April 3, 2017


Crazy Easter Milkshake

Crazy Easter Milkshake ideas on FizzyParty.com

I'm not usually one to jump on the trend wagon but when you're combining two of my favorite treats, candy and milkshakes, I'm on board!  Have you seen those crazy milkshakes all over Instagram?  I could look at crazy milkshakes all day.  Of course I couldn't eat a crazy milkshake every day.  I'd be bouncing off the walls.

Sugar overload with a crazy Easter milkshake. Hop over to Fizzy Party for more ideas

The best thing about crazy milkshakes is you can top your shake with whatever you want and they're so easy to make.  To make the Peep tower I just skewered them. Like you would shrimp for grilling. The chocolate bunny was a little harder.  I adhered him to a skewer stick with frosting. Frosting can act like a glue when it hardens.  I almost lost the bunny though because it was a sunny day and the sun was melting the frosting as I was snapping pictures. I was outside snapping photo's saying, "no, no, no just stay a few more minutes. Almost done. Don't you fall".  For the sprinkled rim keep reading.

Crazy Milkshake trend takes over FizzyParty.com with an Easter explosion of sugar.

I topped my crazy Easter Milkshake with whipped cream, Easter sprinkles, a pink gumball, Suagrfina gummy bunnies, Peep Oreo's, cotton candy, Ring Pop bunny, Peeps and a chocolate bunny.

Get crazy with your Easter milkshakes. Get ideas at FizzyParty.com

Can we say sugar overload :) I'm going to have to run a few more miles tomorrow to burn this off. Totally worth it.

Crazy Easter milkshake sugar overload at FizzyParty,com

Easter milkshakes get crazy on FizzyParty.com

To get the sprinkles to stick to the edge of the glass, melt some frosting. I used a pink canned frosting that smelled like strawberry when I warmed it in the microwave. Yum. Dip the rim of the glass in the melted frosting and then in the sprinkles.  Put the sprinkle covered rimmed glass in the freezer to harden the frosting. Fill the glass with your milkshake mix and top with as much candy as you can.

Dress up your Easter milkshake over on FizzyParty.com

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Bring the party with a crazy Easter milkshake. More ideas over at FizzyParty.com

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And be sure to come back Wednesday when I'll be sharing my crazy Easter sundae.

To make this crazy Easter milkshake:
I used a hurricane glass but any glass will work.
Chocolate syrup
Pillsbury canned frosting
Wilton Easter sprinkles
Whipped cream
Pink gumball
Bunny Ring Pop
Chocolate bunny
Cotton candy
Peep Oreo's 
Paper straw from Sweets and Treats 
Sugarfina gummy bunnies 

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