February 29, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

Part II of my visit with Party Pinching. Soo wish she lived closer. Had a great time. Have you check out this creative candy diva? you haven't? Well why not? Get it on it girl :)                

 After Party Power Shopping we refueled with cupcakes from PinkaBella Cupcakes .

The exterior of the shop just looks inviting. Cooome, taste my sugary goodness...

Step inside and the cuteness continues. oooh, look at all those beauties.

Look at that sky high pinkalicious frosting, mmmm

(Eyes open wide) LOOK at that one! Coconut snowball.
 oooh yeah...

Can you tell which one is mine? The coconut of course :) Party Pinching went for the pinkalicious chocolate one with sprinkles :)

And here we are, aren't we cute :) enjoying our yummy PinkaBella cupcakes.  They were pretty tasty.


Leave me some pinkalicious love :) and while you're at it, leave some pinkalicous love on Party Pinchings Facebook too :)


  1. Thanks for posting this. It was so much fun. I can't wait until we get together again. I totally loved it!

    1. Me too! I know I was up there for a good part of the day but it went by WAY too fast. Too much fun. More party places to explore :)

  2. YUM! They look amazing! A great way to toast a wonderful day! Cheers, Ashleigh & Tiffani, The Drinking Girls

    1. We thought so too The Drinking Girls. Those cupcakes were pretty tasty. They would have powered us through hours of more shopping time. If only I didn't have to drive 3.5 hrs home.


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