April 15, 2013


Same work out. Two States

The Pinterest mini birthday projects continue. Remember, I celebrate ALL. Month. Long :) And you should too during your birth-month. I highly recommend it.

A friend of mine recently moved to Barrows, Alaska. This made it a little hard to bake, cook or do a project together for my birth-month. This didn't stop us from celebrating though. My friend picked a work out from my fitness board and a day during the month. On that day we both did this work out:

The link doesn't  seem to be working but I'll add it here just in case it seems to work for you.  http://gonnagiveallmysecretsaway.tumblr.com/page/6

We posted about our work outs on each others Facebook pages and as soon as she gets back from Anchorage, we're going to plan another work out day together. 

Thanks Dawn for celebrating my birthday with me, even though you're 2,102 (3,383 kilometers) away. 

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