April 8, 2013


Birthday Projects

April's my birth-month. Normally I throw myself a party. 2011 was an ice-cream party. I see I haven't blogged about it. I must be sure to do that this month. Last year was Breakfast at Tiffany's. One of my most popular posts. That was a fun party. 

This year I'm not throwing myself a party. WHAT? I know, a lot of my friends were surprised too.  Don't worry, just because I'm not throwing a party doesn't mean I'm not celebrating.  I'm having mini Pinterest parties. I'm getting together with friends and family and making, cooking or baking pins from my Pinterest boards. 

The first pin I completed was from my Cupcake board, Twix cupcakes .  Everyone whose tasted these loves them.  The cookie crunch adds texture and surprise. If you like caramel you'll love the frosting, it blends beautifully with the chocolate cake. 

I'm looking forward to completing more pins and adding them to my Pinterest Made Me Do It board.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go eat another a Twix cupcake. 


  1. Yes, you must share the ice cream party! I just recently saw the craftster post of the bunting I made for you for that.


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