March 23, 2016


Behind the Scenes in LA

Earlier this month I told you the BIG NEWS  of why I went to L.A.  So pack a bag and come with me as we travel around L.A.
Fizzy Party and Bella Grey Designs trip to LA for Create Ur Plate informercial filming

Sugarfina  is a must visit.  Gourmet candy in oh so cute packages.  Bella Grey Designs and I had a hard time deciding what to buy.  We only had so much room in our carry on and it all looked so good.  We wanted one of each!
Fizzy Party visits Sugarfina in LA

My neighbor, Delectable Baked Goods  said Lette has the best macarons. Let's go in and get one...or two.  I'm all over the salted caramel.
Fizzy Party visits Lette in LA

Hello House!  Ok, technically they're in the process of moving so they weren't there and we couldn't go in but our hotel was sooo close we had to stop by.
Fizzy Party outside the house in LA

mmmm, coconutty goodness.  It looks like all we did was eat across LA huh?
Fizzy Party enjoys a cupcake in LA from Cake Art

Here's why we really went to L.A.  To film an infomerical for Create Ur Plate !  I was so honored to be a part of this.  What an experience. I can not WAIT for you to see it.

Producer Andy was awesome to work with.  He was funny and made us feel relaxed. You only have like 20 people looking at you while you're filming. Ok, maybe not 20 but you have... A lot! Camera, sound, lighting, director, producer, gaffer, clapboard, editor, owner of the company, other bloggers who already had their turn in front of the camera. A lot.
Fizzy Party getting direction from the Producer at the filming of Create Ur Plates infomercial

Fizzy Party preparing for her testimonal for Create Ur plate infomercial

Fizzy Party filming an infomercial for Create Ur Plate
I have to admit I had too much fun filming this for Create Ur Plate.

Fizzy Party having too much fun filming an infomercial for Create Ur Plate

The lovely ladies I filmed with: Made by a Princess, Wife of the Party and Bella Grey Designs.   It was wonderful to meet these powerhouse ladies.
Create Ur Plate infomercial ladies-Fizzy Party, Made by a Princess, Wife of the Party and Bella Grey Designs

Cheers! To Create Ur Plate for this amazing opportunity, The CraftStar  for coaching us and prepping us for filming, Andy the producer for being so great to work with and to my fellow party girls, Made by a Princess, Wife of the Party and Bella Grey Designs.  I hope to work with these ladies in the future on projects and events.
Fizzy Party celebrating filming an infomercial for Create Ur Plate in LA

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