December 16, 2011


Christmas PJ's

Do you buy new Christmas PJ's every year? I'm not talking about for your kids, I'm talking for you.  I've recently started buying myself some Christmas PJ's every year.  We have Christmas breakfast at my parents and we wear our PJ's. I love it.  I think my step-daughter started it.  These are mine this year,

I may wear them before Christmas morning and fix myself some cute Christmas pancakes for breakfast. Like these adorable Rudolph pancakes I saw on Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons. Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy a fun breakfast :)

Or maybe I'll go the sci-fi route and have a Star Wars pancake breakfast. I love the pancake molds from Williams Sonoma.  I have the Christmas ones from last year. I always want to buy these Star Wars ones for my brother but I don't think he'd make pancakes for himself. Shame, cause it'd be a fun breakfast.


  1. I always get Christmas PJs for the kids but you are so right, I should get some for me! And my son would love those Star Wars pancakes :)

  2. Alexis, you should so treat yourself. They have some CUTE PJ's out there for adults. Williams Sonoma not only has the Star Wars pancakes but they have spatula's and cookie cutters too :)


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