March 28, 2017


Easy Easter Brunch

Easy Easter Brunch for Busy Mom's. For more ideas go to

Throwing an Easter brunch doesn't have to be time consuming, stressful and expensive.  Mom's may be busy but they still like to have fun with their girlfriends.  I'm here to show you just how easy and inexpensive a fun Easter brunch can be.

Easter brunch can be easy and fun. Get ideas at

Step one: Decor.  Pick up a decor pack at your local craft store.  Craft stores are now selling decor packs like the one featured here that includes paper fans, honeycombs balls, paper lanterns and garlands.  These  decor packs cost around $10 and give a lot of color, texture and variety.

Party decor can inspire a party theme. To see how visit

Step two: Food. The good thing about brunch is the food is easy.  Very little to no cooking involved.  You can keep it simple with fruit and croissants you pick up at your local bakery or grocery store. Or you can go bigger and cook up some bacon, eggs, make a quiche and more. You can even ask your friends to bring something to contribute.

Invite your friends over for an easy Easter brunch. Get ideas and inspiration at

Fruit is always something that my friends love to see at my brunch's and I never have left-overs.

Serve up fresh fruit at your Easter brunch. More ideas can be found at

Croissants and other bakery goods are perfect for brunch's.  It's a great opportunity to try out a local bakery you've always wanted to try.  There's no real prep involved. Just take it out of the bag and plate it.
Easter brunch of croissants, fresh fruit and macarons. More ideas at

Step three: Dessert.  While you're at the bakery pick up some macarons, cookies or mini cakes.  Your friends aren't going to care that you didn't bake dessert.  They're coming over to brunch to see you and have a great time catching up.  I picked up these macarons from Sprinkle Made PDX.

Strawberry macarons by Sprinkle Made PDX at a Easter brunch by Fizzy Party

I like to dress up my desserts by placing them on top of sprinkles or Candyfetti.

Strawberry macarons by Sprinkle Made PDX resting on a bed of Candyfetti by Sweets Indeed at a party by Fizzy Party

Swirled strawberry macarons by Sprinkle Made PDX. Easter brunch by Fizzy Party

Step four: Drinks. I like to have a variety available.  Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic.  Champagne, mimosas, pink lemonade, tea to name a few.

Easter brunch doesn't have to be hard. Make it easy by serving up bakery croissants, fresh fruit and champagne. More ideas at

Hopefully it's a sunny day so you can host your brunch outdoors.

Easter brunch ideas and inspiration can be found at

Sunny Easter brunch inspiration at

I like to send my guests home with party favors. A little thank you for coming. Since this was an Easter brunch I picked up some inexpensive plastic eggs, filled them with lip glosses, bunny ring pops and nail polishes. Then I hid the eggs in my flower pots.

Guests hunt for eggs to find their party favors at an Easter brunch hosted by Fizzy Party

Party guests favors hidden in Easter eggs at a brunch hosted by Fizzy Party

Have fun with your guests party favors by hiding them in Easter eggs. For more ideas visit

Party favors don't have to be expensive. Bunny ring pops, lip balms, nail polish are all great ideas.

For this Easter brunch I used a table linen, cake plate, serving pieces and glasses I already owned.   The items I bought were party decor, food, drinks, paper plates, (you could use your own to save money), plastic eggs and small favors.  By only inviting 3 friends over I kept the cost down and ended up spending about $35.

If you throw an Easter brunch I'd love to hear about it. Leave me a comment and let me know.
And if you have any Easter brunch questions ask below in the comments and I'll answer your question.

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Styling and photography by Fizzy Party
Decor: Michaels 
Table linen: Joanns 
Bunny cake plate and white serving tray: Homegoods
Egg cups: World Market 
Candyfetti: Sweets Indeed
Macarons: Sprinkle Made PDX
Plastic eggs and favors: Target 


  1. This is so cute! I loved everything about it! I love the macaroons and the baker created such a unique design! And such a cute idea with the eggs! Your guest are lucky!

    1. Thank you so much Lr Jamison. Oh my gosh didn't she!! Spinklemade PDX knocked those macarons out of the park. They were almost too pretty to eat. I do love to treat me guests.

  2. Yes! It's totally possible to have a festive and cute get together w/o hours and hours of work and tons of money!

    1. And it's way more fun when you don't have to spend hours setting up a party.


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