December 12, 2011


Christmas Open House Goodies

Wow! My first Christmas Open House was a success. I was kind of expecting people to drift in and out but most showed up around the same time and stayed :) How wonderful!  I posted earlier about the recipes I tried and here's my versions of them.  I'll post the decorations later or this would be one long post hee hee

I found these drink clings at JoAnn's, they're made by Wilton.  I think they look so festive and add that extra little detail which I'm known for. The Rudolph Spritzer in the back ground...yeah, that was a HIT!

I saw these flavored milks at Target while shopping with my brother on Black Friday. I of course HAD to give them a try.  I served them in flower vases :)  They were the perfect size and looked better than just setting the cartons of milk out. Be creative in what you serve your drinks in.

I set up a cocoa and tea station but everyone was all over the Rudolph Spritzer, the milks and soda I had out.  I wanted to have it available in case anyone wanted some.

The coloured swirl sugar cookies turned out really pretty.  As you can see I made my own labels and didn't print them like you see on all the other party blogs.  I don't have a printer at home so I can't print out labels.  The printed ones look great but you can also make your own with a little coloured paper and rubber stamps.

My homemade peanut butter chocolates.  I had a friend fit my Open House into her busy day as soon as she heard I was making these.  They melt in your mouth and once you've had these, Reeser's Peanut Butter Cups taste dry and stale in comparison.

The Rice Krispy ornaments turned out great. Guests loved these because they were so cute and it takes you back to childhood memories.

This little snowman cheese ball is very tasty. This time my guests didn't have any problem tearing into this body. Although no one could bring themselves to at his face, they did start in on his brain :)  I dusted him with coconut for snow and added some coconut around him for snow.

The peppermint fudge was a big hit with a few of my friends. It's got a nice subtle peppermint flavor to it and it's hard to just eat one piece of fudge :)

So here's the funny thing with these mini cakes.  Sure I could tell you I made mini cakes on purpose. But I didn't. I always make mini cupcakes, I don't do big cupcakes. But I wanted to this time. The only regular size cupcake pans I have are disposables.  Yes, well, after I had already mixed up the batch I realized I had thrown the pans out. I thought I had bought the liners that you can bake it that don't require a pan but couldn't find them. So I placed the liners I had on a cookie sheet, filled them and hoped for the best. AFTER I started baking I found the liners I bought that don't require a pan, geesh! Mistakes happen but if you don't tell your guests, they'll never know.

I was going to make gingerbread truffles but the chocolate wasn't melting right so I just made gingerbread men instead. They were tasty. The recipe I used....Betty Crocker bagged mix :) No one knew they weren't from scratch.

The Hershey's Kisses sugar blossom cookies are good. The peppermint sugar cookies I thought were
so-so. My guests liked them though. I guess I just like my cookies to be a little more pepperminty.  I made Rum Butter Stars too but forgot to take a picture of those. Geesh, what kind of Party Diva am I.

I hope you're inspired something to bake something and host your own Christmas Open House. If any of the treats look tasty to you see the Sugar Overload post for links to the recipes.


  1. Oh my those rice krispie ornaments are so fab and awesome! Very creative. Looks like the open house was a hit.

  2. Thank you! It was. Guests stayed much longer than I thought, always a wonderful thing. Those Rice Krispy ornaments are adorable aren't they. And they bring back so many wonderful childhood memories. Thanks for stopping by :)


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