December 29, 2017


2017 Year End Party Review

 2017 Year End Party Review 

As 2017 draws to a close I'm thinking back on all the parties I hosted and the adventures that happened.  So much fun was had with friends. I'm already sketching out parties for 2018 and look forward to you attending those parties...virtually.  Grab a glass of champagne and cozy up on the couch because this post is a long one. 
2017 kicked off with a Galentine's brunch and Chinese New Year luncheon.  Yes, both of those holiday's are in February but I need to host those parties in January so you all have time to re-create the ideas you see when the actual holiday comes around.  

My Galentine's Day brunch inspiration was my friends.  I wanted to treat them to a brunch in thanks for their friendship and support of Fizzy Party. The d├ęcor inspiration for the party came from the XOXO I ordered from Hobby Lobby.  I ordered it to hang on my wall because I thought it was a flat piece but it's more of a sculpture. I almost returned it but I knew I could use it as a party piece so I kept it. 

Valentine's cupcakes

Yep, that's snow you see in the background.  No, we didn't eat outside. It would have been too cold.  But the snow looked so pretty and I knew the colors would POP against it.  I throw a Chinese New Year party every year.  2018 is the Year of the Dog and I'm thinking of asking my friends to each bring a dish so we can all try something new.  

Chinese New Year party inspiration styled by Fizzy Party

Ah Mardi Gras, a colorful fun party.  This year I had a lot of fun combining the colors and beads of Mardi Gras and Emoji's.  How did I come up with this theme? I saw emoji Mardi Gras beads on the Mardi Gras outlet page and the idea's just started forming from there.  Inspiration for parties truly is everywhere.  My favorite and yours too was the Mardi Gras float I created for the cookies using a shoe box.  I need to do that again in 2018 but go bigger, of course.

Mardi Gras emoji party styled by Fizzy Party

Now this Oscar party cracked me up!  When you see Oscar parties they're all glam and formal but I wanted to host a party more fitting of the way we watch the Oscar's. On the couch, in our comfy clothes, eating movie theater snacks.  But when I told my cookie artist, Creating Awesomenessity that I wanted Oscar cookies and think sweatpants like viewing, she thought I meant Oscar IN sweatpants. I laughed and loved that idea so much I ran with it.  Just because you have an initial idea for a party doesn't mean you can't change it up.

Oscar party inspiration styled by Fizzy Party

Here we are in March already, hosting an easy Easter brunch.  Easter is one of those holiday's that can sneak up on us and I wanted to show some easy fun party ideas to help keep the stress down. The macarons on this brunch table created quite the stir on social media.

Easy Easter brunch styled by Fizzy Party

I don't know if you remember but crazy milkshakes were all over Instagram this year.  Of course I had to make one because I LOVE ice cream and milkshakes are made with ice cream so naturally I love them too.  Ta-Da, my crazy Easter Milkshake.  I loaded that up with candy, sugar rush!!

Crazy Easter milkshake created by Fizzy Party

For Mother's Day I wanted to take the color up a notch. Bring in bright poppin tropical colors and serve up some cocktails. The day turned out beautifully so we were able to host it outdoors.

Mother's Day tropical cocktail party styled by Fizzy Party

I had been wanting to attend the SNAP conference for a few years but it never worked out with my job.  This year I said forget it, I'm going.  So glad I went. I got to connect with blogging friends who live around the U.S., met new friends and got to connect with brands I use all the time. Plus it was in beautiful Salt Lake City.

SNAP conference

Cinco de Mayo is another holiday I look forward to. It's so colorful! and you all know how I love color. Plus I love Mexican food, even though I know the Mexican food I enjoy has been Americanized.  Enchilada's, nacho's, chips and salsa and yummy guacamole.  I'm already planning quite the little fiesta for 2018.

Cinco de Mayo cupcakes with diy marshmallow toppers created by Fizzy Party

This summer was a hot one so for the 4th of July I knew I wanted to host a pool party.  One small problem, we don't have a pool in our backyard.  No problem, I just picked up a kiddy pool.  The kids really enjoyed it while the adults enjoyed the shade of the patio cover.

4th of July tulle pom toppers created by Fizzy Party

I love weddings. My style is a casual party with a wedding thrown in. No need to spend high double digit thousands for a wedding.  So I was excited to create a wedding set up in my backyard for Oriental Trading.   Styling this wedding table made me want to do more of them.  You just might be seeing more weddings on Fizzy Party in 2018.

Candy themed sweatheart wedding table styled by Fizzy Party

My fav part of the wedding set up was this little bubbly bar area.  It turned out SO stinkin cute.

Drinks station at wedding reception styled by Fizzy Party

For National Best Friends Day I invited over two friends who really helped me out this year.  I served up a brunch and some delicious treats.  Why is it black, pink and gold is such a great color combination.  All these colors just POP together.

Girlfriend celebration of friendship styled by Fizzy Party

In July I had fun crafting with Deco Foil.

Wedding party sign created by Fizzy Party

And while pet sitting for a friend I took advantage of her backyard and styled a little party in it.
Her hydrangeas were in bloom and so pretty.

Wedding styling by Fizzy Party

2017 saw a rare occurrence in Oregon, a total solar eclipse.  I of course HAD to throw a mini party.  Was that cake epic or what!

Solar eclipse party styled by Fizzy Party

October kicks off the fall/winter holiday season with some of my FAVORITE holiday's. Halloween and Christmas.  I wanted to bring a little something different to a Halloween party this year and a photo I saw on Instagram gave me just the inspiration I needed.  Spiders and pink flamingo's.

Flamingo's and spiders Halloween party styled by Fizzy Party

In October something I've been talking about for years happened. I got on T.V.!!!!! I got to show you my parties on Afternoon Live, a local t.v. program.  I had so much fun and look forward to being on next year.  It also has sparked an idea I'm working on bringing you next year.

Halloween dessert table styled by Fizzy Party

November brings Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving.  My friend happened to be out of town and I was watching her pets soooo, I used her house for a photo shoot again.  hee hee

Thanksgiving dessert table styled by Fizzy Party

Woo Hoo!!! I got to be on Afternoon Live again. Bringing you ideas for a hot apple cider bar.  I loved hearing how when people saw the hot apple cider bar it inspired them to have one for their Thanksgiving. That's what Fizzy Party is about, inspiring you to add a little party fun to your get togethers.

Friendsgiving apple cider bar styled by Fizzy Party

I LOVE Christmas and normally I host a Christmas Open House party but this year I opted to attend as many Christmas lights events as I could with friends.  I think next year I'll do both. But when I was in the store and saw Hot Chocolate ice cream I had to throw together a little party. This ice cream is SO yummy!!

Hot cocoa ice cream fixing

I have BIG plans for 2018.  I've been taking my holidaycation to plan out parties and some ideas I can't share with you yet and bringing you even MORE inspiration.   Come party with me on Facebook and Instagram. 

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