October 19, 2011


Woo Hoo!! Wednesday

Today is truly a WOO HOO!! day.  Monday I was having one of those days where I was disgusted with people and their, It's all about ME attitude.  I have to ride the train to work and in the mornings there's no seats when I get on. Now I don't mind, I actually like to stand, I train surf. I have great balance because of it.  But yesterday a 70ish year young woman got on with a cane and no one was getting up for her. They all had their noses buried in their phones and E-Readers. Now I am not one to keep my mouth shut.  I may be little but I'm mighty. Just as I was about to same something a woman got up. Lucky for her ;)

Then on the way home, I'm stopped at a red light in the turn lane.  Light turns green and the walk signal comes on.  A man with a baby in a stroller starts across the cross walk and 3 cars cut right in front of him! HELLO!!! Pedestrians have the right of way and do you not see the baby!  Slow down people.
Very frustrating day.

Until I came home and checked in on my Facebook page and saw that Chocolate Chocolate and more Chocolate  gave me an AWARD!!

I am beyond thrilled. This changed my  mood completely about people. Especially after I read all the wonderful things Ms. Chocolate :) had to say about my blog.  A HUGE thank you.

The rules that come with the award state that I need to pass the award onto 5 blogs that I adore. Only 5, I have some serious thinking to do fans.


  1. I feel the same way ... when I read the paper last night there was an article about some lady who kidnapped disabled people and hid them in the boiler room of her apartment so she could steal their identities and collect their checks from government. I mean who would even think of something like that? Totally sick! Sometimes I wonder about people.

    Congrats on the award!

  2. Oh my goodness Amy that is disgusting. Sadly, in my job I see people hurting other people all the time. But I also see a lot of change and good happen.

    Thank you!!! I'm still in shock hee hee. So hard to only chose 5.


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