January 21, 2012


Squirrel Appreciation Day

Yes, these cute little backyard nut lovers have a day devoted to them. Look how cute! My cat likes to watch these from the window and wishes it was his dinner. 

It's Squirrel Appreciation Day. Just another reason to throw a party. LOVE it!

Serve these chocolate acorns for your little squirrels. So easy to make. From instructables.

Fill these cute little bags from Make it Do with the acorn snacks you just made. Perfect for your little squirrels to share with their friends.

Now if you've got skills you could whip up this adorable squirrel cake in no time :)  Featured on Craftside from the book Fun and Fancy Cake Decorating.

So throw out some nuts for the little buddies in your backyard. Let them know today is their day :)

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