August 13, 2012


30 Going On 13: Why Grow Up?

Hi everyone! I'm Stacy from the Cupcake Crusaders and I am so excited to be a guest on Fizzy Party to share my twin sister, Jenn, and my recent birthday celebration. For this particular party we were turning THE BIG 3-0 and knew we had to go all out. Being graphic designers we initially wanted to do fancy invites, over the top decorations, the works. Unfortunately life got in the way and we were left with just a couple weeks to pull our party together. Luckily we both reminded each other of what Fizzy Party always says, it doesn't have to be perfect, just try to add a little fizzy to your party to make it special. With this in mind we quickly put together a Facebook invite and started brainstorming ideas.

The past few years we've helped plan parties for a few 1 year old and 2 year old girls (specifically, my nieces). This has meant many trips to the party store and we always found ourselves saying "I want that!" while roaming the kid's isles. From there we had our theme: 30 Going On 13: Why Grow Up?

Equipped with our theme, we were ready to do some shopping. First on the list: decorations and dinnerware. If we were going to customize anything at our party we needed to know the color scheme so we headed to Target.

Of all the fabulous decorations they had there, we chose these plates and napkins:

We instantly feel in love with the bold bright colors and of course, the cupcakes. We got a great matching bunting to put across the top of the window and balloons for touches of color throughout the inside and outside of the house.

Being the Cupcake Crusaders, the one thing we were on top of was making and ordering the cupcakes:

We loved these glittery 3 and 0 candles. Not only did we need two cupcakes to hold each number, but we loved the that 2 cupcakes represented each of us. Those two blueberry lemon cupcakes were made by yours truly. Thank goodness everyone liked them! (And in case you are curious, yes, that is cotton candy below the cupcakes... Yum!)

These beautiful cupcakes were ordered from Weekend Cupcake, a "cupcake hobbyist" who we reviewed recently. These two were some of our favorite flavors: Chocolate Chocolate and Chocolate Toffee.

Since there were so many cupcakes we decided that a "Cupcakes-To-Go" station would be completely necessary:

Even though we didn't design invitations, we were able to use our design skills for some of the
smaller items at the party, like this sign above.

Other than cupcakes, we had lots of chips, candy, and other sweet treats (including frosted AND dipped animal crackers). Jenn saw this on a party planning website and thought it was a cute idea:

We don't really think that 30 sucks, but it was fun way to incorporate some of the candy into the theme.

My husband even surprised us with a couple fun things that went perfect with our theme:

A cupcake pinata filled with mini liquor bottles.

Mustache finger tattoos. I got to the pink one first.  :)

To really seal the deal on this being a party that could be totally appropriate for a child (minus the mini liquor bottles) was the make your own goodie bags station. This was so much fun to put together and everyone seemed to have a great time with it:

Some of the goodies included were cupcake crazy straws, candy flavored lip gloss, temporary tattoos, stickers, mini slinkies, jelly braclets, mechanical pencils, and flower magnets. It was awesome.

Even though this party came together in just a couple of weeks, I think it turned out incredibly well. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and appreciate all the small touches and best of all we both had a great time!

Birthday Girl Jenn on the left, and Birthday Girl Stacy (me!) on the right. The matching tank tops were an accident... we do that a lot...

Something I plan to keep reminding myself is that Fizzy Party is right, your parties don't have to be perfect, but when you can, try to add some special touches that will make it memorable and all your guests will have an amazing time.


  1. Great write-up, Stacy!

    Thanks for featuring our party, Fizzy Party! Like Stacy said, you've been a great inspiration for us!

  2. So excited to have you as a guest writer on the blog Stacy. Awww I feel like I was at the party :) Thank you for letting me know that I've inspired you. That's my goal, to inspire others to fizzy up their get togethers. Those toffee cupcakes look delish and I love the cupcake to-go bar :)That pinata is great and YES parties don't have to be perfect, a few special touches and guests will love it.

    1. Fizzing up parties really becomes addicting. Stacy and I care more about our niece's birthday party this weekend than our older sister. When we were at the store shopping for this party, I kept asking Stacy, "Well, do you know if our sister got this? What about this? OMG she has to have this!" It was bad. :)

    2. I LOVE it. It's so easy to get all excited about throwing parties and making them fun fun fun!


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