January 25, 2012


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

My very good friend retired yesterday. I am SUPER happy for her, a little sad and envious. Oh so envious.  She's planning many road trips. I LOVE road trips and will go on one any time I can.   After my friends party which was over the lunch hour at work I got to thinking about retirement.  Who am I kidding, I've been thinking about retirement since I was 13!

Since it's Woo Hoo! Wednesday I'm going to be retired for the day and go on a road trip to visit the party diva's of some of the blogs I love.  Pack your bag and come along with me as we road trip across the U.S.

Our journey begins in Oregon where I live.  We head North to Washington to visit Party Pinching.

Heading  South now to visit the Diva's in California. We're going to need a few weeks in California.
Marshmallow Studios

Edible Details

 And Jac O' lyn Murphy

Going to be awhile in the car now as we head all the way over to Illinois to visit Party Patisserie

Time to take the top down and feel the breeze as we cruise down the highway to Georgia to visit Chocolate Chocolate and More Chocolate

Keep that top down we're still headed South ... to Florida! and a stop at Lizard & Ladybug.

Better put the top back up. It could be a little cool at our next stop. Delaware to see Party Frosting

Now this last location is a mystery. It's super secret. I don't even know where it is. The GPS just knows..it always knows.  Our final destination before heading back to Oregon is to see Birds Party !

Now that were home it's time to check the mail, unpack our bags and sleep in. Great road trip ! Where are we going next ?


  1. You are so creative and entertaining! thanks for the shout-out!
    Party Patisserie

  2. Oh Thank you! I would seriously LOVE to visit all of you. If I ever get back to Illionis I'll see if you're free for lunch and some party shopping :)

  3. super cute post!!! I often think to myself I want to have a party girl map! I always forget where everyone is and it would be so cool to visit them on my travels!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  4. Kim I love the idea of a Party Girl map! We need to work on that!! :) Woo Hoo!!!

  5. I just saw this post! YAY!!! I'm first! :)

  6. Well of course you are Party Pinching! You're my NW Party Diva sister :)


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