April 5, 2017


Crazy Easter Sundae

Crazy Easter sundae. See the crazy Easter milkshake on FizzyParty.com

I recently jumped on the crazy milkshake trend and didn't stop there.  The crazy milkshake turned out so well and tasted so good I wanted to create more.  Say hello to the crazy sundae. Pour chocolate syrup into the sundae cup and fill with scoops of ice cream. Then top.

Make a crazy Easter sundae with your Easter candy. FizzyParty,com

I topped this sundae with sugary goodness. I melted some pink frosting, dipped the sundae cup in the melted frosting and then rolled it in sprinkles.  It's not a sundae without whipped cream, oh you can't see it? It's in there. The whipped topping is what's holding the candy in place.  Mini dark chocolate bars, bunny sprinkles, cotton candy, Peeps, Ring Pop and Peep Oreo's.

Make a crazy Easter sundae for dessert this year. More ideas over at FizzyParty.com

Oh look, there's the whipped cream, peeking out under all that candy.

Get crazy with the candy on your Easter sundae. FizzyParty.com

Dress up those sundae's for Easter and go crazy with the candy. Crazy milkshake version over on FizzyParty.com

You've heard of crazy milkshakes, Fizzy Party had created a crazy sundae. See the crazy milkshake version at FizzyParty.com

Missed the crazy Easter milkshake?  Hop on over to see it here.  More craziness coming this week.
Have you created a crazy milkshake or sundae?


  1. This *looks* so cheery and fun! But, I get a tummy ache thinking about eating it!

    1. Ha ha! You're not the first person to say that. I have such a sweet tooth and a stomach that can handle it. I totally ate this whole thing and felt fine afterwards :) Maybe that's not such a good thing, hmmm...


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