August 15, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

Shopping today in the Pearl district over the lunch hour my friend and I stopped into Sur La Table where I promptly saw this adorable honey pot.  A bargain for only $7.95.  So why is this a Woo Hoo!! Wednesday you ask? This isn't extravagant, over the top, expensive etc etc.  True. You're right. It's none of those things. 
BUT, I have no use for a honey pot no matter how adorable it is.  I detest the taste of honey. Yes, you heard me.  In foods I can tolerate it. ON foods, No. No no no no no. When you have a sore throat they say honey heals it quickly. So I gag down, yes gag, a teaspoon down. My sore throat does go away sooner but oooh is it nasty.  So as you can see, honey is a Woo Hoo!! Wednesday.  

How great would it be to get a jar of cute honey as a party favor. Fabulous. If you like honey.
Honey sticks. Kids LOVE these. Except me. By the way, this an adorable little blog called Oh, Hello Friend.

 I do find honey/bee themed parties cute and you can have SO much fun with them. I just wouldn't eat any of the food that tasted like honey :) And I can't get that little honey pot out of my head. So cute. But again, what would I do with it? 
Friends and family reading this post: yes I think this honey pot is the bees knees but please don't get it for me Christmas. 
I have to be so careful what I put on here that I adore. I just may end up receiving it as a gift :) Woo Hoo!!


  1. That honey pot is super cute! I also have a warm spot in my heart for the wooden honey comb things (what are they called? I have no idea...) but while I do love honey, and often put it in my tea, on toast, etc. what would I actually do with one of those? My honey typically comes in the shape of a bear with a squeeze nozzle. But that doesn't mean I don't ooohhh and ahhhh over any honey related item I come across. And that pot really is a steal. ;)

    1. Same here, Stacy! I always ask myself, "Who really use those wooden things? How do they work? Where to I keep the pot/jar? Do I squeeze the honey out of the plastic container, or dump it out of the jar? Would it last in one of those things?" All of these complicated questions mean I just don't buy cute honey things...but I'd really like to have a bee/honey themed party. Maybe Leah still won't have any interests at 2 and I can pick the theme for her birthday party again? She'd look really cute in bee antenna...

      Tiffany, STAY STRONG! ;)

    2. Isn't it though! But what would I really do with it. My man uses the bear too :) I'm guessing people with money and honey afcionados would use that honey tool. Bee and Honey theme is so cute Jenn. If you throw one you can totally guest blog here.


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