November 1, 2011


Little Pumpkin Spaghetti Feed Party

My good friend Dara called and asked if I would help her with her Spaghetti Feed party on Halloween night. Fuel up the kids with good food before they go out Trick-or-Treating.  Our first thought was a Little Monsters party. There are so many adorable ideas we could have done. We loved it and the ideas flew.   But, my friends on a budget and the dollar stores didn't have a whole lot of monster goods. What they did have was pumpkin party supplies.  No problem. We'll change the theme to Little Pumpkins.

We didn't want too many decorations because most of the kids were pretty little and the party was only going to be about an hour. The kids would be WAY too excited to get out and Trick-or-Treat.

                                  The entrance was decorated very kid friendly.

For the fireplace area we used tombstones from my Halloween collection and spider webs and streamers which you can get at dollar stores. Very inexpensive but looks festive and not scary for the little ones.

I took this picture at an odd angle. Sometimes I'm goofy like that :)

          This festive drink, Vampire's Dream  was delish. The hostess originally wanted to serve a pumpkin drink which required a few different bottles of alcohol. To save money we used this drink because the hostess already had the alcohol on hand and just had to purchase the juice to mix with it.  

The little kiddo's had fun with the googly eyed cups. We just glued google eyes, available at dollar stores onto dollar store cups. Inexpensive and cute. An orange blanket the hostess already had and some spider webbing add a pumpkiny Halloweeny touch.

More spider webs and a glowing spider make you forget that the table cloth is from the dollar store. No need to spend a bundle on a Halloween night party. Healthy food to fuel the kids as they go door to door.

mmm warm spaghetti to fill the kids tummies before heading out on a cold Halloween night. YUM! my friend makes the most DE-lish cheesy garlic bread.

How cute are these Rice Krispie pumpkins with a Tootsie Roll stem. Make ahead and put in the fridge to save yourself some time the day of the party.

What's a party without a party favor!  All items purchased at the dollar stores.  Little bags filled with pumpkin bubbles, Halloween stickers and a piece of candy to get them started :)

            All the kids had a fun time with each other and were ready to TRICK -or -TREAT

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