September 22, 2016


Dessert Bar- Fizzy Party Trop Fest

Welcome back. Did you miss the crafting part of the evening?  If so, pop over here.
End of July I took a leap and hosted my first craft night out at Opal 28.  The attendees and I painted trinket dishes using paints by Plaid Craft.

All that crafting at Fizzy Party Trop Fest can make one hungry so lets get on over to the dessert bar and load up our plates.

Fizzy Party Trop Fest dessert bar collage

First stop, the bar for a drink. We're going to need something to wash down all those tasty treats.  Being a tropical themed party your drink would just be boring if you didn't dress it up.  Dressing up a drink doesn't have to be expensive.  Flamingo straws and palm tree stirrers from Oriental Trading are inexpensive and add a lot of fun to drinks.
Fizzy Party Trop Fest drink bar

Fizzy Party Trop Fest dress up your drink
Flamingo down! Cut him off. 
This is one of my favorite dessert bars!  Why do I have to make something look so good because now the pressures on to top it.  ha ha!  All that colour just POPs and draws you in.  One of my favorite features of the dessert bar is the gold fringy curtain from Shindigz. Inexpensive but lots of eye appeal.  The SWEETS paper mache letters from Darice started out as plain brown boring letters.  In one short afternoon I took them from boring to tropical.
Fizzy Party Trop Fest colourful Desert Bar

Let's dish up.  Thank goodness for Instagram because when I saw  Pink Poppy Party Shoppe  post these napkins I knew they were perfect for the event.  Love when that happens.  And I had so many attendees ask me about these great plates from Create Ur Plate.  Small Moments  created the graphics for me.  The great thing about these plates is that you can peel off the graphic underneath and save it for the next party.
Set the table. Fizzy Party Trop Fest

Cupcakes on display at Fizzy Party Trop Fest

So, I might have gone a little overboard on the dessert bar ;)  I have quite the sweet tooth after all.  Lux Sucre  who I met a few years ago at a wedding show  made all the delicious baked goods.  

As much as I love baked goods I'm all over the sugary treats.  Jelly Belly jelly beans have got to be at the top of my candy weakness list.  I can't tell you how many scoops of jelly beans I ate that night.
I should have saved one of the pineapple candy kabobs from Sweets Indeed  because they went fast! Marquee Design PDX was all excited about them.  I think she's my candy sister soul mate.

If you're into gourmet popcorn you would have ignored the dessert table and headed straight to the big bowl of  Poplandia Popcorn  . Coconut on one side and NW raspberry on the other.  The honeycomb balls from Shindigz complimented the popcorn perfectly.

None of the attendees could resist these stinkin cute pineapple shaped strawberry filled macarons that Delectable Baked Goods  created for the event.  I pushed her macaron skills by asking her to create pineapple shaped macarons.  I'd say she gets an A+

Strawberry meringue's dipped in chocolate and dressed in pink sprinkles.

Rock candy is so fun, comes in so many great colours and just says, PARTY!!!

I don't know about you but I'm stuffed.

Ready to create your own tropical event? Let's go shopping.
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Styling, concept and design:  Fizzy Party 
Venue: Opal 28
Graphics: Small Moments 
Palm leaves, coconut cups, flamingo straws, palm tree stirrers: Oriental Trading 
Napkins: Pink Poppy Party Shoppe 
Mini flamingos: Amazon 
Paper mache letters: Darice 
Plates: Create Ur Plate
Pineapple tulle poms: Pretti Mini 
Licorice and gummy candies: Oh! Nuts 
Macarons: Delectable Baked Goods 
Popcorn: Poplandia 
Cupcakes, lemon bars, meringues, and coconut shooters: Lux Sucre Desserts 
Jelly Beans: Jelly Belly 
Gold curtain, honeycomb balls and pineapples, rock candy: Shindigz 


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