August 18, 2012


Mini Waffle Bar Breakfast

This was going to be a BBQ with three of my friends but then one forgot she already had a lunch date so we switched it to a breakfast but that meant one of the other girls couldn't come.  (Yes I call my 40ish year old friends girls. I know women is the proper term but it just sounds so serious and well, old. My opinion).  Although my brain was already planning how to Fizzy up a BBQ I switched gears quickly and Fizzy'd up a waffle bar instead. The purpose of this mini get together is because a) my friend has every Friday off, b) I had a furlough day from work this Friday c) our mutual friend is moving out of state next month. 

Of course you've GOT to rock the Mrs. B when you make waffles or pancakes.  I'm also really liking these Glenmore Farms syrup's too. They have very few ingredients, are tasty and made in my home state, Go Oregon! Supporting the local economy Woo Hoo!! 
To Fizzy up those waffles my friends could choose from colourful sprinkles, cinnamon marshmallows (these made me think of The Marshmallow Studio )

  Nuts, coconut, I had chocolate chips too 
And fruit. Which, I forgot. Between my day job being extra busy so my brain is tired (said like a cranky toddler) by the time I get home and the heat wave passing through Oregon, I completely spaced the fruit when I was at the store getting everything else. It was even on my list!  I had a bag of frozen blueberries on hand and my friend offered to pick up some strawberries on her way over, yeah!  
I know I know, the plastic wrap looks tacky in the pails but I didn't know if they were food safe. Just looking out for my friends. 
I forgot to snap a photo of the watermelon I cut into cute little flower shapes.  I'd been up since 6:15 a.m. baking the cupcakes so by 10:30 a.m. my brain was on it's afternoon break. I wanted to bake before it got hot, we have no A/C and it's been about 95.  It didn't take me 4 hours to bake, I also cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, pinned (soo addicting). But I'm sure you can picture watermelon all cut into cute flower shapes.

I also made these YUMMY hasbrown cups, Recipe here 

Mimosas hit the spot as we dined Al fresco. 
Glazed Doughnut cupcakes seemed very fitting for a mini breakfast party. 

Unfortunately, they didn't taste as good as they sounded.  In my opinion.  I thought they were a little dry and un-flavorful.  I was a little bummed because I got up early on my day off to make these.  You just never know if a recipe is going to be a winner until you try it.  Who knows, maybe you'd like it. 

I gave each of the girls a party favor. At least I tried.  We got to talking and laughing, eating too much and enjoying the sun and when the first friend left I forgot to hand it to her.  Good excuse to get together again, I have to get her her party favor.  
  Despite all the oops, forgetting to take photos to share with you all, the cupcakes not turning out and forgetting to pass out a party favor it was a fun day.  My friends still enjoyed the get together and that's what matters.  

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