June 5, 2016


Lux Sucre Desserts Grand Opening

Lux Sucre Desserts  just opened her very own shop! It's located in the Charbonneau Golf Club shops just off I-5 toward Wilsonville, Oregon.  Totally worth the drive. The drive to the shop is so relaxing on a slow tree lined lane.   I went to her grand opening and her shop was packed!!  So proud of her. A group of ladies were sitting outside her shop enjoying their cupcakes and cookies and I heard one say, "This place is dangerous".  Oh yeah, they'll be back. ;) 

A fun little consultation area to discuss your wedding and party treat needs. I love the collage of Lux Sucre Desserts work.  It not only gives you an idea of the different styles of cake she does but it inspires you too.

While you're in Lux Sucre Desserts picking up some cupcakes for a party or house warming you were invited to, grab a hostess gift of these fun mugs.

Not in the mood for cookies or cupcakes?  How about some crispy treats? Dipped in chocolate and covered in fun sprinkles.  Kids can't resist these.

YUM!!! The first time I tried Lux Sucre Cupcakes was a few years ago at A Classic Affair Bridal Show.   So good. I only sampled one and was super tempted to sneak a few more ;)  Her frosting melts in your mouth and the cupcake is so light and delicious.

Getting married, big milestone birthday coming up, retirement party and need a cake? Lux Sucre Desserts has you covered.  How beautiful are these cakes.  I love the sedums on the cake. It makes me want to throw a sedum party so I can get a mini cake with these sedums sitting on top.

Such a pretty watercolour cake.  Love the edible flower work too. This would be a show stopper at your wedding.

I saved my fav cake for last.  So many great details. That rope work, the heart beautifully painted and the big flower. I love the touch of the arrow through the cake too.

If you're in the Portland metro area go to Lux Sucre Desserts.  Get out of downtown Portland and venture out of the East side and explore a great bakery.  The drive to the shop is so relaxing.  A nice slow drive through a tree lined street.


  1. Thank you Fizzy Party for the awesome review! We loved seeing you and hope we can tempt you to come visit again really soon :) xoxo

    1. Wouldn't have missed it! I really wanted to get some cupcakes for the road but sadly it was such a hot day there would have been no frosting left by the time I got to I-5. You know I'll be out again. I can't resist a delicious cupcake :D


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