February 27, 2012


Party Power Shopping

ROAD TRIP!!!  Saturday I drove up to meet Party Pinching . Have you visited her site?  She's a candy creation queen. When I go down the candy aisle at the store, all I see are bags of candy. Party Pinching see's bumble bees, lady bugs, ground hogs, panda's. Well, you just need to pop on over to her site to see all the CUTENESS!

There's only one party store left near me, The Lippman Co.so I was excited to visit some other party stores with another Party Diva.  Oh my gosh, TOO. much. FUN!  Shopping the aisles of the party stores Party Pinching and I would reach for the same party goodie and get almost the same ideas from them.  She is a hoot and I could have spent the entire day with her. Looking forward to many more visits.  I met my Party Sister :)

Today's post is about the stores we went too. Wednesday will be on the yummy cupcake shop that we got a sugar rush from. A Party Diva's gotta refuel with a cupcake after party power shopping ;)

These stores are not in order as I'm saving the best for last. Eh eh, don't be zipping to the bottom and spoil it.

The Party Store is a small mom and pop type store.  I love these stores. They are filled with all kinds of fun stuff you may not find at the chain stores.   PLUS you are supporting a small business, always a good thing.  I should have taken a photo of the outside, oops! This store not only has your basic party goods but bins and bins of any colour balloon you could want.  Even balloons with prints, paws, cow, zebra, lady bug.  And costumes. Lots of fun costumes and accessories.
I got a laugh out of the Oriental Trading bags in the store.

Here's what I bought at The Party Store, I couldn't pass up the lady bug balloons and those little rubber duckies are just too cute.

Wights is a garden center. You never know where you might find unique party goods. I love the 4th of July displays. So colourful! If I had unlimited $$ I would have bought a lot of it.

What did I end up buying? This adorable little park bench that was just inside the entrance. 

Ok, you've been patient long enough. Here's the store I was SUPER excited about, HOBBY LOBBY !  We don't have these in my state :(  Maybe that's a good thing though because it's a Party Diva's heaven. Party Pinching told me it's like Michael's on steroids and she wasn't kidding.
LOOK at this and this is just the view from the entrance. Aisle upon aisle of party goodness. It's like the Costco of party and craft supplies.

What's wrong with this picture?

Here's what's in my bag:

I look forward to my next visit with Party Pinching and more Party Power Shopping :)


  1. Love this post! I had so much fun! Come back soon, miss you already!

    1. ME TOO!!! HAD a BLAST! Definelty coming back soon. I wish we lived closer :)

  2. What a fun trip you had! Who says the internet is cold and lonely? ;)


    1. Exactly TheMistressT. There's some pretty fun people on the internet.

  3. There's a Hobby Lobby about a half hour away from me. I've been meaning to go! I must check it out!

    1. Oh my goodness Stacy! You haven't been and you're so close! I just fainted :) ha ha. I have to drive 3 hours to get to the nearest one.


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