March 23, 2012


Boys Birthday Party

While everyone is thinking Easter, I'm thinking boys birthday party. My friend Carole's son just turned 11. I asked her what he wanted for his party. Scavenger hunt, donuts, a pinata  and Lego mini figures! 

My friend is sending the boys in groups around the neighborhood on a scavenger hunt. I'll have to get more details from her on what it is they were scavengering for.

Here's some cute ideas for a scavenger hunt party.
From Fowl Single File 

From the Creative Homemaker 

After the scavenger hunt, it's back to the house for pinata bustin! Yep, pinatas are still in. At least out here in Oregon :)

Carole had bought a donut maker and used it at her other sons birthday party, where it was a HIT!  No cake or cupcakes for these boys. They want donuts! 
Babycakes Donut Maker 

Lego mini figures are a BIG hit with the kids. They're SO cute I can see why. I even want one. The Statue of Liberty one :) Isn't she adorable!!! If anyone gets an extra...send her my way :)

Happy Birthday Emryk! Hope you have a great day! And LOOK, the SUN is out :) What a perfect day for a party.


  1. Sounds like a fun party to me! I've been wanting to try the donut maker. My boys are big donut fan too. :-)

    1. Pop.O.Licious, her boys LOVE the donut maker. I'm thinking you would get a lot of use out of it. Who knows, maybe you'll do 365 donuts :)

  2. I have awarded you a Versatile Blogger award. Head over to my blog to check it out!

    1. Eeeee, Becky , Thank you! I'm popping over RIGHT now, even before my breakfast, which I have to have, to check it out. :) Thank you thank you !!!


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