January 23, 2012


Dinner and a Movie

Saturday my parents and brother came over for dinner and a movie. It was a very spur of the moment event. Plans were finalized Friday afternoon, Id' say that was pretty spur of the moment.  Now I didn't HAVE  to do anything partyish for the get together but you KNOW I did.  Sadly all the party stores near me are gone {boo hoo}. So I zipped to Target, Michael's and Dollar Tree and gathered what I could.

Saturday night kicked off our families monthly dinner get togethers.  My mom had the idea of getting the family together once a month for a make at home dinner. Each month mom would cook a different meal { I don't cook} and I would party it up {something I LOVE to do}.  Saturday night was homemade pizza.  I actually helped {gasp}.

We made two pizza's. I made the pepperoni. I wanted to add mushrooms and olives all over it but no one else likes mushrooms so I just put them on one little corner.

The second pizza is a chicken garlic. I would have loved to have put spinach and sun dried tomato's on this. But again, no one else would have liked it.  My mom did add onions to half of it.

Here's where my fun comes in.  The concession stand.  Anyone can do this very inexpensively and it adds some fun to the family movie night.  The table cloth and big popcorn bucket came from Dollar Tree. The candy and little popcorn buckets were from Target. Everything was a $1 each.  The cupcakes? Hang on, I'm getting to those.

I saw these cupcakes on Under the Table and Dreaming .  So cute. I HAD to make them.  Since there are no party stores near me I couldn't get cute popcorn cupcake wrappers, so I improvised like Under the Table and Dreaming and used paper from Michael's.  The paper was only . 20 cents Woo Hoo!  When I made the cupcakes my man said they looked great but really SWEET! And what's wrong with that :)  My family all ate one and said they were good. So next time you have a movie night, make some popcorn cupcakes.

Dinner and a movie was fun and I look forward to next months meal.  What party fun awaits?


  1. Eating popcorn is one of our family bonding activity. It's so much fun specially when you hear the pops in the can. We hope to buy popcorn machines for sale soon so it'll be easier to make popcorn.

  2. It was one of ours when I was growing up too :) I love how such an easy treat can bring families together. Sales are always the way to go. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate each and every one.

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  6. Love the cupcakes! They are so cute and I love how you improvised with the wrappers. I've always wanted to buy those popcorn things, but never had a reason. Apparently I need more movie-themed nights in my life! ;)

    1. Thank you! about the cupcakes and wrappers. The cupcakes were a hit. I had thought they might be too sweet but they were just right. Movie nights are great. Mini party in the making.


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