March 26, 2012


Week of Party Books I

I LOVE party books.  I don't own very many but I have a looong list of ones I'd love to have.  Our book shelf is currently full of my husband's books. Sci-Fi, movie, and bio's. Not nearly as FUN as party books. 

To kick off the week of party books, here's the 3 I own. I know, sad, only 3. But I do have a birthday coming ;) **wink wink**

Real Simple Celebrations was the first party book I bought. The parties in this book are more... adult, than the parties I like to throw. I like A LOT more decorations  than what's shown in this book. There are some great ideas that will inspire you and good recipes too. The book shows you everything you need for a party from the invitations to the decorations and food selections. 

The Recovering Sorority Girls' Guide to a Year's Worth of Perfect Parties  was the second party book I bought. This is a cute book. Very basic party decorating but classic. Inexpensive and great for people who weren't born with the party gene. It's full of good party advice that I find so true to how I think.  Like Morgan's rant on non-RSVPer's.   (Only $7.50 at Powell's, one left at the time of this printing)

Party Central-A Month by Month Guide to Entertaining on the Cheap .  Love this book. It's a fun, retro, call the gang over for a party book.  I'm talking cocktail monkey's, pigs in a blanket, Twister and fondue kinda fun. Now these are my kinda parties. 
(Only $2.50 at Powell's, one left in stock at the time of this printing)

All the links will take you to Amazon, which is where I got the pictures of these books and Amazon lets you flip through 2 of them :)  (I have no affiliation with Amazon).  Amazon is a great site, however, I encourage you to support your local book stores :)

Let me know if you pick up any of these book and what you think of them.  

Woo Hoo!! Wednesday I'll be high lighting books by some bloggers you may know :)

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