April 16, 2018


Bakery Review- Depoe Baykery

Bakery Review - Depoe Baykery 
Depoe Bay, Oregon 

Depoe Bay, Oregon. Oregon coast

We finally stopped at Depoe Baykery  in Depoe Bay, Oregon. I've been meaning to stop here for years but every time we go by it's after hours.  This time when we drove by they were open. Woo! And they were buuuusy.  The parking lot was full and there was a line almost out the door. We must have hit the morning rush.  Everyone seemed to know what they wanted though so the line went quick. 

Review of Depoe Baykery in Depoe Bay, Oregon

I picked the Marionberry filled donut to try.  I'm not a big donut girl, I'm more of a cupcake girl. But there were no cupcakes. Boo hoo 😢

Depoe Baykery donut review

The donut had a nice light glaze, wasn't greasy and felt light and fluffy. 

Depoe Bay Depoe Baykery donut review

The donut had a generous amount of filling and wasn't too sweet. The donut was light and fluffy and didn't sit in your gut like some filled donuts can. 

Marionberry donut review from Depoe Baykery in Deope Bay, Oregon

I also tried the Oregon Joy cookie.  This was a chocolate coconut macaroon.  I didn't like the chocolate.  If you've been following me for awhile this won't be a surprise to you because you know I'm not a big fan of chocolate.  If you like chocolate you'll probably like it. The coconut part was moist and perfectly coconutty. 

Macaroon cookie review from Depoe Baykery in Depoe Bay, Oregon

Macroon cookie review from Depoe Baykery Depoe Bay, Oregon

I'll definitely stop in again when I go to Depoe Bay.  The eclairs looked good and I'd like to try the coconut macaroon without the chocolate. 

If you're a donut lover this bakery is worth a stop. 

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