October 23, 2011


And the Liebster goes to...

Earlier this week I received a VERY pleasant surprise from Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate , The Liebster Award!

There's a few rules that come along with this award.

1.Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them. (check)

2. Reveal your top 5 picks by leaving a comment on their blog. (Will do, as soon as I finish this post)

3. Post the award on your blog. (semi-check. It's in this post but I need to get it over on the side for bragging rights :) hee hee)

4. Enjoy the love of some of the most supportive people on the Internet. (Check and double check)

Ooh, this was a hard one. How do you chose just 5. There are so many wonderful blogs out there. 

1. My first award has to go to the blog that really got me thinking about starting Fizzy Party, Party Frosting! Kim of Party Frosting is such an adorable person and really encouraged me. There's that #4 rule shining
through.  Party Frosting is FULL of so many fabulous ideas for any party or holiday you can possibly think of. Every Saturday Kim posts Shopping Saturday! I look forward to it every Saturday. I get so many great ideas.  Kim's a little busy right now, she's getting married in less than a week. So if her posts are few and far between, don't worry, she'll be back in full force after the wedding.

2.  Piggy Bank Parties ADORE this site. It is chock full of amazing parties that anyone can put on and they won't cost a fortune.  All the parties can be done on a piggy bank budget :)  I always enjoy reading the posts, Piggy is very humorous and also ridiculously talented.  There's a link to the market where you can purchase some amazing party goods.  Recently, Little Witch cupcake stands, you read right, cup-cake stands! arrived at the market. I'm in love with these and need some. Wiggle on over and see them for yourself.

3.  The Purple Pug, I have to give her an award.  She's been super supportive to me. That's not the only reason of course.  This girl knows how to glitter in ridiculously cool ways. She brings so much sparkle and bling to every party she show cases. She's pretty darn funny and high lights some amazing parties. Whenever I need a pick me up The Purple Pug delivers.  How can you possibly let a raining day or a bad day at work get to you when there's so much sparkle and colour at The Purple Pug.

4. The Cake Life  is a brand new blog started by Erin who makes the most amazing looking cakes and she's still in pastry/baking classes. Imagine the masterpieces she'll create after she's graduated.  Bake on over to her blog and show some support for this newbie.

5. My last award goes to Love and Sugar Kisses , the big bright pictures on her blog just make you want to throw a party and get creative.  She's another wonderful person you'll meet on the Internet. Maria is amazingly talented and believes that it's not the amount of money you spend on the party but all the wonderful little details that show the love and effort. Maria's blog always brightness my day every time I visit. 

I hope you check out these amazing blogs and show them some love. May they bring your inspiration and brighten your day.


  1. Goodness you just made my day! That was so incredibly sweet of you to include me in your award as I'm in such awesome company! Thank you so much for your kind words :)

  2. You're very welcome! It's so great to be among such wonderful, fun, talented ladies :)

  3. Thank you so much! Its such a great feeling to have someone notice your work. This community is so supportive to total strangers, thank you again, and congratulations on your award!

  4. The Cake Life, you're very welcome. You deserve the award :) I agree, this community is very supportive and I LOVE that. There's so many wonderful people out there. YEAH!!


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