February 6, 2016


Galentine's Day Brunch Desserts

Welcome back. Ready for dessert? 
Be sure to go back and see the entrance and brunch

Creating Awesomenessity created these great cookies for the Galentine's brunch desserts. The wood grain effect looks so real you almost think they're not cookies. 
Galentine's Day brunch cookies

Galentine's Day brunch cookies by Creating Awesomenessity

I had plans to make my own doughnuts but I had made a quiche and strawberry scones so I zipped down to Kripsy Kreme and bought these fun doughnuts. No reason to stress yourself out or stay up late making something for your party. Parties are suppose to be fun for those attending and for those hosting.  Not stressful. 
Galentine's Day brunch doughnuts

I am not a fan of chocolate but Lindt truffles are so good that my taste buds make an exception. These white chocolate strawberry  cream filled ones were perfect for the party. 
Galentine's Day brunch chocolates

I treated my friends to Maggie Louise Confections dark chocolates filled with vanilla bean ganache. There was not a piece left. 
Galentine's Day brunch chocolates by Maggie Confections

My guests don't leave my parties without a favor and this Galentine's party was no exception. 
Galentine's Day brunch party favors

Galentine's Day sugar scrub party favors

Olive oil, brown sugar sugar scrub scented with tangerine essential oil went home with each guest. I love homemade sugar scrubs because they smell good and make your skin so soft. 
Galentine's Day sugar scrub party favor close up

After brunch and dessert my guests and I had a fun time taking pics against the balloon photo backdrop I created.  Bonus post on Saturday with more fun pics of my guests and I having fun, fun FUN! 
Galentine's Brunch fun photo ops
Don't my friends look happy! 
Now go out and throw your own Galentine's party and be sure to send me a pic or tag me on Instagram so I can see it. 

Cookies: Contact Creating Awesomenessity for cookies created to match your party theme.
Party Picks: Fancy and Fold can create any party pick to match your party theme.
Paper hearts on party favor jars: Painting Paris Pink 

If Krisy Kreme, Lindt Truffles or Maggie Loiuse Confections happens to see this post, I'm available to create a party styled around your products.


  1. I really want to do a Galentine's Day brunch but may have to wait until March. Some of my favorite gals are out of town for the long President's day weekend. Then I'm traveling the next couple weeks.
    But it would give me more time to prepare. I could purchase decorations or fun snacks while I'm in the Lower 48. And it would allow more time for shipping, if I order things online. I'll keep you posted on what I decide.

    1. Nothing wrong with waiting. A Galentine's Brunch is good anytime. It would be cheaper for sure to purchase in the Lower 48. If you need help let me know!


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