February 22, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

Woo Hoo!! Mardi Gras in an hour.  I threw a little Mardi Gras fizzy party at work during the lunch hour for a few friends and co-workers.  We had such a fun time and I was asked to throw another one, Woo Hoo!! 
It was SO hard for me not to go ALL out. But I had to keep in mind that I had to be able to set up and take down quickly. After all, I was working and the room might be needed the next day.  So I had to keep decorations easy and simple.  Something I could set up in the 15 minutes I arrived at work early and on my 15 minute morning break.  SO hard not to go ALL out though.

I jazzed up the board a little by writing the famous New Orleans saying, Laissez Le Bons Temps Rouler (Let the Good Times Roll). My co-workers were impressed and thought I spoke French, hee hee. Only if it's party related ;)   See my masks I **blinged** up :) Everything you see on the board, Dollar Tree. Great place for party decor.

A little shameless self promotion :)  All made with stickers and paper from Michael's.  More ***BLING***

Guests to the party participated by bringing food to share.  I find that people like to bring something or help. They may not want to throw the WHOLE party, but they want to be a part of it. I made tags for the food I knew was coming. Quinoa Salad, some vegetarian rice, little cuties and Mardi Gras coloured Peeps! My co-worker and I LOVE Peeps :) Oh look more of the masks I made :)

Mmm fruit, so good, Peeps in Mardi Gras coloures!!! Mini Muffulettas and a pasta salad.  Think the table SCREAMS Mardi Gras enough ? I think it looks like Bourbon street after the parade floats go by :) Woo Hoo!!

The best end of the table, carbs and SUGAR, mmmm King Cake, Moon Pies and delish garlic cheese rolls.
The Jambalaya with spicy Louisiana sausage is missing from these pictures. It showed up after we were all busy stuffing our faces.  I was told it was SPICY, BURN your mouth spicy, BRING IT!  When it arrived it was hot but could have been hotter ;) You're talking to a girl who can't eat pizza without sprinkling it generously with dried red pepper flakes.

Let's take a closer look at some of these Mardi Gras foods, shall we. We shall.
These Mini Muffulettas were tasty. Who knew I liked them. I got the recipe from Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade magazine Jan/Feb 2011 issue. Want the recipe? Shoot me a message on Facebook or email me.  Sparkly sign :)

These mini blackberry pies are not Mardi Gras food but who cares, they're melt in your mouth delish! Thank you Shannon for bringing these. mmm mmm mmm

Moon Pies inspired by my friend at Party Pinching. **Blinged** out with glittery candy sparkles. See all the confetti, my party signature. I confetti THE HECK out of my parties.  And my cards. So if you ever get a card from me, be forwarnd. Do not open it above your morning oatmeal ;)

Tradition has it that who ever gets the baby in the King Cake brings the King Cake next year. Well who on earth is going to remember that. So instead I gave out a little prize. I baked 3 babies (oh yes, we had a great laugh over that) but only one was found.

The traditional King Cake.  Or in my case, the cheater King Cake. Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade calls it The Big Easy King Cake but I got more laughs and like the sound of cheater King Cake instead. What's the cheat? Cans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. SO easy. I just stuffed the little babies inside and baked them. More glittery candy sparkles and **blinged** out sign.
Throwing a mini party during the lunch hour takes a little more coordination, I don't have the time to set up like I do at home and it all has to come down WAY too soon. But it did break up our day and brought some lightness to a co-worker who otherwise was having a pretty crappy day. My co-workers asked me to throw more and fabulous, will bring food :)  I do believe another mini lunch hour work party is in order. St. Patricks Day and Easter...I'm looking at you!


  1. Love this Party!! You did an amazing job!

    1. Thank you! I had SO much fun putting it together and it really brightened our work day :)

  2. Great job! This reminded me of birthdays we celebrated at the various offices I worked at (although not nearly as much fun!), and I can only imagine what fun you brought to your co-workers with this elaborate party set up right there in the office! Love it! Just out of curiosity - what are the bath sponges for? I'm not "into" Mardi Gras so I don't know all that goes on.lol I do know some about the King Cake and yours is sooooo funny and appropriate for the location!!!rofl TFS

    1. Karent, Thank you! The bath sponges don't have anything to do with Mardi Gras. I just wanted a little something to give to the people who found the baby. They were inexpensive and in Mardi Gras colours.
      My co-workers did really enjoy it and want to see me throw more mini parties at work :) Who says work can't be fun :)

  3. I can't believe you set that up so fast! Well, yes I can. Sounds like it was super fun!


    1. Ha ha. Did you forget who you were talking to :) I am Party Diva!


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