April 28, 2016


Infomercial Coming

 Remember the BIG news from L.A. I told you about?  Well my friends, it's only days away until Create Ur Plate's infomercial hits your T.V.   I got a chance to see a sneak peek and I am SO excited for you to see it too.   Of course it's an incredible offer but you also get to see so many great party people in one infomercial! It's crazy packed with talent.  Myself of course ;) Bella Grey Designs, Wife of the Party, Made by a Princess, Michelle's Party Plan-it, Just a Little Sparkle and more.

Create Ur Plate Infomercial staring Fizzy Party

It was like a full on movie shoot when we arrived at the house where the infomercial was being shot.  I totally look at sex scenes differently in movies now.  It was hard enough to film an infomercial with ALL those people staring at us while we talked and we were fully clothed.

Now this, I could get use to.  Just sit in the chair and voila hair and make-up, done.  Oh to have a hair and make-up person on hand everyday. Wouldn't that be awesome. I think it would be because I love make-up.  You'll never see me without it. Some women love jewelry, some shoes, I get super excited for the latest mascara and lipsticks.

What is she going to do with my hair? No one knows
Fizzy Party getting hair done at Create Ur Plate infomercial

Fizzy Party in the make up chair at Create Ur Plate infomercial

Time for the finishing touch. I loved this lipstick colour. A big thank you to Bella Grey Designs for getting these shots.

I seriously can't wait for you to see this infomercial. I'm STILL pinching myself that I got a chance to be a part of this opportunity.

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