May 30, 2016


Top 5 Cake Trends of 2016

I've been taking a break from throwing parties because I'm planning an event for Fizzy Party's 5th birthday.  While I'm busy planning the party lets take a look at the top 5 cake trends of 2016 and how you can incorporate those trends into your parties. 

1. Geod
You could try your hand at this technique on cupcakes or incoporate a few geods into your dinner party or BBQ.  Pick up some geod coasters to set your drinks on, add a few geod rocks to your table centerpiece with some flowers or you could make place settings with geods.  

2. Marble
Pop down to your local home improvement store and pick up a marbled tile to set in the middle of your table and place flowers on it.  Or pick up smaller tiles and use them as coasters. Your local rock shops have some great marbled looking stones too, you could use them as place cards.  Marbled balloons are inexpensive and easy to add to your party decor.
Cake by Lemon Tree Cakes 

3.Candy topped cakes
Now we're talking. I'm such a candy lover. In fact, excuse me a moment while I go grab some Twizzlers.  Ok, all good. Now we can get back to talking about candy topped cakes. This is actually an easy trend you can do.  Whether you make the cake yourself or buy a store bought one, just top it with your favorite candy. And lots of it! You could even top cupcakes with candy.
Cake by Marguerite Cakes 

4. Meringue peaks
Another easy cake trend you could do.  Meringues are pretty easy to make and how cute would they be on cupcakes.  Your friends will be impressed.  For my birthday party this year my cake was topped with meringues. My friends and I loved the look. 

Invite some friends over to do some watercolour painting in your backyard or local park. Pick up some inexpensive watercolour paints at your local craft or art store and use them as party favors or place cards.
Cake by Queen 

Which cake trend is your favorite?

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