December 11, 2017


Christmas Ice Cream

Christmas Movie Night and Hot Cocoa Ice Cream

**Some products provided to me by Oriental Trading. I've been shopping at Oriental Trading for years and am excited to be working with them**

I am a sucker for limited edition holiday foods. So when I saw Dreyer's Frozen Hot Chocolate ice cream I HAD to try it.  I knew it would be perfect for a Christmas movie night.  

Get that fire roaring and make the house all cozy for your friends coming in from the cold. 

Cozy Christmas fire

Instead of serving hot cocoa for my Christmas movie night I served up hot chocolate ice cream. 

Christmas movie night with ice cream bar

Make your toppings more festive by wrapping them in holiday paper. I wrapped whipped cream, chocolate syrup and caramel syrup in snowflake paper.  By wrapping the toppings in snowflake paper it keeps the snowman theme going. 

Hot cocoa ice cream toppings bar

Fill up these great sweater mugs from Oriental Trading with hot chocolate ice cream or any ice cream flavor you love. Than let your friends add their own toppings. 

Hot cocoa Ice cream Christmas movie night

After pouring on some chocolate syrup or caramel syrup and squirting on some whipped cream, your guests can top off their ice cream with peanuts, peppermint marshmallows or Christmas sprinkles. 

Hot cocoa ice cream toppings

After you and your guests make your ice cream creation, pick a Christmas movie, get cozy and enjoy. 

Christmas slippers/Christmas movie night

Shop this party:
Marshmallows- Kraft Jet Puffed 
Christmas sprinkles- Wilton 
Snowman slippers- Old Navy 


  1. What a fun riff on hot chocolate - love how the ice cream is served in mugs!

    1. Thanks! Serving it in mugs made it all cozy. And this ice cream is tasty. It only lasted me about 2 servings for the whole carton ha ha.


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