December 20, 2017


Party Trends 2018

Party Trends 2018

I was listening to a podcast the other morning and they were talking about small business trends for 2018.  This got me thinking about party trends for 2018 because as you know, I'm all about parties. So I did a little Google searching for 2018 party trends and couldn't really find anything.  I did find trends for wedding's, which are just bigger more expensive parties to me. So let's take a look at some of the trends and how you can incorporate them into your parties. 

Navy - Several of the wedding sites said navy is IN for 2018.  Now this doesn't mean you have to go all nautical theme to ride this trend.  Navy is a versatile color that you could incorporate into many themes. 

Metals - Silver and chrome seem to be the hot metals for 2018.  These pair well with navy so you could incorporate both trends in one party. No silver or chrome in your party stash? Spray paint is fabulous for turning any item silver. Copper and rose gold are out the sites said. 

Translucent - Acrylic and see through items sprinkled through out your party will keep you trending in the new year. Try acrylic signs, risers and ghost chairs. 

Bohemian - This is a trend I'll be passing on.  I've personally never liked the bohemian look. And I'm not one to do a trend just because it's "in".  If bohemian is your look than go for it. But don't feel like you have to do this look just because it's "in". 

Woodsy - Not rustic... woodsy.  I'm down for this trend.  My backyard was made for this look.  Lots of greenery, wood details, moss. No burlap. Burlap is out the wedding sites say. 

Desserts - Going all out. I love the way Brides U.K. put it, "quirky dessert tables".  Mixing cookies, pies, cupcakes, puddings, and more on the table.  I'm all for this trend. 

These are just a few trends the wedding sites are predicting will be hot in 2018.  Now if you're like me, you don't care about trends. I was always that kid that if everyone  was reading a book, I didn't want to read it.  If everyone is going to see a certain movie, I don't want to see it. As I said, I'm not into the bohemian look so you won't be seeing that theme at my parties. I can appreciate the look, it's just not me. All these wedding sites said glitter and sparkle are out. HA! not for me. I like glittery sparkly things so they'll be showing up in my parties.  I also LOVE copper. I always have. So it may be "out" but it will always be in for me. 

Now I know I said I don't really care about trends but as I write this, a party is forming in my mind incorporating a few of these trends.  I can't help it. My brain seems to always be in party mode :)

What trends will you be incorporating into 2018?

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