March 14, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

Homemade cupcakes is the Woo Hoo!! Wednesday? seriously? I know what you're thinking, Um, Fizzy Party, cupcakes are not Woo Hoo!!!  Ho, but THESE cupcakes are. 
These are Irish Cream cupcakes and if you eat enough of them, you'll be saying "Woo Hoo!!"

I found this recipe in Celebrate magazine Jan/Feb 2012 issue
Isn't the piggy cute, Old Navy

This recipe has Irish Cream in the cake mix, in the filling, oh yes, there's  a filling and IN the frosting. Woo Hoo!!

Here's the thing though, I sort of didn't realize I was out of confectioner's sugar and this recipe calls for 6 cups. Yep. 
Dough boy to the rescue, that's Pillsbury dough boy in case you were wondering. Always have a can in the cupboard. I just added the Irish Cream to the canned frosting. Tasted good to me. Of course I HAD to sample ;)

P.S. Fizzy's on Twitter now. Bought time huh?

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