March 16, 2012


Mini Shamrock Luncheon Party

My co-workers had so much fun at the mini Mardi Gras party that they wanted a mini St. Paddy's party. I had 15 minutes, 15 mins to set this party up. I couldn't use the room on our floor and I could only set up on my break this time. Pressures on! I wanted to do so much more but when ya only have 15 mins, what are ya going to do. Enjoy!

Notice the confetti :) Confetti is a staple at all my parties and is much missed by friends if I don't put it out. If it's missing at my parties they let me know.
Cauldrons filled with Skittles, because they're rainbow :) My Old Navy pig, he's so sparkly.
I jazzed up plain gold cups by sticking a shamrock sticker on them. Pack of 20/ $1.00 at a Joann's.
Rice Krispy Shamrocks and Irish Cream cupcakes, mmm sugar :) The cupcake toppers are stickers stuck on toothpicks. Fun and easy.
Party Pinching, this pictures for you. I bought those little duckies when I went up and visited her. SUCH a fun trip. Aren't the duckies cuuute :)
Mint soda. It's a very mild mint flavor and tastes really good. Like a virgin mint julep.
I stuck little shamrock stickers on the cauldrons to jazz them up. My co-workers had fun putting the little hats on their heads and playing poker with the gold coins. "I'll see you 2 gold coins and raise you a hat" " I'm all in" (my friend put the pot o' gold, seen behind the cauldron, in the kitty). Cracked us up! 
Even though I only had 15 minutes to set up this party, we all had a great time, laughed a lot and it was nice was to break up the week. The party was over the lunch hour on Wednesday.
I hope I've inspired you to throw a party together and shown you that you don't need to spend oodles to have a great time. 


  1. Love your party! The Lucky Ducks are adorable on the park bench :) I'd love the recipe for the mint soda, looks delish!

    1. Thought you'd like the park bench :) I'll send you the recipe :) it's tasty.

  2. awesome job for 15 min!!! Love that you highlighted even throwing a simple stick-on to paper cups can make a world of difference!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

    1. Phew, Thanks Kim. I know right, little sticker on a cup easy peasy and jazzes it right up :) it's the extra little touches that give the WOW to a party.

  3. Tiffany, you really are a party girl. I love to see all you do. Love the little park bench with the duckies and that glitter pig!

    1. I do LOVE them! I need to win the lottery so I can throw more :) oh wait... I guess I need to play if I'm going to win, ha ha. The park benches were from my shopping trip with Party Pinching. Had soo much fun! I hope to meet more party girls through out the years :) Woo Hoo!!


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