October 17, 2011


Brain Storming Pumpkin Carving Party

Saturday I had my second Pumpkin Carving Party. And like I always do, as soon as the party is over I think of what I wish I would have done and had the money to do.  I've been brain storming about next years party and here's what I'd LOVE to do.

I'd have my own pumpkin patch in the backyard. Of course the weather would cooperate and be a gorgeous fall day.

The site I got this image from is by invite only now. 
The site I got this image from is no longer up. 
A long wood table would be set up outside for us to carve on. Once again, the weather will be one of those amazing autumn days where a long sleeve shirt and a vest is all you need.

Martha Stewart
A cider bar would be set up outside for the guests.

House and Home
After carving we'd move inside to eat, watch the movie and drink a tasty Halloweeny drink from the bar. My friends of course wouldn't have to dash home to the kiddo's and therefore be able to spend time carving, eating and watching a movie.


We shall see next year how many of these brain storming ideas I actually do.  Step one: start putting a little money away each month so I CAN do these ideas. 


  1. you've received an award from me, please go to my post to see
    I love the idea of a pumpkin carving party!

  2. OH My Goodness!! I'm going to your site right now. Thank you :)


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