October 23, 2015


Fall Holiday Party

This year I had the pleasure of being part of the A Blissful Nest Holiday Team. I created this party as my contribution.  Grab a Moscow Mule, curl up on the couch and enjoy. 

The beginning of fall means leaves changing colors, crisp cool air and my friends looking forward to an invitation in the mail from me for a fall get together.  A chance for us to catch up after all the summer fun spent with family.  My fall party is always a casual get together with good treats, some good wine and minimal party decor. The emphasis is on time with friends. 
Custom holiday welcome sign at Fizzy Party fall party
Plaid is so on trend for fall so for this party I combined plaid, natural elements and of course, a little glitter. Using a lot of elements I already had around the house. 
Fall party, plaid trend, gratitude cards, Fizzy Party

Plain trend, fall party, Fizzy Party, harvest party

Glitter pumpkins, gratitude cards, plaid trend, fall party, Fizzy Party
 Often times when friends get together conversations can turn to work. To prevent that this year I had Small Moments create gratitude cards to spur meaningful conversations and to keep the conversation flowing away from work. 
Small Moments graphics, gratitude cards,Fall party by Fizzy Party, glitter cards
 To create the glitter pumpkins I picked up some small white ones at the store, painted mod podge on them and sprinkled glitter all over the areas covered in mod podge. For the glittered acorns, I collected the acorns from a local park, painted the tops in Elmer's white glue and sprinkled glitter over the glue covered areas. 
Glitter pumpkins, glitter acorns, fall party by Fizzy Party, plaid trend
 Along with fall treats we enjoyed a glass of wine. To continue the plaid trend I bought some fabric and draped it over our ottomans.  I don't have a serving tray so I used a cookie sheet that I covered with wood themed paper from the craft store.
Plaid trend, wine party, party by Fizzy Party, custom sugar cookies
 I ordered custom sugar cookies for the party because this party was all about being casual and relaxed.  Ordering cookies instead of making my own saved me time and stress so I could focus on my friends.
Plaid trend, wine party, fall party, custom cookies
Although this was a casual relaxed party I can't help myself when it comes to the details. Besides the custom sugar cookies to match the party I also had labels for the wine created. For the napkin rings I tied twine around the napkins, cut out fall leaves and acorns from paper and attached them to the twine. 
Plaid trend, wine party, custom cookies, party by Fizzy Party

Parties don't have to be big over the top productions all the time. By using items you already have around your house and adding a few custom elements you can create a great looking party your friends will be impressed by.  No need to tell them how easy it was to put together. Just sit back and enjoy the compliments. 

Concept, styling and photography by Fizzy Party 
Graphics by Small Moments
Cookies by Auntie Beas Bakery 


  1. Tiffany, your party is sure to be the perfect way to spend a fall day - love it all! :)

    1. Thank you The Partiologist. A small get together for fall is a great way to spend time with friends.


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