March 5, 2012


St. Patrick's Day and Rainbows

St. Patrick's day has never been a holiday I celebrate. Yes, I have red hair so everyone assumes I'm Irish. I'm not.  But I do LOVE to throw parties so can't pass up an opportunity to throw one.   Last year I saw rainbow cupcakes. Cool! and just HAD to have a party for them.  Yes, I had a party just for the cupcakes :)  Since it was close to St. Patrick's day I threw a combo St. Patrick's/Rainbow party. 

When I threw this party the thought of a party blog wasn't even a blimp in my mind. I wasn't even looking at party blogs.  I'm just a Party Diva and Paparazzi. Which is a good thing. Because I took lots of pictures of the party and can now share them with you :)  I didn't have the help of party blogs or Pinterest for inspiration  like I do now.

You like the way I hid my mans vitamins with the little graphic :) hee hee Aren't I clever. I usually use paper plates at my parties. Easy clean up. But I already had green Fiesta Ware plates (love Fiesta Ware) and the party was small so my guests got to use REAL plates. oooh, fancy :)  Beer comes to mind when one thinks of St. Patrick's parties. And me being the party person I am, had to have beer glasses for the party.  Yep, I bought those glasses just for the party.  Dollar Tree, great place for glasses in any shape.  
I took rainbow streamer paper and wrapped it around the glasses and sealed them with St. Patrick's stickers I got at Michael's
Party Favors! From Craft Warehouse which sadly went out of business last year. LOVED that store.  I took some ribbon from Michael's, wrapped it around the tablet and added a St. Patrick's sticker. Just to jazz it up a little. Hee hee, there's my party check list above the favors. I always make a check list for my parties so I don't forget anything. 
The party table. I made the banner all by myself!  No printer, no Cricut nothing. See, you don't need a lot of tools to make a party. Does my banner look on professional, no.But who cares. My friends still had fun.
I used the rainbow tissue streamers to make a rainbow down the table cover to the pot 'o gold. The Pot 'o gold is my Halloween cauldron filled with gold tissue paper and some St. Patrick's coins. 
My rainbow fruit platter. It was pot luck so that's why the salsa is still in it's original tub. It always looks prettier in a plain dish. 
I LOVE Hostess snowballs and they're green so they had to be part of the party. I used rainbow stickers from Michael's, attached them to toothpicks and ta-da. I wrapped a silver platter in gold tissue paper. 

I'm not a fan of beer. I had it on hand for any of the girls that wanted it but this glass doesn't contain beer. It's cream soda! It gives you that beer look without having to serve beer :)  Sneak peek at the rainbow cupcakes.  I used an empty box I had and covered it with paper from Michael's. 
(you like the Irish flag covering up our picture hee hee stealthy)
Rainbow cupcakes!  I took the cupcake liner off that one so you could see the pretty rainbow colours. 
The reason for the party. Rainbow cupcakes. How pretty are these :)
I hope you enjoyed my party and got some good tips and are going to start throwing more parties. 
Don't forget to leave me some leprechaun love :) I really do LOVE reading each and every comment. 

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  1. I see you call it St Paddy's Day like me! :)
    LOVE the steamer down the table and the cauldron!! So clever!!

    I too use paper plates a lot..but your real plates looked so pretty too!

    Oh and them cupcakes!! YUM!! :)

    1. THANK you Bird! And to think, no Pinterest to help me out, ha ha. I appreciate your words of kindness for my little party :)

  2. Super cute! Love your great ideas, especially the rainbow runner and the cute centerpiece of daffodils and Peeps! Darling!

    1. Thank you! The daffodils added a punch of colour and I HAD to have Peeps :) My FAV!

  3. Love it all! Those rainbow cupcakes look awesome. :-)

    1. ahh, thank you Pop.O.Licious :) they were super easy to make. I had fun whipping up that party.

  4. Thanks for linking up to Bird's Party Blog!! Hope to see you there next month?! ;)


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