February 5, 2012


Are you ready for some football?

It's Super Bowl Sunday!  Once again, I was not invited to any parties.  None of my friends throw Super Bowl parties. Boo Hoo.  I would have, except our team, the Packer's didn't make it.  I would have thrown a big 'ol Super Bowl party if they had.  Even though I wasn't invited to any parties my husband and I are still going to party it up low key style.  Pizza, soda, a beer for him and football brownies.

These aren't my original idea. I've seen them all over the place but can't tell you the first place I saw them. I can't remember.  My friend called last night to tell me she was going to a Super Bowl party and I told her I was making these.  She was impressed :)  Why, thank you!  They're really so very easy though.  Make your brownies, cut out with a cookie cutter and frost. Easy Peasy. She was still impressed, love her :)

If you're team made it to the super bowl, I hope yours wins.  Me personally, I'm looking forward to the half time show and all the commercials ha ha


  1. These look great! We had a low key family party too.

  2. Can't go wrong with brownies :)Low key Super Bowl with the family sounds perfect!


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