December 14, 2011


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

Stocking stuffers are always the last thing people buy.  Do people forget?  Stockings ROCK!  You can stuff them with so many great little gifts.  Got a Party Diva in your circle of friends or family?   Not sure what to stuff their stocking with, here's some Woo Hoo! ideas.

Who doesn't love martini monkey's?  You can attach them to the side of any glass, doesn't have to be for a martini.  Kids would love to see a monkey hanging off their punch or milk glass.

Rim sugars are always a fun little stocking stuffer for the hostess with the mostess and will come in handy when she throws that New Years party.

Cool ice trays add that extra little detail that your guests will get a kick out of. I have tiki's, gingerbread men, pumpkins, and palm trees. 

Adorable napkin rings. These are at Pier 1 and so cute!

Or some cute wine bottle stoppers. Available at Pier 1.

This year stuff those stockings with adorable Party Diva gifts :) 


  1. Not me! I started with stocking stuffers back in August when I was on vacation. Some silly or small souvenirs will fine there way into stockings this year.


  2. Great job! Next year I would love to be done with all my shopping, stockings and gifts before the last week of December. I think I need to ask for lists in July ha ha

  3. We have the same snowglobe napkin rings but broke one. Are you willing to sell yours? My wife absolutely loves them and I'm in the dog house for breaking it. I'll pay top dollar!

    1. Robert I'm sorry one of yours got broke. I actually don't own these but wish I did. Have you checked Ebay and Amazon? Hope you find one. They're super cute!

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