October 26, 2011


Woo Hoo Wednesday! Jack-o-Lanterns

oops! I'm a little late in getting out my Woo Hoo Wednesday!  I was busy last night getting all the party shopping done. 7 stores in 2 hours, Boom! Done and done.  I ate dinner in front of the T.V. last night, typical for us actually.  While flipping through the channels I came across a special on GIANT pumpkins on OPB.  Those giant pumpkins are definitely a Woo Hoo!

Picture from http://www.howarddill.com/


My bosses husband carves one pumpkin a year...but it's a GIANT one!  I'm pretty short 5', here's me next to his pumpkin from last year. They get at least 100 kids trick-or-treating every year.  I'm one of them :)

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  1. 7 stores in 2 hours?!?! You really are Wonder Woman!
    Those are crazy pumpkins.

    1. Hey, when I'm on a mission ;) hee hee
      Aren't those pumpkins just crazy!
      Thank you for the comment.


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