Halloween party join my Facebook Pop up group.  This group is only open until the second week of November.  Join us now! 
Spooktacular Soiree Halloween Facebook group by Fizzy Party

Where's my witches at ? Join us for all witches Halloween dance party.  Proceeds will be going to help the pets affected by the fires of the Columbia Gorge and in Montana. Look forward to dancing the night away with you. 

Halloween Witch's Dance Party