February 8, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

I gotta tell ya, I almost didn't do a Woo Hoo!! Wednesday today. GASP! I know right. I can hear you all now, But it's Wednesday (said in a whiny kid voice) and we need some Woo Hoo!! to get us through hump day. 

Well I couldn't not do a Woo Hoo!! post, I mean Valentine's Day is around the corner and there is SO much Woo Hoo!!! out there. Take a look at all of these Valentine's Woo Hoo!!

Lynlees Petite Cakes makes the most amazing art from fondant. She gives you tutorials too but I highly doubt mine would turn out this amazing.

Another breathlessly talented fondant artist Mimicafe Union

The thing with roses is they're beautiful but expensive and last what...a day?  Now these roses would make a better Valentine gift.  Chocolate covered Oreo's from Sweet Temptations.

I think these little Cupids are too adorable to eat. HA! yeah right, who can resist a cake pop.
The Cake Poppery is beyond talented.  My cake pops never look this perfect.

Add a little Woo Hoo!! to your Valentine's this year.  Buy that special cookie, splurge on the decadent cake, a bottle of chocolate wine or that expensive hotel with the hot tub that over looks the city, beach , river. How you will Woo Hoo!! your Valentine's day? 


  1. I've been decorating my little heart out to put a little WooHoo in someone else's Valentine's Day! These are adorable!

  2. Oh Gina that's awesome! So glad you have the Woo Hoo!! spirit. And thank you for the comment. I LOVE hearing from other party diva's out there :)

  3. So many yummy and darling creations!! I have personally tested Sweet Temptation Oreos and they are DIVINE!! ;)

  4. Oh, Tiffany! Thank you SO incredibly much for the sweet feature!!! I truly appreciate it, along with your incredible kindness and support! ♥

  5. Bird, can you believe I don't like Oreo's, never have. But I do have friends who love them and who I'm sure would love tasty Sweet Temptations for a birthday gift :)

    Lynlee , you're welcome! You make the cutest items out of fondant.

  6. Hey Tiffany~it's always a treat to visit your blog. These creations are amazing. Wish I could could do that.

  7. Aww, thank you for stopping by Party Patisserie :)
    Oh me too, I am not even close to be as talented as these ladies. Hats off to them!


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